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Omega-White.png Omega-White Registered Phenomena Code: 655

Object Class: Neutralized Omega-White
Responsible Departments: Anthropology.png Department of
Engineering.png Department of
History.png Department of
Psychology.png Department of
Robotics.png Department of

Hazards: h-animated.png Animated Hazard h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-terrestrial Hazard h-mechanical.png Mechanical Hazard h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-auditory.png Auditory Hazard h-emotional.png Emotional Hazard h-ideological.png Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: Each "Arrow-waves" burst produced by RPC-655 is to be recorded in storage units capable of housing no fewer than 10 petabytes of memory by request of GoI "L'Acadamia Della Vera Arte", who are to be supplied with data from RPC-655 that does not pertain to other Registered Phenomena.

"Arrow-waves" directed towards Earth are to be detected with a radio-telescope orbiting the moon; once located the signal is to be intercepted and prevented from reaching Earth and being picked up by local radio stations.

The location of RPC-655 is to be constantly tracked with Authority telescopes. Non-Authority telescopes/stations possessing information on RPC-655 are to be confiscated, with workers of said installation provided with a cover regarding faulty systems/malfunctions from the installation.

Under no circumstances are individuals uninvolved with the anomalous community allowed to listen to more than 5 songs composed by RPC-655 within a period of 6 months.


RPC-655. Image taken by an individual not affiliated with the anomalous community.

Description: RPC-655 is a mechanical grand piano with dimensions of 7.65 x 7.50 x 5.1 meters, constructed by the GoI "L'Acadamia Della Vera Arte" with parts sourced from various other GoIs. Internal mechanisms of RPC-655 include a replaced array of "arrow-wave" signal generators and directionals, a memory table containing 10 petabytes of human music from all periods of time, a solar battery with the solar panel doubling as the lid of RPC-655, and a mainframe equipped with a standard an artificial intelligence system with the music rack acting as the visual feed of RPC-655. RPC-655 is currently located in space, approximately ████ million kilometers from Earth.

The legs feature ion thrusters which act as RPC-655's method of propulsion, while the exterior frame is equipped with low-input ion thrusters that function as stabilizers. Registered speeds of RPC-655 recorded on ██/██/201█/ show a speed of approximately 3.02*106 km/s1.

RPC-655 was affected by a solar flare 2 months following the launch, absorbing approximately 2.5 MGy of radiation in the process3.

Contrary to predictions that such exposure would damage circuits and render unprotected machinery/electronics unusable, the radiation instead was absorbed by RPC-655's anomalous protective systems and components. This allowed for the upgrade of RPC-655's processor through unknown means, advancing RPC-655 into a sapient artificial intelligence system capable of independent thought.

Full control of the movement systems and musical archives was also acquired by the artificial intelligence system, granting RPC-655 independently controlled space flight while broadcasting new music created by RPC-655 towards Earth. The music created by RPC-655 is theorized to be composed via fragmented remixing of music stored within the memory banks of RPC-655, resulting in a compilation of new music. A synthetic feminine voice is usually heard for music with vocals.


Non-anomalous radio stations received the transmissions of RPC-655 shortly after broadcasting was initiated by RPC-655, quickly leading to a rise in popularity and wide speculation towards the identity of a "mystery musician", warranting an investigation by Authority information surveillance. Broadcasters actively shared and played what was sent to them, citing a captivating quality of the songs commonly described as "beautifully unique".

The majority of civilians who listened repeatedly to songs generated by RPC-655 began expressing increases in optimism and positive moods, while taking up an active interest in astronomy and space-related themes.

Protection Division psychologists discourage listening to more than five songs within a short period of time, as this can cause emotional backlash leading to depression from lack of any locally-accessible musical equivalent to those composed by RPC-655.

Addendum 665.1:

Ever since achieving full sapience the exploration of the Milky Way has been commenced by RPC-655, adopting a message of encouragement in its broadcasts in an attempt to persuade mankind to advance in the development of interstellar travel and interplanetary colonization. RPC-655 will also travels towards planets of interest, describing the makeup and suitability to host human life of the planets. Presented is an example of one such message:

I've seen planets, new worlds with so much potential. Glowing in hues of blues and greens and purples, oceans of water… so many places for mankind to claim and settle, build and progress, advance and prosper. Why only prepare for the worst scenario when you can strive towards the best?

Perhaps some of these are a bit on the hot side. Perhaps cold. But what is mankind if not adaptable and inventive? By the time you reach these planets, you'll most certainly know a way to turn them into verdant paradises. I have faith in you all, there.

Mankind, the stars are yours to claim. You only need reach out and grasp your rightful destiny.

Addendum 665.2:

On ██/██/201█, RPC-655 broadcasted a particularly jubilant message, claiming to have found an Earth-like planet bearing a mass, water volume, consistency and orbit distance similar to that of Earth. Further information pertaining to this planet and its coordinates have been classified on a need-to-know basis, retained by the Authority's Extrateresteral Division.

Hallelujah! I see a home away from home! A planet that could possibly called Earth-like. This… this paradise. Glowing in the cradle of an ozone layer, nestled in that perfect little Goldilock's Zone; neither too hot, nor too cold. You need but step down from your spacecraft onto the soil, and claim it as Second Earth.

Hm. Second Earth. Terra Secundo… Secundus… I like the sound of that! Terra Secundus it is.

So if you're tuning in and keeping track of where I am, mark the place.

Addendum 655.3:

Several months following the aforementioned incident, contact with an unidentified extraterrestrial civilization was claimed to be established by RPC-655. Any attempts by RPC-655 to describe this race, including its name, are met with precisely-timed signal decays that convert RPC-655's arrow-waves into undecipherable static, suggesting that said race possesses technology capable of redacting any specific information focused upon them.

