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RPC-621. Taken 22/12/19.

Registered Phenomena Code: 621

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Type: Temporal Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-621 is currently contained within a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-009, and is to be monitored by no fewer than two ASF personnel at all times. A GPS tracking device capable of sending an emergency signal to all Authority receivers has been embedded within RPC-621.

The copy of RPC-9161 (Designated as RPC-916-9122) possessed by RPC-621 has been photoscanned and returned to RPC-621. A copy of this document as well as Document 621-1 has been inserted within RPC-916-9122.

Due to the potential of a chronological shift2 for RPC-621 on 17/11/2028, the aforementioned containment protocols are to be disregarded and subsequently revised after 17/11/2028.

Description: RPC-621 is the designation given to an individual with anomalous temporal capabilities, being capable of temporally relocating its present consciousness backwards into itself at a previous time. This allows for RPC-621 to interact with the physical world freely within the physical body of RPC-621 at any specific time (designated as t0) during the past.

Essentially, RPC-621 is capable of changing its own past.
-Dr. Leung

Physically, RPC-621 is a non-anomalous Asian human male, standing at 181cm and weighing 74 kg. RPC-621 is capable of fluent speech in either English or Cantonese and will respond to "RPC-621".

Modifications made by RPC-621 are capable of "overriding" the contemporary chronology, thus allowing baseline chronology to be modified by RPC-621 to an extent. However, manifestation of the changes made by RPC-621 is not immediate, approaching at a constant rate of 32 hours, 45 minutes, and 12 seconds per 24 hours3 from t0.



Once the contemporary timeline has been overridden by the actions of RPC-621, the only record of changes exists within either the memory of RPC-621 or RPC-916-9122. As a result, it is currently impossible for the Authority to be informed of any and all changes made by RPC-621 without the cooperation of RPC-621.

It is unknown how the aforementioned anomalous traits were gained by RPC-621; details on the origins regarding the capabilities of RPC-621 were not provided on either Document 621-1 or RPC-916-9122.

Discovery: On 22/12/2019, RPC-621 attempted to access Site-038 with an unregistered Authority personnel card. Authority personnel subsequently detained RPC-621, where an instance of RPC-916 was discovered under possession of RPC-621. Document 621-1 was also discovered, having been previously embedded within the aforementioned copy of RPC-916.

RPC-621 requested a "Dr. Brooks of Site-009"4, and was later transferred to Site-009.

Addendum 621.1

The following is an excerpt from RPC-916-9122, providing personal details regarding RPC-621 and elaborations regarding the anomalous traits of RPC-621.

Certain notes, believed to have been written by RPC-621, were also on RPC-916-9122.

Addendum 621.2

The following addendum contains excerpts from Document 621-1, providing personal details regarding the origins of RPC-621 and elaborations regarding the abilities of RPC-621. Document 621-1 is structured in a way similar to that of an official Authority Registered Phenomena document, and was embedded within RPC-916-9122 during the discovery of RPC-621.

Addendum 621.3

The following interview was conducted after the surrender of RPC-621 to the Authority on 22/12/2019.

Addendum 621.4

An "Eliza Brooks" matching the description as provided in Document 621-1 was located in London, holding the occupation of researcher at [DATA EXPUNGED]. Attempts to recruit Eliza Brooks into the Authority have resulted in failure. Subsequently, RPC-621 was notified of the rejection of "Eliza Brooks" in entering Authority employment, and has exhibited a significantly increased amount of distress.

On 25/12/19, an attempt at breaching containment was conducted by RPC-621 by exploiting a change in duty for Site-038's CCTV operations crew. During this period, RPC-621 successfully evaded ASF personnel and reached the surface level of Site-038. However, RPC-621 was successfully recontained by Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) via tranquilization while attempting to reach Hong Kong International Airport.

On 28/12/19, RPC-621 requested a calendar encompassing 2020 to 2028, which was granted. RPC-621 has also requested a photo of "Eliza Brooks" to be provided, which was also granted. The following document was subsequently provided by RPC-621 for photoscanning, and has been returned to RPC-621.

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