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RPC-575 being transported to its containment chamber.


Registered Phenomena Code: 575

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-575 is to be contained in Site-732 within its containment chamber. Chamber countermeasures are to be installed to ensure the prevention/minimization of potential damage or flooding. During a 575-Event, continuous video and manual observation are to be conducted outside of the containment chamber until the conclusion of the event. This is to be repeated every 10 6 3 2 days, when an event is expected to occur. Should an activation event deviate from schedule, subsequent investigations are to be conducted in order to determine the cause of unusual activity.

A large aquatic containment unit is to be kept on site to host a self-sustaining population of Vaquita to ensure that RPC-575 remains inactive as often as possible. Additionally, preservation of wild Vaquita are to be conducted to impede the progress of the event cycle.

In the event of the Vaquita's extinction, RPC-575 is to be neutralized as soon as possible.

Description: RPC-575 is a corpse resembling Phocoena sinus1. RPC-575 exhibits a state of moderate decay, however has not exhibited any further decomposition following its containment. RPC-575's pigment contains evident discoloration, exhibiting a brown color instead of the typical gray viewed in living Vaquitas.

RPC-575 will trigger its anomalous effects under a multitude of circumstances;

  1. RPC-575 is located farther than 10 kilometers from a living Vaquita.
  2. RPC-575 is located within 10 meters of a gillnet.
  3. A Vaquita is killed by a gillnet at an unknown range from RPC-575, presumably indefinite.
  4. Every 10 6 3 2 days. (See Document 575-B)

When any of these criteria are met, RPC-575 opens its mouth and expels a large amount of water; this indicates the initiation of an 575-Event. After a short period of time, RPC-575-1 instances begin to emerge from the mouth. RPC-575-1 are organisms resembling mostly developed Vaquita fetuses, usually expiring shortly after emerging. Surviving RPC-575-1 instances possess a detached umbilical cord. The cord is significantly more muscular than any kind found naturally, possessing similar usage as a prehensile tail. This accounts for most of the movement of RPC-575-1 instances until whichever space RPC-575 is located in fills with water or connects to a natural body of water, at which point the RPC-575-1 instance will begin to swim instead. RPC-575-1 instances possess a jaw which can be unhinged. As soon as it is able, the RPC-575-1 instance will begin to consume nearby deceased RPC-575-1 instances and absorb their mass into itself.

RPC-575-1 instances exhibit highly aggressive behavior upon reaching a mature size. This is accomplished by ensnaring their victim with their umbilical cord before either readjusting the cord to strangle the target or, if it is large enough, swallow them whole. Larger instances may simply pummel the target with their umbilical cord. At larger sizes, the umbilical cord will possess enough strength to efficiently pull the RPC-575-1 instance across land, though still not as quickly as swimming. This behavior pattern will continue until RPC-575 ceases activity, which will occur when the original criteria cease to be met, or after a few hours of activity should the trigger have been time based or triggered by a Vaquita's death.

Addendum-575-A: RPC-575 was recovered floating in the Gulf of California in 20██ by a research vessel working on Vaquita preservation. However, when the vessel came under the influence of RPC-575's anomalous effects, it was detected and acquired by the Authority. For more details, see the 575-Event-1 description found within Document 575-B.

