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RPC-625 (Signature redacted to prevent effects).


Registered Phenomena Code: 625

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: Physical copies of RPC-625 are to be kept in standard Alpha-class Anomalous Item containment lockers. The primary focus of containment is to prevent the spread of online instances of RPC-625.

MST X-Ray 6 ("Annulifiers") is assigned to search for and remove all online instances of RPC-625 that occur. This process is to be carried out through the use of advanced image search software without any agents viewing the sites hosting RPC-625 to prevent affliction. This may be done by either removing the image or, if necessary, taking down the site hosting the image. Should both of these methods prove ineffective, focus should instead shift to preventing access to the hosting site until the image or site can be removed.

Any IP address accessing a site hosting RPC-625 is to be traced to its geographic location where any afflicted individuals are to be terminated. Personnel assigned to this task are not to make eye contact with affected individuals. Any individual found to be associated with the Group of Interest "Cetace's Kin" is to be apprehended regardless of involvement in the distribution of RPC-625 and examined for RPC-625 affliction.

Description: RPC-625 is a rough drawing of a whale believed to be Balaena mysticetus1. Viewing RPC-625 will cause the affected individual to undergo 3 known stages of effects:

  • Stage 1: Exposure to RPC-625 will cause affected individuals to immediately enter a catatonic state which can last from a few hours to several days. During and after this period, focusing on the subject's eyes will apply the effect of RPC-625 to the viewer.
  • Stage 2: The subject exits the catatonic state. Subjects report that the image of RPC-625 is burnt into their eyes, although no actual damage can be located. Spread of RPC-625's effects through eye contact is far more prevalent during this stage. This stage lasts for a similar amount of time to stage 1.
  • Stage 3: After stage 2 concludes, the subject will permanently re-enter a catatonic state and begin emitting radio waves that have been confirmed to contain messages. These messages are, however, spoken in an unknown language and are, therefore, indecipherable.

After this point, any subjects not in Authority custody will disappear without evidence. Attempts to track where these individuals are relocated to have failed, as have attempts to record the event, as trackers seemingly disappear and cameras are temporarily deactivated during this process. Attempts to manually observe the process has led to the observer disappearing as well. Currently, it is believed that this relocation is not an effect of RPC-625 but rather a response to the signals sent out by affected individuals during the third stage. After Incident-625-A, it is believed that the group responsible for this relocation is a cult that identifies as Cetace's Kin, a group which has also involved themselves in the recovery process of RPC-350. This is seemingly confirmed by Document 625-B.

After this abduction occurs, it is theorized that more advanced stages of RPC-625 affliction exist, though no individuals in Authority custody have yet to enter such states. The majority of individuals professing membership to Cetace's Kin which the Authority has had the opportunity to examine have returned results consistent with Stage 2 RPC-625 affliction, though the behavior exhibited by these individuals has not. Given this information, it is possible that after abduction an unknown process is utilized to take an individual out of Stage 3 RPC-625 affliction and move them on to this theorized next stage. If such a stage exists, it likely involves intense alteration of the affected individual's beliefs, motivations, and memories. This is supported by the fact that multiple individuals lost after Stage 3 were later identified as affiliated with Cetace's Kin. Thus far, however, this theory has proven untestable with the resources available to the Authority.

Altering the color, texture or orientation of RPC-625 does not remove its anomalous effects, nor does distortion or obstruction of the image. However, censorship of the signature located in the bottom right corner of any RPC-625 instance does nullify the effects. Research has shown that the signature is not the source of RPC-625's anomalous qualities, however, as placing it on any other image does not yield any unusual effects. The signature's contents are written in a currently indecipherable language, believed to be consistent with the broadcasts sent out from the brains of Stage 3 RPC-625 afflicted individuals.

Incident-625-A: On 12-04-1983, whilst the stage 3 effects of RPC-625 were being observed, all security cameras at Site-095 went offline simultaneously. When cameras were brought back online, a group of 13 individuals adorned with green robes had infiltrated the facility through unknown methods. Each carried a physical copy of RPC-625 and displayed the images to all personnel who attempted to apprehend them. Upon reaching the RPC-625 testing chamber, the individuals attempted to enter the chamber. It was at this point that Authority Security managed to approach and terminate every individual with the exception of a single survivor who was subsequently taken into Authority custody. The interview transcript with this individual is designated Document 625-B. ██ personnel were lost in this incident. No similar incidents have occurred since this event. See [REDACTED].

Analysis of the deceased individuals involved in the incident proved that eye contact with them spread RPC-625's effects, implying that these individuals were either in stage 2 of RPC-625 affliction or had progressed past stage 3 into the theorized 4th stage.

After this incident, RPC-625's presence online increased drastically, leading to its current classification and containment procedures. Due to this, it is believed Cetace's Kin is responsible for the distribution of RPC-625.

Director's Notes:

I have been getting several proposals of weaponizing physical RPC-625 instances in a similar manner to those used in Incident-625-A. I don't think I have to remind you of RPC-625's stage 3 effects. Anyone we used this on would become a beacon. This isn't even mentioning the risk of accidental afflictions if someone so much as looks the wrong way. RPC-625 is not to be weaponized under any circumstances. I don't want to see any of these proposals again.
~ Dr. Brummell

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