Registered Phenomena Code: 608

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated, Aggression, Transmutation, Info-Hazard, Visual, Auditory, Mind Control

Containment Protocols: Material depicting RPC-608 shall be considered hazardous and remain restricted to Level 4R/4C security clearance. Personnel are to receive memetic evaluation prior to and following access of these materials. Clearly affected personnel will be assigned to therapy until considered mentally sound. Authority Database technicians are to perform data recovery on alterable files bi-weekly and following reports of major alteration.

Containment personnel in the Teton Mountain Range are to establish maps of RPC-608's movements and activity. 2 L2 CSD personnel equipped with tracking chips, handheld transceivers, air horns, and strobe lights are to assist in warding RPC-608 away from areas of high civilian activity. These personnel are to operate under the guise of Wyoming game wardens.

A modified large organism containment chamber designed for RPC-608 has been prepared at Site-056. All ventilation and windows have been removed. A chute installed in the ceiling for the purpose of food delivery additionally possesses a double door mechanism to block entry attempts. A system of pressure and movement sensors throughout the chamber monitor activity within. Testing is ongoing if dummy humans can be used in place of CSD subjects for food.

An artificial memetic agent is under development to counteract RPC-608's memetic effects. In the event that RPC-608 is contained, it will be disseminated to the public as a preemptive measure against the spread of hazardous materials and the threat to informational security they pose.

Description: RPC-608 is an animate, ovoid mass of granite and marble. It is 3.4 meters tall, 2 meters in diameter, with 3 prehensile tendrils emerging from its base that are each 2 meters long. RPC-608 is capable of manipulating the rigidity of its form at will. This allows it greater accessibility into confined and narrow spaces while hunting. Samples of it revert to mundane stone upon removal from its main mass. Damage it sustains does not heal. As a result it is currently missing an estimated 26% of its original mass.

Damage upon it has allowed views into its interior revealing no organic structures within. In spite of not needing sustenance, RPC-608 has been documented engaging in the hunting of human subjects every 4 to 7 months, and becoming increasingly aggressive the longer time is between successful hunts. During hunting periods, it will identify, track, terminate, and violently desecrate the bodies of 2 to 6 subjects.1 Termination typically takes the form of decapitation. Once satisfied, RPC-608 will enter into a docile state that will persist until the next hunting period.

Additionally of note, RPC-608 behaves similarly to ambush predators during hunting periods, utilizing its form to camouflage into the geology surrounding it so that it may attack prey subjects by surprise. It will, however, commonly flee when it believes it has been spotted. Such responses are more intense when faced with strong stimuli such as loud sounds and bright, flashing lights.

RPC-608 exhibits an infohazardous property which causes all documentation of its appearance, physical and digital, to be altered to reflect information regarding its most recent hunt. This will universally include the general location, victim names and depictions of their death, and general timing. These alterations also include auditory and visual memetic hazards which compel subjects to investigate RPC-608's existence. Thaumaturgic reinforcements to the Authority Database have proven to hinder this alteration process, but not eliminate it. Research is ongoing into exactly what components play the most part in this hindrance and how they can be reinforced.

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