Yolk of Miracles





Registered Phenomena Code: 656

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Emotional Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-656 is to be stored away within a standard cylindrical solid-steel 3 L canister and housed within Sector-002 of the Containment Wing of Site-016. Additional 3 L canisters are to be added to the containment area for secondary RPC-656 storage in the event of discovery of new instances. Further containment adjustments shall be made to accommodate for these changes if necessary.

Access to RPC-656 is restricted to personnel with a Level 2R clearance level or higher. All testing is to be conducted strictly by those with a Level 3R clearance level or higher as well as with a signature of approval from Dr. Winghast.

Description: RPC-656 is a golden luminescent liquid substance, similar in most properties to mercury with the exception of its distinct color and general toxicity. RPC-656 also does not appear to possess freezing or boiling points that are readily accessible, despite its distinct similarities to that of mercury. Chemically, RPC-656 appears to be made up mostly of water, sodium chloride, as well as very small amounts of various minerals and metals.

Prolonged physical exposure to RPC-656 can produce symptoms similar to those experienced when afflicted by hypothermia. Those affected by this phenomenon claim to undergo extremely low temperatures both externally and internally, as well as a severe sense of dread – similar to those found in certain anxiety disorders. The effects of physical exposure to RPC-656 appear to be unaffected by the duration of exposure, as well as only lasting about 10-11 minutes. These symptoms appear to be purely psychosomatic and persons subject to these effects are unaffected physically.

Additionally, RPC-656 has exhibited the capacity to be used as a fuel for machines such as petrol engines despite not having the standard properties required for such functions. RPC-656 is not restricted to petrol engines however, as any engine supplied with RPC-656 functions just as properly as when supplied with their standard fuel. While RPC-656 lacks some important aspects of conventional fuel, it performs almost identically.1 When used as fuel, RPC-656 also leaves behind no byproducts whatsoever, effectively bypassing the law of conservation of energy. The mechanism of this property is currently under investigation.

Currently, utilizing RPC-656 as a reliable fuel resource is unfeasible until a more abundant amount is found.

Note: With further elaboration on the beneficial uses of RPC-656, the current amount held would, hypothetically, be enough to maintain an entire facility similar in size to Site-038 for roughly ██ days.

Discovery: Oscar Wainwright, a single 42-year-old British male and former CEO and owner of the now defunct British energy company "Wainwright Electricity", was announced missing on 06/04/2000 after having arranged and boarded a round trip flight to Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan on 04/04/2000. Following the establishment of his labeling as a missing person after the passing of a full 72 hours, an investigation was initiated by domestic authorities in Karachi. No immediate evidence was found of him or his whereabouts whatsoever. As the investigation continued no leads were found.

On 07/04/2002, when the case was going through the process of being dismissed, a recording of Wainwright roaming around the Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple was caught on a hidden camera placement alongside the two individuals who were subsequently identified and matched with two known but insubstantial members of the Children of Nihil GoI; surmised to be messengers rather than holding considerable positions of influence.

Immediately following this event, Karachi authorities tracked all three individuals' previous locations. The two persons who were present and were involved with the Children of Nihil were never found. However, Wainwright’s latent tracks lead to a small residential apartment in the █████ Motel building nearby. However, while certain belongings of Wainwright were retrieved, Wainwright himself was never recovered and as such is still confirmed as a missing person. His whereabouts are currently under investigation by Authority resources.

A thorough sweep of Wainwright's apartment was performed during the investigation. Several items of interest were recovered during the sweep, including:

  • A 3 liter solid steel canister filled with a somewhat viscous golden substance, later identified as RPC-656.
  • Latent markings consisting of vestiges of RPC-656; marking patterns indicative of a struggle between two identifiable individuals.
  • A piece of ripped hemp paper, laden with what appeared to be symbols depicting the usage of a liquid substance in all manner of rituals and machinery.2
  • A second piece of ripped hemp paper with Old Hindi scripture written in Sanskrit detailing the 'yolk of miracles'. (Further information can be found on Addendum 656-2.)
  • A standard leather notebook with the words 'Oscar Wainwright', 'Yolk', and 'Hiranyagarbha' written in Sanskrit with variously sized '?'s written on its front.

The notebook itself contained 10 pages of standard white lined paper, written in non-anomalous ink. Only five of the pages were used. The first had a crude caricature of a bulbous white orb dripping a yellow substance onto a nondescript patch of land. The remaining pages appeared to be diary entries, dated 09/01/2000-10/01/2000.

Addendum 656-1:

Addendum 656-2:

Below is the discovered Old Hindi scripture found alongside RPC-656. The scripture constitutes a poem written in Sanskrit, however the reliability of the script comes into question as it appears to have been made without the application of standard Hindu practices—exhibiting a notable lack of typical poetic techniques used by early Hindu poets and wordsmiths.

The following consists of what is assumed to be a dialogue including RPC-656 and the Hindu creator god Brahma.4

It has been translated from Sanskrit to English for brevity.

The souls once sang shined and danced,

The souls now despair ever so quietly,

The souls live stranded on the golden sea,

O' Brahmanarayana, receive us,

For we stagnate, and the walls are rotting.

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