RPC-650 in containment.


Registered Phenomena Code: 650

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Aggression, Animated, Sentient, Sapient

Containment Protocols: RPC-650 is to be contained in a standard 5 meter x 3.7 meter humanoid containment chamber along with a tempered glass observation window at Site-002. No personnel are allowed access to RPC-650 at any time unless authorized by a Level 3 person.

Personnel assigned for handling RPC-650 must pass with a score of at least an 80% on the Personnel Panic Test.1

Description: RPC-650 is a scarecrow, fashioned to appear as a human skeleton. The lower body from the hips are missing, with the torso, arms and head remaining. RPC-650 is clothed with a hat, hood and brown cloth covering the torso and arms.

RPC-650 is animate, sentient and hostile, however, it has been reported to remain inanimate for periods of time2, even in the presence of fearful individuals. It is known to attack by lacerating and stabbing mainly at the chest, with occasional wounds upon the neck and face.

RPC-650 seems to be fueled by any sort of human fear. Individuals who do not demonstrate any fear of RPC-650 may render it innocuous. However, people who are fearful of it, but do not show any clear signs of fear are still however vulnerable as RPC-650 seems to be omniscient of their mental response, and may or may not physically assault the victim.

Origin: RPC-650 was recovered from a wooded area in the suburban neighborhood of █████████, in ████, Iowa after 11 accounts of murder with each victim assaulted within 1 hour, each suffering deep laceration and stab wounds.

The unusually quick activity of the culprit along with victims claiming to be attacked by a "scarecrow" had brought the attention of the Authority. Task Force AIR was deployed to the neighborhood and had begun the search for RPC-650. Upon discovery, RPC-650 was taken into temporary containment before being located to Site-002. A replica of RPC-650 was set up within the neighborhood.

The public was informed of a serial killer that would often bring a scarecrow while attacking citizens.

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