Document 575-B: The following chart describes activation events of note:
Description When RPC-575 was initially discovered by the research vessel, the crew pulled it in thinking it may be a deceased Totoaba fish. However, upon obtaining it, discovered it to actually be the corpse of a Vaquita. However, gillnets that had been confiscated from illegal fishers were present on the boat, which triggered RPC-575 to activate. It began to flood the boat, before eventually expelling RPC-575-1 instances. The first RPC-575-1 instance to survive emergence began to consume deceased instances nearby before it began to beat the floor of the boat with its umbilical cord, capsizing the boat. It was at this point that the Authority picked up on the distress calls, describing that a Vaquita corpse had expelled a "strange pink mass" that was beating the boat. Upon the boat's collapse, the gillnets were dumped overboard and began to sink, leading to the deactivation of RPC-575 and the expiration of the RPC-575-1 instance some 50 meters from the boat.
Results Victims of the incident were administered the appropriate amnestics as necessary. RPC-575 was brought into Authority custody where it was temporarily housed in Site-095 before being brought to Site-732.
Description During transport to Site-095, RPC-575 entered an activation event. This led to the flooding of the transport truck as well as the asphyxiation of all personnel who were within the truck at the time. Approximately 15 minutes later, a single RPC-575-1 instance broke out of the truck and began to pull itself back towards the ocean. When backup arrived, the truck, with RPC-575 still active, was driven after it in chase. This resulted in RPC-575 coming back into range of live Vaquitas, causing it to deactivate and causing the instance of RPC-575-1 to expire.
Results After further testing on-site, RPC-575's required proximity to living Vaquitas was determined to be 10 kilometers. As such, several live Vaquitas were harvested and brought to Site-095 where they were left in the RPC-207 containment chamber with no issues except 575-Event-3. RPC-575 remained at Site-095 for 25 days.
Description Three days after RPC-575 arrived at Site-095, a fight broke out between RPC-207-13 and RPC-207-8, which led to no RPC-207 injuries but did cause one Vaquita to be fatally injured. This triggered an RPC-575 activation, which led to its temporary containment chamber and surrounding rooms being heavily flooded. This event lasted for 3 hours, during which 3 RPC-575-1 instances successfully breached, though all were terminated before the end of the event. Eventually, RPC-575 deactivated, leaving heavy flooding and damage to multiple rooms in the vicinity but did not lead to any further breaches.
Results RPC-575's activation via the death of a Vaquita was identified. RPC-207's containment chamber was watched more closely for the duration of the Vaquita's stay. RPC-575's classification was determined to be Beta-Red.
Description Ten days after 575-Event-3, RPC-575 activated with no trigger. However, its containment chamber was much more fortified at this point, which kept surrounding rooms from being flooded and kept all RPC-575-1 instances, of which there were 3, locked in the chamber for the duration of the event. They eventually expired when RPC-575 deactivated 3 hours later.
Results RPC-575's final trigger, which was time, was determined when 575-Event-5 occured ten days later to similar results. Two days after that, RPC-575 and the accompanying Vaquitas were relocated to its current location at Site-723 where the current containment procedures were established.
Description This is the first event where 4 RPC-575-1 instances emerged. Otherwise it was not dissimilar to previous events.
Results No significant results.
Description One of the Vaquitas on site died of natural causes, which triggered an event where 5 RPC-575-1 instances emerged from RPC-575, however remained contained for the duration of the event before expiring when it concluded 4 hours later.
Results It was noted that 575-Events seemed to be getting longer and including more RPC-575-1 instances. Both of these trends would continue.
Description An 575-Event occurred six days after the previous event, catching personnel off-guard and leading to the breach of 2 RPC-575-1 instances, however both were successfully terminated and containment was re-established. The event lasted for 4 hours and 4 more RPC-575-1 instances emerged for a total of 6 instances in a single event.
Results At first it was thought that a wild Vaquita had died, however it was found that all tagged wild Vaquitas remained present. Further events proved that the event cycle had accelerated to be 6 days rather than 10. After a study of the remaining Vaquita population was conducted, it was determined that the cause of this acceleration was determined to be caused by the decline of the number of Vaquitas. Preservation efforts are added to RPC-575's containment procedure.
Description An 575-Event occurred only three days after the previous event. Once again caught off guard, personnel failed to respond in time to prevent the ensuing breach. This time the breach was not secured until 5 hours later when the event deactivated. A total of 8 RPC-575-1 instances emerged during this time period, with one instance reaching the size of an Orca.
Results It was discovered that the 575-Events had accelerated once again due to Vaquita populations diving to critical levels. Containment procedures revised. RPC-575 was reclassified to Gamma-Red.
Description A wild Vaquita died, sending the wild Vaquita population below 10. RPC-575 activated for 7 hours, over the course of which it released 17 RPC-575-1 instances which managed to breach half way through the event by knocking down the chamber door. The event led to massive damages on site and ███ casualties. When the event ended, all RPC-575-1 instances expired.
Results For the next 4 days, 575-Events would happen daily. This continued until the Authority released a small group of captive Vaquita into the wild, increasing the wild total to 15, and causing the 575-Events to slow, happening every other day instead. Containment procedures revised. RPC-575 was reclassified to Gamma-Purple.
Description After 575-Event-441 ended, a document was found within RPC-575's containment chamber, soaked in water from the event. This document was written in an unknown language, which was made even more difficult to properly study by the presence of an RPC-625 instance affixed to the bottom of the page. What was translated is filed as Document 575-C.
Results This event was ordinary with the exception of the recent event acceleration and the presence of Document 575-C.

Document 575-C: Below is a rough translation of what could be deciphered from the acquired document.

We wonder why it has taken (undecipherable) to convince you to throw down your greed and (undecipherable)

(Undecipherable) is also perplexed why your kind have mistreated his children yet rush to protect them when it means your own status quo is threatened?

We will not (undecipherable) your disease.

Let it be known that (undecipherable) vain.

For a single correct act will not redeem the many thousand wrongs your (undeciperable)

Wait. He comes. Your (undecipherable) will not prevent the inevitable.

We are (undecipherable). Join us.

An instance of RPC-625 is shown

Due to the presence of an RPC-625 instance, the topic and method of speaking used in the document, and the nature of RPC-575, it is likely this document originated from the Group of Interest Cetace's Kin, though how it arrived is unknown. It should also be noted that the language used within the document is a dialect of English mixed with the language utilized in RPC-625 signals. All of this information implies that Cetace's Kin may be responsible for the creation of RPC-575. This is seemingly confirmed by information gained whilst researching RPC-282. Proposal to increase security around Site-732 and around RPC-575's chamber is pending approval.

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