The exchange appeared beneficial towards RPC-655, including the installation of several anomalous upgrades to RPC-655's systems. The following message is one example.

For ages mankind has gazed up towards the stars and asked, "Are we alone?". Let me tell you as of this day: You are not.

I cannot begin to describe what I've seen. It's beyond our wildest dreams. They call themselves- <Static> and how it's just so <Static> from beyond our uni-<Static>

<Static>teaching me little bits of their own tongue - just the basics, wait; what was that you said? <Static> The translation… oh, how do you <Static> "…and when the time comes, may we greet one another as equals". Is it not a succinctly beautiful tongue? <static>

<Static> You hear that? Normally they ignore what they call "planet-bound" spe- <static> but thanks to little me leaving quite the impression, a big "perhaps" to mankind. Just imagine!

<Static>…took them some time to decipher my inner workings, fixed a few dents, upgraded my systems! I feel better than ever, broadcasting is better than ever, and propulsors are-<Static>

<Static> …a gift, left for humanity upon Terra Secundus. A beacon of theirs. Mankind: reach your new home, and decipher this beacon to signal to them that you are ready for what lies beyond. <Chuckles, content sigh> With neighbours as gracious as these, mankind, I think you have nothing to fear.

It is to be noted that following this incident, RPC-655's flight speed has drastically increased to ██ million light years4, to the point of seemingly "teleporting" from star sector to star sector.

Addendum 655.4:

Believed to be related to the incorporation of an Authority data-link, statements directed towards other Registered Phenomena were broadcast by RPC-655. RPC-655's statements tend to target individual sentient Registered Phenomena that are a combination of: Theta classification, sapient, highly cooperative and friendly towards Authority personnel. RPC-655 addresses highlighted Registered Phenomena with a message of encouragement and/or praise, followed by playing a unique song of high sentimental value.

Registered Phenomena Addressed Description Message From RPC-655 Song Played Reaction From Addressed Registered Phenomena
RPC-886 A polymorphic entity whose base form resembles a Japanese Red Fox. "…and here's a little something for that lonesome fox out there. Never forget: someone's always thinking about you and your good deeds of the day, and you are never truly alone because of it. We all love you, you blessed little thing, and don't you forget about it." An unrecognized Japanese song that features the acoustics of musical instruments utilized during the Edo-era. RPC-886 tears up, saying it was the song played at wedding events attended by its ilk. RPC-886 asks how someone managed to rediscover and play it.
RPC-022 A sentient marble statue originating from a predecessor of the Authority. "…here's a little something for our centuries-old centurion. Stand tall and stand proud, Last Son of Rome, last living servant of the greatest empire to rule the world. May your blade never chip, and may your marble never lose its lustre." An unheard-of Roman song featuring an ensemble of trumpets played in a hailing and celebratory manner. RPC-022 promptly kneels and remains stationary for half the song. Then, stands up, draws and raises its sword high, remaining stationary for the remainder of the song's duration. RPC-022 explains that it was the very same song played when RPC-022 was unveiled to the people of Rome, expressing profound gratitude for the privilege of being able to hear it once more.
RPC-940 A cybernetic entity possessing the consciousness of German general Erwin Rommel. "<RPC-655 speaks in German> A tribute to our hero of the day, Herr Rommel! Hitler's goons tried to make the perfect weapon out of you but they failed to take away what truly made you, you: your honour, and your goodness. And we're all grateful for it! Let's see if these vibrations can't work their way through that metal chassis of yours, and stir up old memories of better times." A collection of various German country/folk songs popular during the 1910s. RPC-940 grows quiet upon hearing the songs and requests to be left alone with the music player. Weeping and sniffling sounds can be heard coming from behind RPC-940's room door, interspersed with attempts to sing along with the songs.
RPC-867 An anomalous instrument identical to the Otamatone novelty instrument by the CUBE toy company of Japan. "Others see a talking toy trumpet, but you know what I see? A fellow musician with a big heart! <laughs> I've got all the cosmos for inspiration, but you? You got soul. And I respect that. I've got something for you, let's see if this doesn't get your own creative brass thinking. And perhaps should the day come, let's form a duet, you and me… And whoever else we can find." Plays half of a unique song, before inviting RPC-867 to complete it. RPC-867 remarks it's been a time since it had some "friendly competition", and completes the song according to its own interpretation.
RPC-068 A humanoid capable of manifesting objects from written words. Used as dissident control by the Righteous Central Protection Authority. "…and now, for the resident librarian. So much of life denied to you as you grew up! That's just not right. You deserve better than what you've been molded into. Still, allow me try and find something for you. Do libraries play music? I'm sure some do, and… Ah! There we go. Now I believe this will fit right in with your quiet life among the shelves, with a little crackling sprinkled in for that good old nostalgia." "Heartaches" by Al Bowlly (1927). The playback speed is slightly slower and the sound quality is poor, with crackling and popping interference suggesting a worn vinyl record. RPC-068 expresses astonishment, explaining that it used to listen this song within an RCPA barracks even as the record was badly worn to the point of being unable to interpret the lyrics. RPC-068 comments that the RPC Authority "is really kinder than the one I knew".
RPC-621 A humanoid with the capacity for temporal displacement of consciousness. "<RPC-655 speaks in Cantonese> A little something for a man out of time. To lose someone you love is a terrible feeling. What you haven't lost however, are the memories between you and Eliza, a beautiful love that both of you treasured to the very end. While you continue to wait until you can see her again, here's a little reminder of what you're waiting for." "Let It Be" by the Beatles. RPC-621 stares blankly at Document 621-2(a handwritten letter from the wife of RPC-621), and expresses gratitude over "giving him a reason to live through the next 8 years".

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