Registered Phenomena Code: 640

Object Class: Omega-Orange

Hazard Types: h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic Hazard h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: Currently, RPC-640 cannot be contained by force, and has instead agreed to remain under Authority watch.

In the event RPC-640 becomes hostile, an MST that specially deals with tychokinetic anomalies, will be sent to capture and re-contain RPC-640. Additionally, alternate solutions to manage the anomalous energy that RPC-640 can influence is being looked into.

Personnel that request to interview RPC-640 must have approval from a staff member with Level 4 clearance or higher.

Description: RPC-640 is an extradimensional humanoid entity of Greek descent, measuring 1.8 m in height and identifying itself as the Goddess Atë.1 RPC-640 does not appear to require sustenance, hydration, or sleep of any form, and appears incapable of aging.

RPC-640 displays a polite and friendly manner, but is also mischievous, and has frequently used its anomalous properties for its own enjoyment and on Authority personnel, its pursuers and even civilians at random. As of to date, none of these have resulted in fatalities where RPC-640 wasn't threatened in any manner. RPC-640 is fluent in English, Greek and ancient Greek.

RPC-640 is able to manipulate probabilities, and often utilizes these properties in a manner similar to the "Butterfly Effect"2 phenomenon. RPC-640 can either directly target these effects onto an individual(s) or it can "spread" the effect into ongoing events, able to reach catastrophic results should these series of events continue. Although the complete range of RPC-640's effects are unknown, it is currently estimated to be around 10-25 m.

Because of RPC-640's ability to manipulate probabilities, they are also able to 'determine' the various outcomes of situations with a high degree of accuracy. RPC-640 has accurately guessed the outcomes of containment breaches, human casualties, gambling, and was even able to predict the outcome of an election. There does however, appear to be a limit as to how much RPC-640 can change the probability of something before it turns out of their control and begins too much for them to manage.

In the event RPC-640 is unable to utilize its properties to dispel the "negative probability" in a given area, it will generally begin to increase in effects over time, which presents a serious danger to communities living in or close to said area.

Addendum 640.1: Discovery Log

RPC-640 was discovered on 12th May ████, when reports of continuous natural disasters occurring at Crete, Greece, caught the Authority's attention. MST Echo-53 ("Street Cleaners") was sent out in order to find the cause while attempting to minimize the damage that was already occurring.

After 14 days of investigation, Echo-5 discovered a neighbourhood that was untouched by the negative effects plaguing other areas of Crete. Echo-5 started asking the residents as to whether or not anything unusual was happening, with the only noticeable thing being the behaviour of the new resident (From here on referred to as RPC-640) and the fact that they had been behaving strangely according to the neighbours. Because of a lack of information as to what was causing the phenomenon, Echo-5 decided that the best action was to detain and contain RPC-640 in order to find out if they were the cause.

Echo-5 prepared to forcefully capture and detain RPC-640, but discovered that the property had been abandoned shortly before their arrival. RPC-640 was later discovered to have been walking through the streets of ██████, and had been identified by a physical description given by one of the village's residents. Echo-5 members began following RPC-640, under the guise of police, but were forced to give chase after being spotted by the anomaly.

Despite Echo-5's attempts to get close and apprehend RPC-640, they were unable to come within a few meters due to RPC-640 using its anomalous abilities to impede the group's process of getting close to it. One member was struck by a car, when the driver attempted to avoid a child that had been playing on the road, while a lamp post that had been damaged by a recent thunderstorm, fell and struck two members of Echo-5. The remaining two members halted from pursuing RPC-640 any further, realising that they were ill-equipped to handle the anomaly and instead contacted the Authority site for backup. None of the operatives suffered injuries that were fatal.

Despite Authority efforts, RPC-640 was able to successfully avoid capture.

Addendum 0640.2: Post-Discovery Log

On 16th February 2014, RPC-640 was later discovered at the entrance of Site-007, waiting until a security force arrived to detain it. RPC-640 expressed interest in the Authority, and although they did not divulge any personal information4, they did exhibit knowledge on security clearances and wished to speak with an interviewer during their stay. RPC-640's knowledge is currently considered a minor breach in security, although if they divulge any more, then they will become a bigger threat to operations.

Addendum 640.4: Post-Discovery Log

On 15th April 2014, RPC-640 was discovered by Authority Agent Henson who was off-duty at the time, who remembered RPC-640 from the incident at Site-007. Agent Henson proceeded to spy on RPC-640 who went into Westquay6, with Henson contacting the Authority to receive instructions on how to proceed. Authority contacts informed Henson to keep watch, and only engage if they deemed it safe.

RPC-640 entered into the food terrace, seating themselves at a table while eating the food that they had ordered. RPC-640 was noted to have been watching an individual (designated PoI-7869) while eating. RPC-640 briefly turned away from their target, to make a gesture at Agent Henson to join them at the table, to which Henson complied and seated himself next to RPC-640. Henson proceeded to start a conversation with RPC-640.

Addendum 640.10: Capture Log

MST November-711 ("Hammer The Gamma") successfully contained RPC-640 on 13/3/15, after RPC-640 made no attempts at resistance, and allowed themselves to willingly be contained. RPC-640 was placed in restrictive movement gear and loaded into the van before being transported to Site-███ to be contained. Upon being questioned as to why RPC-640 willingly entered itself into Authority custody, "RPC-640 claimed that it had become tired from being chased, and chose to let the Authority have their way."

Once RPC-640 had been loaded off the truck, they were placed into stronger physical restraints before being moved into the Gamma-Sector of Site-███ and kept in confinement. ASF personnel were given orders to inspect the entirety of Site-███ for any possible damages that might have been caused by RPC-640, but reported back that nothing out of the ordinary had been found.

Addendum 640.11: Incident Log

Approximately 2 days after RPC-640 was placed into containment, the Authority began to take notice of a spike in the number of incidents occurring in areas close to Site-███. However, because there was no anomalous evidence relating to these incidents, the Authority decided not to take any action as the incidents were solely limited to these areas.

Addendum 013.12: Incident Log

4 days after RPC-640's containment, there was a much larger and more noticeable spike of increasing incidents that began to spread past areas closest to Site-███ and begin spreading to other parts of the world. Specifically, Authority sites stationed in these areas began spreading concerns that equipment failure was becoming more common, as were containment breaches regarding the Alpha and Beta sectors becoming more common. The Containment and Protection Divisions were notified, and were given orders to make sure that the anomalies being contained did not cause any significant damage.

Addendum 640.13: Incident Log

The Global Directorate came to a decision on the 17/5/15 to begin negotiations with RPC-640, after reports of incidents occurring across the globe, along with more frequent containment breaches becoming a growing concern. In an effort to prevent any damage being made to the containment chambers on the Gamma-Sector in Authority sites, requests to barter with RPC-640 were accepted.

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