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Registered Phenomena Code: 606

Object Class: Omega-Orange

Hazard Types: h-animated.png Animated Hazardh-explosive.png Explosive Hazardh-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial Hazardh-grouped.png Grouped Hazardh-immeasurable.png Immeasurable Hazardh-sentient.png Sentient Hazardh-teleportation.png Teleportation Hazard

Containment Protocols:

Due to its sheer size, numbers, and changing location, there is currently no ideal containment method for RPC-606. Instead, resources are focused on suppressing critical information.

  • To assist with the identification of possible SSAEEs, MST Delta-4 ("Garcas") operatives embedded within meteorological agencies worldwide must reroute crucial data to MST Whiskey-7 ("Space Force"), which will attempt contact and gather intelligence following criteria.
  • Furthermore, MST Oscar-5 ("Web Nerds") personnel remains tasked with the removal of all media related to the anomaly, in addition to the creation of misleading advertisements and black propaganda to obfuscate and discredit all sensible details.
  • If there is exposure to the general population, the nearest Site Director is to be contacted and standby for further instructions.


RPC-606 is the designation given to an extraterrestrial silicon-based life-form that occasionally visits the Earth's stratosphere. These events are classified as SSAEE1.

At the time of writing, an SSAEE is theorized as a time of estrus for the species, occurring every four years and taking no more than a few hours at a time. During this period, a single female, hereby designated RPC-606-Ω, would inexplicably materialize itself, followed by a group of three to five males. The aforementioned are then labeled from RPC-606-Β-1 to RPC-606-Β-5.

  • RPC-606-Β: Most of the acquired knowledge about the species surrounds the males2. The most notable outward feature of an RPC-606-Β instance is the dome-shaped body3 with its size that ranges from eighteen to twenty-five meters in diameter. The aforementioned is a structure consisting of silicon-based polymers forming mesh networks of greenish tones, which are saturated with Helium and other unidentifiable lighter gases, that, in conjunction with the copious vestigial tentacles covering its underside, would aid with locomotion mid-air using helicopter-like motions4. Among the previously mentioned, a large telescopic appendage can be found, assumed as a reproductive organ. All of its limbs and other body parts originate from its central axis. This radial volumetric symmetry enables response to stimuli from all directions. All RPC-606-Β examples appear healthy and display autonomy, despite lacking all kinds of organs and systems that would otherwise allow for normal bodily functions5. Furthermore, instances do not display the need to feed nor to rest; with the more sound theory suggesting RPC-606-B as phototrophs that thrive on UV light and radiation.
  • RPC-606-Ω: Little is known about the female counterpart to RPC-606-B, it is assumed both share biological similarities, yet there are some notable differences. For one, its upmost layers appear uncovered, presenting no silica at the top. RPC-606-Ω produces yellow bioluminescence throughout its body; it is also translucent and much larger, between fifty and seventy meters in diameter. Besides that, RPC-606-Ω differs in shape, having a flatter profile resembling an upside-down plate. The female also releases a constant haze of grayish hue that researchers believe as signaling towards the males to indicate it is sexually receptive.

Addendum-606-1: Courtship & Mating Rituals:

  • Stage 1: All members of RPC-606 will manifest within the range of a ten kilometers sphere at the highest level of the stratosphere, far above the ozone layer6. RPC-606-Ω will then release a currently unidentified mist7, believed to draw RPC-606-B towards its location. After roughly thirty minutes, the three to five instances of RPC-606-B will have reached proximate location to RPC-606-Ω, either by conventional travel or by utilizing its anomalous teleportation abilities.
  • Stage 2: The RPC-606-B instances will employ its appendages and sharp outer layer8 to compete and attack each other, to become the mating partner of RPC-606-Ω. A common method for RPC-606-B to do so is to generate explosions in front of other RPC-606-B specimens. This is done most likely to overwhelm its foe and attack the underside where it is naked with no crystalline armor. Given that there are no flammable elements in the stratosphere, it is unclear how RPC-606-B entities are capable of this or what environment leads to this adaption.
  • Stage 3: Only once there is a single RPC-606-B among the clouds of RPC-606-Ω9; this creature will undergo metamorphosis, in which its outside layer will evaporate, disposing entirely of its hard shell. This instance will now be denominated RPC-606-A.
  • Stage 4: At this stage, RPC-606-A will proceed to mate with RPC-606-Ω using its telescopic appendage to puncture the surface of RPC-606-Ω, most likely locating the female's egg sac, fertilizing the eggs. RPC-606-A and RPC-606-Ω will remain in the stratosphere for around two to three minutes, before immediately disappearing, likely through some form of teleportation10.

