Registered Phenomena Code: 609

Object Class: Omega-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Teleportation Hazard, Temporal Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: To date, there are no known methods to contain RPC-609, RPC-609-1, or RPC-609-2. Any instances of RPC-609-2 found should be confiscated. Only 3 copies of RPC-609-2 are to be kept by Authority personnel. All other copies should be destroyed. Attempts to contain RPC-609 or RPC-609-1 require approval from Level-4 personnel.

Authority personnel assigned to RPC-609 are to be on the lookout for any pop-up shops, hereby Designated RPC-609-1, in the western hemisphere. Should RPC-609-1 be located, a surveillance team is to be deployed immediately. Two agents are to have RPC-609-2 on their persons at all times. Another agent is to be in RPC-609-1 during its normal business hours, monitoring customers who come in and out of the store as well as all purchases made.

There is to be no hostile engagement within RPC-609-1.

Upon verification that someone with RPC-609-2 has entered, the task force is to set up a 10 mile perimeter to search and retrieve the individual.

Description: RPC-609 is a 1.93-meter tall humanoid that goes by the name Mr. Fixit. RPC-609 is noted to have brown skin, hands with abnormally long fingers, and has no facial features aside from a mouth.

RPC-609 is also noted to always seen wear a full suit and a dress hat. Style and color of the suit vary. RPC-609 is noted to talk in a Geordie accent1.

RPC-609 has shown the ability to cure people as well as create, or fix objects through anomalous means. RPC-609 will then sell these items and services to an individual in exchange for a variety of things ranging from an individual’s ability to see to a collects of tapes or stamps.

Once payment is made the transaction can not be reversed without consulting RPC-609.

RPC-609-1 is a storefront called “The Fix-It Store” ran by RPC-609. Both can disappear and reappear anywhere in the Western Hemisphere of the planet. RPC-609-1 is open between the hours of 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The store will sell an array of things, from beverages and snacks to cleaning supplies and cat litter. The store never receives any supplies and yet somehow remains stocked. While working at the store RPC-609 will not appear in its true form but take the appearance of an elderly black man.

RPC-609-2 is a debit card2. When someone who is in possession of RPC-609-2 walks into RPC-609-1, they will be transported to a seemly different dimension. In there, the store appears empty with only a door leading to a back room visible. Upon entering the back room, one will be greeted by a joyful RPC-609. Here, individuals can request services from RPC-609, after which, a price will be named and the individual can choose to accept or not.

RPC-609 will respond to any disturbance in RPC-609-1. If the Authority causes any commotion during normal business hours, RPC-609 and RPC-609-1 will teleport away to a new location. Authority personnel attempting to disrupt a sale within RPC-609-1 will be met with nonlethal resistance and restraint. (See event RPC-609-2).

RPC-609 will protect his customers by teleporting them within a 10-mile radius.


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