Registered Phenomena Code: 605

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-organic.png Organic Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-sentient.png Sentient Hazard h-aquatic.png Aquatic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-605 instances are to be contained in a standard Beta-class aquatic containment unit with currently 34 instances in containment. Plankton are to be released into the containment chamber during feeding times to allow RPC-605 instances to gather proper nutrients.

RPC-605-1 instances are to be secured and observed until either an RPC-605-A or -B event has ended. If an RPC-605-1 is undergoing an 605-A event, then they are to be euthanized immediately with the remains being disposed of. Those that have undergone an RPC-605-B event and become an RPC-606-2 instance, are to be kept for additional study and placed in a standard Beta-class aquatic containment unit.

Western and Central regions of the African continent should be monitored for activity by the Group of Interest "Cetace's Kin" and prevent any attempted distributions of RPC-605. Authority operatives in these regions are to report any activity regarding them while MST Lima-12 "Barnacle Boys" are deployed to investigate and detain any found members, as well as retrieve all discovered RPC-605 instances.

Description: RPC-605 is the designation given to an anomalous species of the infraclass Cirripedia1. RPC-605 instances behave similarly to non-anomalous species of barnacles known for creating commensalistic relationships with large marine mammals. One notable difference is that RPC-605 instances have universally been detected in aquatic habitats within Central Africa, where they have only been detected attaching to members of the Hippopotamidae2 family.

RPC-605's anomalous property will begin after 24 hours, at which the effects will take place on the subject designated RPC-605-1. RPC-605-1 will be subjected to one of two scenarios designated 605-A- and 605-B-Events.

605-A-Event designates an event which occurs an average of 24 hours after initial contact with RPC-605 in 70% of cases. In the event, RPC-605-1 will begin developing various mutations in their bodies and will start showing symptoms similar to cancer induced diseases.3 These cancer cells in the body will begin mutating. Research has shown that these mutations will most often occur in areas close to vital organs and joints, making it more difficult for RPC-605-1 instances to move. In most cases, RPC-605-1 will die from starvation or drowning if it is unable to surface due to pain causes.

605-B-Event designates an event which occurs an average of 72 hours after initial contact with RPC-605 in 30% of cases. In the event, RPC-605-1 will begin experiencing a "reverse-evolution". RPC-605-1 will start to transmute into earlier ancestors as evidenced by DNA tests on 605-B event instances. RPC-605-1 undergoing a 605-B-Event will start developing behaviours and traits that replicate their ancestors but due to the environment most RPC-605-1 instances are transmutated in, many don't survive due to ecological pressure. All 605-B-Events will cause the subject to turn back into Anthracotheriidae.4

RPC-605-2 designates an RPC-605-1 instance that has undergone a successful 605-B-Event. RPC-605-2 instances are non-anomalous and genetic testing has revealed them to be identical to Anthracotheriidae.

Addendum-1 Discovery:

RPC-605 was discovered when local villagers in the Republic of Liberia reported finding deceased hippos around local bodies of water. It was originally believed that this was due to illegal hunting, however autopsy reports showed the hippos to have died from several malignant tumours, which are extremely atypical in the species. Additionally, one was found to be host to multiple RPC-605 instances, prompting an Authority investigation. Once Authority agents arrived at the scene, an additional RPC-605-1 instance was found to have underwent an 605-B-Event, though it was found deceased with evidence of blunt force trauma caused by other hippos. The RPC-605 instances were brought in along with the remains of the RPC-605-1 and -2 instances and all witnesses were administered Class A-2 amnestics.

Addendum-2 Discovery:

Note: Shortly after discovery, a group operating under the Group of Interest Cetace's Kin was discovered in possession of 5 instances of RPC-605, with a 6th having been released before Authority personnel arrived. When the recovery team approached to investigate, one of the individuals held up a poster bearing an instance of RPC-625, though dropped it shortly after. Two members of the recovery team looked towards the poster while it was held and were rendered catatonic. Once the other members of the recovery team noticed this, the individuals were terminated and the 5 RPC-605 instances were contained. The 6th RPC-605 instance's whereabouts are unknown.

The following note was discovered on the body of one of the involved individuals:

Pod 9 Divine Commandment:
Thanks to materials obtained by our recent temporary agreement the organisation known as the Church of Malthus, the commands from The Great One have been pushed forward. The holy organic projects 11 is now ready for distribution. He has told us that it is proper that we release organic projects 11 in continental waters in the domain of the traitor species. Though lacking full effectiveness, organic projects 11 is now capable of giving the traitor species a second chance to join His children and receive his grace.

Begin distribution is the continental waters of the area known to the Continentals as "Africa", where the traitor species naturally resides. From there, move to waters on the eastern region of this land until the grace of the sea is reached. Any casualties among the traitor species as a result of organic projects 11 should be ignored. The Great One has made it clear in his commands that some will naturally resist his will and choose their end rather than the light.

Note that we do not condone the actions of The Church of Malthus. Their mission to advance the evolution of humanity is heretical and against the will of Cetace. However, He has told us that temporary cooperation will allow us to overcome common enemies, and their genetics research has been invaluable to the completion of organic projects 11. Proceed with the holy task immediately.

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