Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: OL-Site-620

Director of Research: Dr. Aurthur B. Cadella

Assigned MST(s): ASF Rapid Response Team (Space Folders) and November-12 (Dumpster Divers)

Director of Containment: [DATA EXPUNGED]


Registered Phenomena Code: 620

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Temporal Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard, Gravitational Hazard

Current Containment Procedures: A 100 meter by 100 meter electrified fence is to be maintained around the perimeter of RPC-620-A. A space of 5 meters should be kept between the electrified fence and the area of effect of RPC-620-A. ASF Rapid Response Team “Space Folders” are to guard the perimeter outside RPC-620-A. RPC-620-A and RPC-620 is to be monitored and explored by Mk IV Authority Security Drone. Drones are to be controlled by MST-November-12 “Dumpster Divers”. Using CSD personnel for exploration of RPC-620-A requires 620/Gamma Class clearance.

Description: RPC-620 is an 608 meter tall radio broadcast tower previously owned by the ████ Radio Broadcast Company. The tower was acquired by the Authority on 09/11/2002. RPC-620 exhibits an reality bending effect on the surrounding area designated RPC-620-A. RPC-620 was found in the woodlands south of ████, Florida in the ██████ Reservation.

RPC-620-A is the 95 by 95 meter area of effect caused by RPC-620. RPC-620 creates gravitational, spatial, and temporal anomalies. Gravitational anomalies found within RPC-620-A are designated RPC-620-GR. Spatial anomalies found within RPC-620-A are designated RPC-620-SP. Temporal anomalies found within RPC-620-A are designated RPC-620-TE. Spatial Temporal anomalies found within RPC-620-A are designated RPC-620-ST

The following are anomalies found within RPC-620-A:

Designation: RPC-620-ST-001

Description: RPC-620-ST-001 is a phenomena occurring within RPC-620-ST-001. Several huts of Native American origin will appear randomly around RPC-620-A. Huts have been found to have items related to the ██████ tribe.

Designation: RPC-620-ST-002

Description: RPC-620-ST-002 is a phenomena that happens around RPC-620 at random. Grass around RPC-620 will begin to grow at a rapid pace around RPC-620. The grass grows at a rate of 0.2 meters per hour. Once the grass reaches 3 meters in height the grass will begin to dry up and disintegrate.

Designation: RPC-620-TE-001

Description: RPC-620-TE-001 is a phenomena affecting wildlife, specifically mammals will begin to age in reverse. Cells affected by this phenomena have been described by personnel as undergoing mitosis and meiosis in reverse. Organisms will be affected by this phenomena until [DATA REDACTED].

Designation: RPC-620-TE-002

Description: RPC-620-TE-002 is a phenomena affecting sapient entities. Sapient entities entering the area of RPC-620-A will experience will be transported into a different timeline or different timelines. Sapient entities return to their original timeline when said entity leave the area of RPC-620-TE-002. Testing with RPC-620-TE-002 began on 01/29/2001 for exploration of parallel timelines (See Addendum/620-B).

History: On 01/08/1995, the ████ Radio Broadcast Company built RPC-620. Employees working with the radio tower have reported feelings of déjà vu. On 12/25/2000, two employees working on the radio tower reported the grass around the tower to be growing at an accelerated rate. The employees also reported that the time it took getting from the tower to their vehicle was significantly longer. On 12/26/2000, two agents from ASF Rapid Response went to investigate for any possible anomalous phenomena (See Addendum/620-A). On 12/28/2000, Authority front ███████ Radio International bought the area from the ████ Radio Broadcast Company.

Addendum/620-A: RPC-620 First Video Log

Location: ██████ Reservation

Personnel Involved: Agent ████ (A1) and Agent ██████ (A2)

[Begin Log]

A1: We’re here.

A2: Hey ████, so how do we know we’re not dealing with one of those wendigo things.

A1: Did you not read the report? We’re probably dealing with some kind of temporal anomaly. Remember we’re just here to confirm that strange [Expletive Redacted] is indeed happening, so once we see the slightest of paranormal activity, we can return to Site-███.

A2: Alright?

Agent ████ (A1) and Agent ██████ (A2) walk toward the tower. They walk for 15 minutes before reaching the tower.

A2: Hey, look up ahead.

Agent ████ (A1) and Agent ██████ (A2) arrive at the tower.

A1: Look At the base of the tow-.

Agent ████ (A1) turns to Agent ██████ (A2), but does not find him there.

A1: ██████!

The phone on Agent ████ (A1) begins to ring.

Agent ████ (A1) answers her phone.

A1: Hello.

A2: ████, where the hell did you go!?

A1 Where the hell did I go? Where the hell did you go? You were just with me investigating the tower.

A2: What do you mean? You were just with me in the van.

A1: Okay, just stay in the van i’ll head back.

A2: Wait, you’re already here that was fast.

Footage on Agent ██████ (A2) shows Agent ████ (A1) walking out of a clearing in the woods. Agent ████ (A1) walks 15 feet in the direction of the van and stop.

A1: What are you talking about I’m still at the …

A1: What the [Expletive Redacted]!

A2: Get in the van before more weird [Expletive Redacted] starts happening.

[End Log]

Addendum/620-B: RPC-620-TE-002

Addendum/620-C: Incident Reports

Incident 620-███
Date: 09/11/2009
Description: On 09/11/2009, Six members from the Group of Interest, “The Atlantic Paranormal Society” were captured attempting to sneak into RPC-620-A and to reach RPC-620. The six members were captured and taken to Site-███ for interrogations.

Incident 620-███
Date: 09/29/2009
Description: On 09/29/2009, five agents from the Group of Interest [REDACTED] were captured after attempting to enter RPC-620-A. The five members were administered amnestics and sent back to their headquarters in █████, Oregon.

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