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The following archived database entry has been preserved in its entirety and digitally transcribed from its original documentation. For the ease of understanding of the RPCAACS "Paris Format," please review the Lexicon Auctoritas history page.

This file is dated ██/12/1945

Registered Phenomena Code 580 ■ ■ ■■■■ ■
Informal Designate BEAST'S BLOOD ■ ■■ ■■
Object Risk RED ■ ■ ■ ■
Containment Degree SEVERE1 ■■■
Primary Hazard SAPIENT/AGGRESSIVE ■■ ■ ■■■
Secondary Hazard GROUPED ■■ ■■ ■ ■■
Tertiary Hazard INFECTIOUS2 ■■■■ ■■■
Number Contained 13 ■■ ■■■ ■■■
Reporting Personnel DR. SCHLOSS LAUFEN ■■■■■■■ ■■

RAVAAF forces marching past a deceased RPC-580-1 beast outside of Lyon, France. September 1944

Containment Systems: Recently pacified specimens of RPC-580-1 are to be immediately transferred to Site-008 for dissection. RAVAAF3 forces have been instructed to prioritize the tracking, apprehension, and termination of RPC-580-1 specimens while on the battlefields of Europe. Unfortunately, due to the hyper-aggressive nature of these enemies, successfully detaining live subjects has proven to be exceedingly arduous.

In the event our forces manage to capture a beast, they must try to restrain the afflicted in a reinforced man-proof holding cell until reinforcements arrive, the act of which must be attempted prior to their transformation, which is believed to take up to several minutes. Based on reports from our men downrange, shelled-out tanks may act as suitable holding chambers while in the field; do not attempt to capture any specimen while in its bestial form. In the event you are forced to face a full-fledged RPC-580-1 beast, shoot to kill.

To correctly identify an undercover agent afflicted by RPC-580, search for civilians near Allied bases and rally points that house command staff or are near the front lines. Look for individuals acting favorably to allied soldiers, are males of German descent, and display some form of thrombosis of the veins; these men may also be identified by a profound hunger for raw meat. Do not attempt to apprehend a target alone or during the hours of darkness.

Pacification Systems: While in their human form, the afflicted are susceptible to any injury that may incapacitate or neutralize a standard human. However, once afflicted RPC-580 troops transform into their monstrous state, they display increased strength, durability, and blood-lust. To minimize losses while combating a beast, engage them from the farthest possible distance with the highest caliber round available, maintain this for several seconds once the entity is immobilized. Some reports have claimed that anything less than anti-material rounds or anti-personal fragmentation devices are unable to terminate an RPC-580-1 beast, but these claims have not yet been substantiated. Any soldier believed to come into direct contact with a still-living beast must also be considered one and dealt with per field commands discretion.


Werwolf pennants like the one pictured here are believed to denote Schutzstaffel units supplemented with RPC-580-1 beasts.

Pacification Note: Several reports have surfaced that some instances of RPC-580 rapidly exsanguinate post-pacification. Most notably, this has been observed happening to live specimens when starved in captivity at Site-008. Blood pools from these instances coagulate into a semi-solid state and begin to structure themselves into multi-tendrilled entities. They will then immediately seek out any living creature within their vicinity and attempt to enter an orifice or open wound on their prey.

Any person or creature that makes contact with these blood entities must also be considered an RPC-580 instance. Standard neutralization principles apply and possibly "animated" blood remains must be sent to Site-008.

Object Description: RPC-580 is a believed experimental biological weapon of unknown origin currently being utilized by the GARD/DAFA4 and Schutzstaffel special forces for clandestine operations in the European theatre under the moniker Werwolf. Persons afflicted with RPC-580 display animal hybrid characteristics and are able to transform into bestial chimeras seemingly at will. These monstrous forms have been designated as RPC-580-1.

These animalistic states are predatory and carnivorous in nature. Carcasses collected by RAVAAF forces all display large maxillary canines and various complex claw-like features similar to those found in tetrapods. The outer keratin layers of these structures are unique in several ways: they are abnormally large for the entities' size and show durability akin to steel. The lower sections of the beasts display elongated and strengthened tarsals as seen on other digitigrade-like anatomies. The hyper-developed sections of the hind legs are used to silently stalk our forces and support the creature's immense weight, as the average beast weighs roughly 225 to 270 kilograms.

Each beast displays pelage akin to canids of the canis variety. The animal's pelt, as we have observed with our recent push into the Ardennes, also seems to change per-transformation — with a now higher percentage of "white coats" ambushing the backlines of our fortifications. We currently believe that RPC-580 is highly adaptable per-transformation to any situation given their natural camouflage and fluctuating bone density.5 Although, this theory is the cause of much debate between Site-008 researchers and RAVAAF ground reports.

Warning from the desk of GD-WAR

It has come to our attention that some of our men in the field are taking the pelts of recently pacified RPC-580-1 beasts as trophies. Due to the risk of breaking normalcy and possible contamination, RAVAAF command has begun issuing new field guides on how to safely skin and handle a beast's pelt. Additionally, we have authorized monetary compensation for each captured or killed beast— Men, keep your wits about you out there and happy hunting.

