Heroes of Justice™





Registered Phenomena Code: 572

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-grouped.png Grouped h-contact.png Contact h-emotional.png Emotional h-ideological.png Ideological h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-mind-regression.png Mind-Regression

Containment Protocols: Forty-eight boxes of RPC-572 are currently in storage at Site-██. Testing can be done with appropriate authorisation from a Researcher Level Two (2) or higher. RPC-572-1 instances are to be taken to Site-██'s Psychiatric Wing for evaluation and research into a potential method of reversing their effects.

All remaining instances of RPC-572 and their whereabouts are currently being tracked by MST Unit Echo-9 "Toy Soldiers." Undercover operatives are searching toy store outlets across the US for RPC-572 instances. Instances of RPC-572 are to be seized from the stores and taken into RPC custody.

Description: RPC-572 is an anonymously outsourced bootleg brand of superhero action figures from Amazing! Co., with the words "Heroes of Justice" printed on the cardboard box in bold letters. Each figure is based on a pre-existing character, repainted or fitted with alternate accessories that crudely differentiate them from the original products. The box contains seven (7) figures in total, hereby identified as RPC-572-A through G (see "Transcript of Known RPC-572-1 Instances" for more information).

When a child (typically within the age range of 3-12 years of age) plays with an instance of RPC-572, they will begin to act out alongside the figure with the perceived persona of the character they're holding. While this initial behaviour is no different from the usual activity of imaginative play typical of children, the actions of the child (now designated as RPC-572-1) will take on drastically different personality traits than before. RPC-572-1 will often show signs of extreme psychological personality fluctuations and conditions, such as DID1 and schizophrenia, culminating in the RPC-572-1 subject believing that they are the 'superhero' they are currently playing as.

While no further anomalous effects have been attributed to individual RPC-572/X instances, all seven figures are known to have distinguishing behavioural traits observed in RPC-572-1 instances using them:

Actions of RPC-572-1 will become increasingly hazardous and life-threatening. Subjects have been reported attempting dangerous stunts and actions with various apparatus and environments such as construction sites and abandoned urban areas. Each subject is observed to be under the delusion that these actions are typical of the cable of their instance's personas. RPC-572-1 subjects have been reported attempting feats such as jumping from tall buildings, stopping traffic with their bodies, and apprehending 'criminals,9 operating vehicles (including construction equipment), and engaging in physical fights with both RPC-572-1 and RPC-572-2 instances utilizing a variety of improvised weapons.

RPC-572-2 instances are the closely related/acquainted adults of RPC-572-1 instances, including the parents, teachers, legal guardians, or peers wearing costumes (See Halloween Party Incident below). RPC-572-1 will regard these individuals as antagonistic figures,10 dubbing them with a variety of elaborate names and titles.11 RPC-572-1 will become increasingly hostile towards an RPC-572-2 instance, eventually culminating in the RPC-572-1 instance attempting to violently attack RPC-572-2.

The level of aggressive behavior towards an RPC-572-2 seems to vary but has been theorized to be linked to subtle and usually mundane levels of provocation of an adult towards a child (i.e, asking to do chores, homework, etc.) This aggression increases the RPC-572-1's perception of RPC-572-2 as a 'villain.'

Discovery/Audio Log: Below is a sample of an audio log recorded by undercover agents near the residence of [REDACTED], Buxton, Maine, after following incident reports of "unusual delinquent behavior" among the local children and pre-teens in the local area. RPC agents were able to connect the unusually aggressive and impulsive behavior to RPC-572 and the distributors, the illusive Amazing! Co. group of interest.

An address belonging to a recent instance of RPC-572-1 (male, aged 10 years old) was tracked and covertly observed via hidden cameras and audio equipment installed around the residence by operatives posing as electricians. The audio of the subsequent interaction between an RPC-572-1 instance and an RPC-572-2 instance (the mother) was transcribed as follows:

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