Registered Phenomena Code: 615

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazards: h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-invisibility.png Invisibility Hazard h-teleportation.png Teleportation Hazard h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic Hazard h-regenerative.png Regenerative Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-615-1 is currently residing at a containment facility disguised to give the appearance of a home in [REDACTED] with Field Operative Jones currently acting as its assigned caretaker until their death at which point plans will be made on RPC-615-1's well-being. Any perceived threats that may endanger RPC-615-1's life are to be quickly detained or if necessary then neutralised. Depending on the level of the threat then any field operatives on the scene are to go by any means necessary to ensure RPC-615-1's safety. RPC-615-1 is not to be allowed any contact with the outside apart from supervised activities.

Additional personnel are to be stationed close to RPC-615-1's residence and given their full schedule so as to monitor and prevent any manifestation of RPC-615-2 and are to be outfitted with thermal goggles. Testing of RPC-615-2 is to be done in a designated safe and secure environment, any tests involving the entity is to be given approval by 2 Level 4 Personnel. All testing regarding both entities has been ceased until further notice.

Description: RPC-615 is the designation given to two entities who are linked together by unknown anomalous means.

RPC-615-1 is a human child named "Sarah Debbins", aged 6 of English descent. When in the presence of any threat that can result in severe physical harm or danger, RPC-615-2 will immediately manifest to protect it. It has been shown that they do not possess the power to force manifest RPC-615-2 in any way but can to some level communicate with RPC-615-2, but can not take full control over its actions.

RPC-615-2 is an invisible entity standing 4.2 meters in height. Upon manifestation, RPC-615-2 produces a concentrated mass of thermal energy visible only within the infrared spectrum. Analysis on its appearance has shown it to be reminiscent to that of 17th century Italian armour with sallet. RPC-615-2 will utilise any possible method so that RPC-615-1's safety is ensured.

RPC-615-2's behaviour has proven to be unpredictable as its methods in providing protection to RPC-615-1 have shown to present significant danger towards the innocent life in its area. RPC-615-2 exhibits limited sentience due to its inability to autonomously manifest, exercise awareness of its surroundings [See Info-log-615-1 and Incident-log-615-3 for further details], and inability to socially communicate with any intelligent life other than RPC-615-1.

RPC-615-2's methods of protecting RPC-615-1 will on occasion involve it by unknown means, make use of a Medieval-era sword and shield that compliment its size and appear to manifest at will. In select events; however, RPC-615-2 exhibits the ability to alter the outcome of the aggressor's actions to result in them or a nearby individual to be affected. RPC-615-2 depending on the situation will resort from reasonable to dangerous methods depending on the situation as attempting to endanger RPC-615-1 has resulted in RPC-615-2 to stop the attempt usually by means of violence though it will not always kill the perpetrator, its hazardous methods at choosing to protect RPC-615-1 may result in immoral acts that cause harm to others rather than the actual cause.

Recovery: RPC-615 was discovered on 02/03/2019 following an alert relayed to law enforcement officials regarding an incident that happened in Southampton, England. Three bodies of identified teenagers were found to have been killed by an unseen force in an alleyway. The area around the incident suffered heavy damage as a result of RPC-615-2's actions including damage to 6 vehicles, 4 injuries to civilians in the area and heavy damage to nearby buildings and widespread amnestics were launched.

Security Cameras revealed that the teenagers appeared to be harassing RPC-615-1 before taking them to an alleyway presumably so their actions wouldn't be seen by any civilians about in the area. At one point when one of the teenagers attempted to strike RPC-615-1, RPC-615-2 presumably manifested and lifted up the teenager before throwing them into a nearby car killing them instantly. The two other teenagers tried to escape from RPC-615-2 however RPC-615-2 responded by picking up a nearby vehicle and throwing it at the two which resulted in their deaths and destruction of nearby surroundings.

An MST unit was quickly dispatched to investigate the situation and manged to successfully locate RPC-615-1. Once the unit successfully removed it from the area of the incident, RPC-615-1 was subsequently placed in a temporary detainment cell while intelligence agents attempted to locate any related family members of RPC-615-1; results indicated of both parents being deceased. Further research into RPC-615-1 revealed that they had been various hazardous scenarios in which there were explainable yet odd circumstances to them not receiving any lasting harm and escaping without any scars, prompting a link between them and RPC-615-2. A disinformation campaign was initiated and a cover-up detachment about an explosion caused by a faulty gas leak was sent to quarantine and secure the said area while RPC-615-1 was sent to a standard containment humanoid cell at Site-██ after enough evidence was found to prove that they were anomalous. The bodies of the teenagers were collected by the MST unit so as to avoid suspicion of the how they died. Any witnesses at the scene were given amnestics.


Containment Protocols are being revised with Gamma-Orange Class being considered. After more research on RPC-615-2 has been conducted, later thermal imaging has revealed that RPC-615-2 has recently started appearing at times where RPC-615-1 is not in any present danger. Although it's reasons as to doing so remain unclear, the security cameras equipped with thermal imaging have shown it to manifest for a couple of minutes, keeping its head at the camera while making threatening gestures at the screen. Furthermore, ever since containment, there has been an increase in incidents at Site-██ especially in containment breaches around RPC-615-1's holding cell, leading to a high number of casualties of personnel.

Reports from Operative Jones describe that RPC-615-1's conversation with RPC-615-2 revolved around RPC-615-2 informing them to be more 'wary' of others before de-manifesting. The danger of RPC-615-2 starting to pay more attention to the Authority is considered to be highly severe, Agent Jones is to keep RPC-615-1 from believing anything that might be considered harmful to the Authority's actions.

Incident Log-615-3:

Field Operative Jones was nearly involved in an accident on 17/5/19 in which the driver of a car had been drunk and lost control of their vehicle. The car suddenly impacted an unseen force, sustaining heavy damage and resulting in the death of the driver after examination. After the incident, Operative Jones immediately contacted the Authority by to administer amnestics to anyone who saw and implement a cover up story involving the driver smashing into a wall. Thermal imaging was due to recent security cameras being set up to capture any of RPC-615-2's manifestations. The footage showed that before de-manifesting, RPC-615-2 appeared to stare at Jones for a total of 5 minutes before de-manifesting.

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