Addendum- Operation Chrocain:

On ██/12/194█, several RPC-580-1 beasts were discovered among the surviving German defectors aiding the Authority in the New Swabia Conflict.6 Following a brief interrogation performed by ACI officers at OL-Site-543, RAVAAF command became aware of the previously unknown underground SS base housing the GARD bio-warfare division.7

Under the direct supervision of GD-WAR, Operation Chrocain was formulated to put an end to all current Schutzstaffel Werwolf operations and GARD bioweapon testing, including RPC-580. The mission was organized into a two-part multi-force raid on the Führerhauptquartier Werwolf8 compound located near Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Transcribed below is a portion of the mission logs:


Audio Log Transcripts:
Dept: Protection Date: ██/██/1945
Subject: RPC-580 Authorization: 3/RAVAAF
Commanding Officers: Cpt. Dory Phillips, Lt. Beufrot Babcock

Forward: GD-WAR has personally authorized the destruction of Führerhauptquartier Werwolf by any means necessary. The initial assault will consist of VVS and USAAF bombers attacking the superficial portion of the facility. The mass bombing has been predicted to spread to the outskirts of Vinnytsia within the allowable five percent civilian casualty acceptable loss rate.

Cpt. Phillips will then lead a ground attack to breach and clear the lower sections of the mining compound and bunker areas. Once in position, the teams will detonate their supplied explosives to initiate a controlled collapse of the entire subterranean structure. Both platoons have been equipped with experimental long-range radio relays for this operation per GD-WAR's request.

Cpt. Phillips' 15th Heavy Brigade Combat Team has been supplemented with reinforcements from Lt. Babcock's 107th Infantry Division for this mission.9

«Begin Log 15:11 ██████ ██, 1945»

Cpt. Phillips: First-team radio check, one-two, one-two.

MSgt. Hill: Second-team checks, do you read us command?

RAVAAF Command: Command copies, we read you loud and clear.

Lt. Babcock: GD wasn't messing around with that bombing run. Had the flyboys glass the whole damn forest, Christ — hardly anything left topside. I can see why the Soviets passed on this place though, false corridors and dead ends everywhere.

Sgt. Shiermann: [Loudly] Cap! Place the charges here?!

Cpt. Phillips: Keep your goddamn voice down. Jesus, Babcock, keep a handle on your greenhorns.

Lt. Babcock: Sorry Sir — look, there's several tunnels running deeper this way.

Cpt. Phillips: Rog, keep some of your men up here to cover the entrance, the rest of us get the lead out. We have a tight schedule to keep and watch your fire lines down here — it’s too cramped and quiet for comfort.


Lt. Babcock: [Hushed] Look at all these abandoned tunnels, you reckon they were looking for something down here?

Sgt. Shiermann: Hell if I know, I just want out of here as fast as possible. Did'cha hear what one of these things did to a howler?

Cpl. Finly: What's a howler?

Sgt. Shiermann: It's a —

Cpt. Phillips: Cut the chatter, I see something ahead.


Cpl. Finly: Clear —

Sgt. Shiermann: Clear —

Lt. Babcock: All clear sir.

Cpt. Phillips: Copy, now let's see what we have here. It's pretty damn cold, and the wall is lined with sealed vats of some sort, so I'm gonna assume this is some sorta storage lab. The vials are labeled: First, one says Schattenblut, looks like oil but mixed with air. Shits just floating on nothing.10

Lt. Babcock: This one over here says Tai…tay-phon Fleisch. Can't quite make it out, sure as shit ain't German.

Cpt. Phillips: I honestly don't care what it says, let's rig a charge to that beam over th—

Cpl. Finly: Cap, we got a body outside in the hall over here.


Sgt. Shiermann: Fuck, he's all torn apart. Isn't this one of their guys?

Cpt. Phillips: Yeah, definitely a wolf attack, you can tell by how torn up he is. Plus, look how those parts are just gnawed on — just like how they killed Bucky back in France.

Cpl. Finly: Did they— lick up all the blood?

Cpt. Phillips: Yep, just like a fuckin' wolf. Rig that center column and let's keep going. I don't know what's going on here but at least we know our intel was spot on now.


Cpt. Phillips: I'm seeing some light ahead [STATIC] I think I'm losing connec— [STATIC] too far down. We're entering a huge caver— [STATIC]

Lt. Babcock: [Hushed] Shit, we got contact in here.

Cpt. Phillips: Keep your head down. They haven't noticed us yet.

Cpl. Finly: What're they doin' down there cap? Are they eat— [STATIC] each other?

Sgt. Shiermann: Fuck, I can't s— [STATIC] my eyes burn.

Cpt. Phillips: I said keep down. I'm trying to see. Is that— [STATIC] look of the size of that [STATIC] in the wall.


Cpt. Phillips: Babcock you fuc— [STATIC] We've been made! Set the last charges and fall back!


Cpt. Phillips: Move! Move! Move! Shit, where's Shiermann?!

Cpl. Finly: They [STATIC] him!

Cpt. Phillips: Dead end, goddamn it!


RAVAAF Command: Come in second-team. I repeat, come in second-team.

MSgt. Hill: This is second-team, command: How copy?

RAVAAF Command: First team has been lost, GD-WAR gave the order to detonate the charges.

MSgt. Hill: But they— goddamn it. Move out! Let's rip her a new one!


«End Log 17:57 ██████ ██, 1945»

Closing Notes: GD-WAR declared Operation Chrocain a massive success. The thirty-one members of Cpt. Phillips' fire team who're lost in combat were posthumously awarded the Lion's Cross Medal of Valor for their service.11 Their deaths were attributed to several other non-anomalous-centric operations on the Western and Eastern fronts.

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