RPC-585 outside of containment prior to testing. Video titles are redacted due to potential visual anomalous effects.

Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-585

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Visual, Emotional

Containment Protocols: RPC-585 is currently stored in a standard .5 x .5 x .5 meter locker at Site-279. Experimentation with RPC-585 requires permission from research personnel with Level 3 or higher clearance. Unauthorized practices and circumvention of these protocols will result in project removal, followed by temporary suspension pending for audit. CSD personnel are to remain immobilized for the duration of the experiment. Security personnel are to be equipped with sedatives in the event of the subject's attempted escape.

Description: RPC-585 is a series of three standard VHS tapes, designated as RPC-585-1 through RPC-585-3, with each instance displaying different titles and their own sets of film. The tapes themselves depict an individual that is visually identical to Death Grips singer Stefan Burnett1 designated as RPC-585-4, who is the only recurring figure throughout all tapes. Extensive analysis of the tapes contents through re-recordings has ruled out the possibility of DeepFake usage. The origins of the individual in the tapes is unknown, as medical records for Ride have never confirmed the existence of an identical twin2. It has been hypothesized by Authority researchers that, given the unknown nature of RPC-585 and the similarities between the world present in the videotapes and our own world, RPC-585 depicts events that take place within an alternate reality3. Said instance is capable of inter-dimensional travel, accessing our current universe from a similar derivative. However, notable alterations in RPC-585-4's chronology include the following.

  • The inhabitants appear to display high volumes of gullibility and a lack of free will, allowing them to be "molded" intellectually when coming into contact with an outlier force unknown to their reality. This has seemingly stunted their collective evolution as its prevented many major events seen throughout our own history from occurring, such as the Apollo 11 Moon landings, the civil rights movement, and 9/114.
  • The societies of the new reality appear to function based off of traditional barter-and-trade economical systems, with no currency or exact good pricing visible within the footage. However despite these differences, the reality appears to still have evolved enough to contain similar technological and architectural aspects such as our own, with items like the desktop computer, automobile and cellphone being widely available commodities. America still appears to exist in a similar form, with standard governmental procedures. Further information of the chronology, including the potential existence of the Authority within it, is currently unknown.

Image still captured of RPC-585-4 from RPC-585-2. Timestamp: 10:34

RPC-585's anomalous properties manifest when an individual reads the titles on the videotapes in their entirety5. Individuals will begin to display increased amounts of aggressive behavior and poor decision making immediately after the completion of the reading. However this is considered to be an entrance-level anomalous effect, as the contents of the videotapes themselves have shown to display greater yet similar anomalous effects during a viewing. The effects usually persist for 30-32 seconds upon viewing completion of either the tape titles or their contents. The anomalous effects of RPC-585's titles have shown to persist if they are being read via photographed or recorded media. However they have not shown to persist if re-written onto other surfaces6. The contents within RPC-585's tapes have not proven to reproduce anomalous effects if the videos are re-recorded through the usage of video capturing equipment.

Discovery: RPC-585 was discovered following a field report being sent to the Authority from agents within Sacramento, California. It is believed that RPC-585 was anomalously scheduled for delivery. Due to its lack of a return address, RPC-585's package was seized and sent in for inspection. Three employees read the titles of RPC-585's tapes and subsequently experienced their anomalous abilities. All three individuals proceeded to assault each other, causing security to be notified. Upon the arrest of the employees, RPC-585 was seized by the Sacramento Police Department, where an agent from ASF Rapid Response Team stationed there notified the Authority.

RPC-585-1, Length: (8:23) RPC-585-2, Length: (13:04) RPC-585-3, Length: (13:42)
Titled: "entering" Titled: "passing" Titled: "seeing"
Description: Tape is visibly weathered, with a damaged and indented section at its top. Video quality appears to be unaffected by this however and is at a standard VHS level. Written on the back in grey sharpie are the words "For you Stefan, so you can know the truth -Zach"7. Description: Tape is in a better exterior condition compared to Tape 1, however both its top and bottom sections appeared to be stained with dried blood. Tests have come back negative for any potential matches. Video quality appears to be slightly less compared to the other tapes but is still viewable. Description: Tape appears to be in the greatest quality out of the three, with only minor dirt stains at the top. However unlike the previous tapes, Tape 3 lacks a large title sidebar, with the title instead being crudely written on a sticker placed at the lower end of the tape. Video quality remains at a standard VHS level.

Addendum 585-1: Tape Contents
The following are the transcripts of each tape in their numerical orders. With the exception of the "entering" videotape, all tapes play out in a single take. "Entering" differs due to the fact that during specific timestamps the video will abruptly freeze, causing stagnation and slight distortion of the video. After a short period, usually two seconds, the tape will resume but with the tape contents displaying RPC-585-4 in a different location. It is believed that this is meant to represent the passing of time, however due to the linear design of VHS tapes it is unknown how this is possible, as it directly contradicts its own design.

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