This article is currently outdated, due to the death of RPC-613-A from a heart attack on August 18th, 2021, and with it, RPC-613-B. Update pending.

Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-613

Containment Rating: Beta

Lethality Rating: White
h-sapient.png Sapient h-auditory.png Auditory h-visual.png Visual

Containment Protocols:

RPC-613-A is to be monitored from its home in Mosul. In the event RPC-613-A causes a breach of secrecy via the usage of RPC-613-B, all relevant witnesses are to be amneticized and media taken down per standard expunging protocols. Alpha-21 "Wolf Pack" is assigned to locating RPC-613-A in such an event.


RPC-613 is the group designation for two related anomalies. RPC-613-A, a human male in Mosul, and RPC-613-B, an anomalous language that has existed for approximately the past 5,000 years that only RPC-613-A can speak fluently.

RPC-613-A is an Arabic male approx. 2.14 meters tall identified as Ishaia Goriel, also known as "Aleimlaq",1 a priest of a local sect of the Assyrian Church of the East in Mosul. RPC-613-A is a hyperpolyglot2, fluent in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Persian, Kurdish, Old Latin, Turkish, Koine Greek, Aramaic, Classical Hebrew, and Russian. Although appearing otherwise non-anomalous, RPC-613-A displays a remarkably high Theophan resistance of 43 and possesses the unique ability to utilize RPC-613-B, which it refers to as "pasigraphy".

Using a combination of memes and archetypal phenomena, RPC-613-B forms a "universal language" that is communicated via verbal and gestural components, capable of conversing with any human being provided that they can both see and hear RPC-613-A. While limited and unable to directly communicate abstract or complicated ideas, RPC-613-A can string together several concepts to assist the listener in understanding.

For future reference, transcripts of RPC-613-B will be recorded as whatever concept is communicated within brackets, for example, [WEAPON], [SPEECH], or [LOVE].

Addendum 1: Discovery

Originally identified as PoI-3921, RPC-613-A was considered unremarkable pardon a few reports of "speaking in tongues". Due to the rising tensions in Mosul and eventually the 2008-2009 attacks on Mosul Christians, RPC-613-A took their church underground to avoid the rise in terrorist attacks in the area.

In 2014, once the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) had taken control of Mosul, RPC-613-A was one of 100 or fewer Assyrian Christians remaining in the city that originally had 70,000. After the destruction of the Dair Mar Elia4, RPC-613-A had joined the local resistance movement against the regime.

Notably, RPC-613-A recorded several sermons despite the hostile terrorist occupation, calling for action against the ISIL and severely deviating from the Assyrian Church's doctrine on the subject of incredible violence. After they had been anonymously distributed throughout the internet at large, the Authority had taken notice due to the abundance of memes throughout the sermons. While mostly non-anomalous, their frequency and the fact that several were intentionally performed, as well as the usage of RPC-613-B, which was then unknown, resulted in Ishaia Goriel being flagged as PoI-3921 due to their possible understanding of the anomalous. An excerpt of one of the sermons is recorded below.

On the 16th of October, 2016, a joint offensive by French, Iraqi, Kurdish, and American forces recaptured the city. RPC-613-A utilized their fluency in several languages and on occasion RPC-613-B to assist in communication between the armies, as well as their combat proficiency. By December 9th, 2016, after the liberation of Mosul, Agent "Perigee" located and contacted RPC-613-A, who was at the time working at the farm of a family friend in Mosul. Agent Perigee utilized a camera hidden in one of their shirt's buttons to record the conversation.

Addendum 2: RPC-613-B Analysis

Addendum 3: Recovered Documentation

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RPC-613 Head Researcher


It is simply a fact. RPC-613-A is dying, and with him, a language that has existed for what we believe to have been for 4,339 years. A language unlike any other we have ever encountered. I, and many of my colleges, know that this cannot be allowed. We must ensure the survival of RPC-613-B, in any capacity. We've already performed interviews, already beginning to transcribe its contents. Memes we've never seen before. RPC-613-A is a library of information, and their one request in exchange is the transcription of their genealogy, and though it's likely highly inaccurate, it still is a remarkable artifact thousands of years in the making. This is for the sake of our organization, and for posterity. I cannot begin to imagine the possible applications.

As for the reason for this message, we lack funding. We lack manpower. Site-286 has been supportive, but Antonije does not have the sway to convince them for a more in-depth study. Please, do not let this be another casualty of time.

- Dr. Amara Rahman

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