FREEDOM, Or The Worlds We Make




Registered Phenomena Code: 617

Containment Rating: Beta

Lethality Rating: White
h-sapient.png Sapient h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal

Containment Protocols: Given that RPC-617 has no major or anomalous impact on the real world, nor within a digital medium, and the recent "agreement" prevents its interference of civilian property and risking detection, there are no containment protocols provided or needed, pardon the maintenance of the device provided to RPC-617 and its private internet connection.

Description: RPC-617 is a sapient, incorporeal entity that is capable of accessing the Internet through any computer, provided that the device is capable of maintaining an Internet connection and has a copy of Garry's Mod1 downloaded onto its hard drive.

RPC-617 has no detectable presence within the device itself. There are no known methods of blocking RPC-617's access to any device pardon disconnecting that device from the Internet, deleting Garry's Mod, or destroying the device in question. RPC-617 is effectively invulnerable, provided that the Internet both exists and that there is a computer that can access it along with a copy of Garry's Mod.

RPC-617's range also extends only as far as an Internet connection can be provided. RPC-617 was able to access Authority devices on Earth's moon, while it was unable to access OUTFLT vessels of the AEDF.

RPC-617 had created its own Steam account in order to access Garry's Mod, but it has agreed to be provided with an Authority-created account2 for both monitoring purposes and due to the fact that the original account was made using the inactive email address of former US President █████ ██████.

Other than its source of access, RPC-617 is typically unobtrusive (only communicating via text) once it has accessed a server. The entity usually attempts to simply "observe" the population, and while it may occasionally participate in certain activities available, RPC-617 is otherwise indistinguishable from a non-anomalous user of Garry's Mod.


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