Registered Phenomena Code: 574

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: None.

Containment Protocols: RPC-574 is mainly self-containing, but reports of a similar phenomenon are to be covered up. Specific attention needs to be paid to reports of speaking to dead loved ones, though unlikely, if 574 becomes widely known by the public through media, its effects would be disastrous on global normalcy. Amnestics are unnecessary for individuals formerly affected by RPC-574 due to its effect.

Description: RPC-574 denotes a phenomenon that affects individuals living alone, generally over the age of 25. Subjects affected have no current line of contact with a grandfather. RPC-574 tends to affect individuals with a history of neglect, abuse, depressive symptoms, and suicidal thoughts more frequently.

RPC-574 affected individuals will spontaneously remember a phone number that they attribute to belonging to their grandfather. This memory will retroactively insert itself into the memory of the affected individual; the individual will view the number as "always being there" and generally will not see it as out of the ordinary. Individuals will also believe that they have not spoken to their grandfather in a long time. Regardless of the grandfather's behavior towards the subjects in life, individuals affected by RPC-574 have noted to have positive emotions towards their grandfather, often resulting in the decision to call RPC-574.

After dialing the number, the individual will be greeted by an entity speaking in the voice of their grandfather, hereby designated RPC-574-1, and will then proceed to have a conversation with the entity ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours. RPC-574-1 knows everything about the individual affected by RPC-574, often recalling information that the subject's grandfather remains or was unaware of. During this conversation, RPC-574-1 will act in accordance to the way individuals "expect" for them to act, but no matter how the grandfather was or is in real life, RPC-574-1 is very kind towards the subjects it speaks to, expressing their pride at the individual no matter where they are in life as well as giving various pieces of advice, which has shown to always be completely accurate. When the phone call ends, individuals report raised morale and self-worth.

Over the course of around 2 months after the call finishes the individual will slowly begin to forget about their conversation with RPC-574-1 save for the advice that was given in the call. Positive emotions gained from the call, however, do not subside. When the memory of the call is lost, individuals temporarily report feeling a sense of melancholy.

If the individual affected by RPC-574 does not choose to call the number within a year of RPC-574 affecting them, a voicemail will be sent to a phone the individual owns and the phone number will subsequently remove itself from the individual's memory. The voicemail will be labeled with the grandfather's preferred method of referral and will be identified as being sent by the individual's grandfather. Upon hearing the voicemail, affected individuals will feel regret at not calling the number. The voicemail will then subsequently delete and the individual's memory of it will fade.

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