RPC-612 Addendum 1 Extended




Given the sheer number of RPC-612 instances, this page is open for input from the other two entrusted individuals. Obviously, I'm not saying any names, including my own. Here's the format so you don't make it any harder for those coming after us. I mean, we're the only ones who're going to see it, ever, but for their sake, please.

Designation: RPC-612 #XXX, or RPC-612 #X-XX if reocurring.

Description: Describing the construct itself.

RPC-612 Effect: Here you can describe the impact the anomaly had on the area.

Status: This will always be Neutralized since you wouldn't be hearing about it otherwise unless it's reoccurring, meaning the event or series of events manifests in multiple constructs over time.

Designation: RPC-612 #37

Description: A pile of rocks in a field in Kansas in a semicircle shape, with a large granite pillar in the center.

RPC-612 Effect: All plants and plant byproducts in the Zea genus1 immediately disappear upon entering RPC-612. Unidentifiable structure in the distance.

Status: Neutralized.

Designation: RPC-612 #437

Description: A large Bronze statue of a dispatch of Japanese soldiers surrendering to a Dayak soldier with the caption “The savior of Sarawak” in English, Iban, and Malay.

RPC-612 Effect: All Malaysian flags in the area were changed to those of the Raj of Sarawak, with a traditional Dayak headdress replacing the crown. The area was highly militarized with soldiers that appeared to have mixed British/Dayak ancestry and wearing uniforms bearing a similar insignia to the flags. All soldiers were hostile to Protectorate units sent in from another area of Malaysia, calling them racial slurs and had to be dispatched after they attacked units investigating 612 #437.

Status: Neutralized.

Designation: RPC-612 #12-3

Description: A marble statue of Grigori Rasputin on a throne, a golden plate on the statue's base has the phrases "In honor of Russia's savior Saint Equal-to-apostles Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin" and "Commissioned by Tzar Nicholas II, 1939" written on it in Russian.

RPC-612 Effect: The church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth in Lviv were renamed the Church of St. Grigory Rasputin along with artistic depictions of Grigori Rasputin appearing within the church.

Status: Neutralized.

Designation: RPC-612 #███

Description: A statue of five faceless humanoids crawling out of a hole composed of an unidentified metallic alloy. The base of the statue contains the phrase:


The statue manifested within Site-002’s cafeteria.

RPC-612 Effect: All personnel within Site-002 believed Site-002 contained an area known as “Sector 100”. Corridors near the cafeteria contained the phrase “Remember Sector 100” painted in an unknown viscous substance.

Status: Neutralized.

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