Addendum-606-2: Incidents & Notable Events Log:


Surveliance drone 052-2/5 approaching an SSAEE, ██/██/██. Inside the cloud, there are examples of RPC-606-B (left) and RPC-606-Ω (right).

The comprehensive observation of the RPC-606 breeding process is an evolving operation, that started from high-altitude balloons and other purpose-built contraptions, to fully-fledged mobile launching sites and multiple unmanned acclimatized drones.

Listed below, in no particular order, is a compilation of notable events and incidents related to RPC-606, specific details such as dates and locations have been purposely omitted. To gain access to the full documentation, please contact the research wing of Site-016.

<Incident-Log-606-011, ██/██/██, ██:██, [REDACTED]>

Overview: Mishap of public disclosure.
General Details: The occurrence of a massive creature similar in appearance to that of specimens of the Medusozoa subphylum washing ashore at a small town becomes the set piece of a small independent news outlet. Delta-4 agents inside the company acted accordingly before the information went out to the public, and a non-anomalous cover-up was instituted. The Authority then acquired ownership of the anomaly masquerading as a non-profit sea life advocacy and research organization. An autopsy and several other tests ensued. However, due to its anomalous structure, the specimen decomposed into unusable material in the following hours.

Commentary: The previous issue occurred several years before the first sighting of an SSAEE, it was only in retrospect that it was identified as an RPC-606-B specimen. Through the autopsy, the Authority acquired most of the knowledge relevant to the biology of RPC-606. The cause of death was most likely by another RPC-606-B. From this finding, it was then theorized that the males have killing intent towards each other.

<Event-Log-606-23, ██/██/██, ██:██, [REDACTED]>

Overview: intentional exposure of RPC-606 to the masses.
General Details: Video recordings for advertisement purposes made from a professional camera-plane flying alongside an off-duty passenger airliner captures several images of RPC-606-B. Both airplanes were cleared for takeoff as an opportunity to attain additional footage for research. The tape shows the specimens are aware of this three-dimensional space and exercises that knowledge to maneuver swiftly. The video only depicts small brilliant dots, due to the distance between the objects and the lenses. Nonetheless, this was accounted for as the observation of movement patterns was the cornerstone of the operation.

Commentary: The footage gained minor traction on obscure online imageboards, with users believing the subjects were flying saucers. The Authority allowed and supervised this measured information leak, created a psyop to discredit outsider opinions, and implanted the idea to the general population that UFOs (and to the same extent, RPC-606) are an urban myth created by the mentally ill.

<Event-Log-606-047, ██/██/██, ██:██, [REDACTED]>

Overview: In-field samples gathering.
General Details: The recovered footage shows several RPC-606-B in an altercation amidst the fog created by RPC-606-Ω; the smoke, combined with the high exposure of the environment gives the specimens a metallic-like sheen. The video also shows them charging against each other and arming themselves with their own crystalline coating, most likely to puncture the skin of their adversaries. However, the drone recording is collecting the crystals for study; the specialists watching at the site take note of the large chunks of foreign debris stuck in them. Once the maximum payload is achieved, the machine returns to base, while several others continue recording.

Commentary: The samples were collected without incident. Once they arrived they were taken for analysis, the test revealed a total of twenty-seven new anomalous types of biological systems within them that did not match the Authority's Extended taxonomy database. The foreign debris was successfully identified as meteoroids, confirming that the creatures from RPC-606 come from outer space.

<Incident-Log-606-055, ██/██/██, ██:██, [REDACTED]>

Overview: Direct exchange between the Authority and RPC-606.
General Details: One of the drones overseeing an SSAEE was suddenly seized by RPC-606-Ω, bringing it close to itself and away from RPC-606-B instances, who were actively engaging each other. RPC-606-Ω then used its limbs to touch and probe various parts of the drone for approximately 10 seconds, showing particular interest in the lenses. Once RPC-606-Ω was finished, it engulfed the drone from its underside and launched it downwards with great speed. Several remains of the drone then crash-landed at the mobile Authority launch-site overseeing it at sea level. No injuries or casualties were sustained, but the site was deemed unusable for the next 3 months.

Commentary: It is unclear whether or not RPC-606-Ω was actively aiming for the site, nevertheless the data-collection protocols were modified as a result.

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