Registered Phenomena Code: 567

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-emotional.png Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-567 is currently stored in an anomalous items storage locker on the Alpha-Sector of Site-007. Personnel under the ages of (65) are free to use RPC-567, whereas older personnel must have Level 2 access, before being allowed to use RPC-567.

All personnel (65) years old or older, must consume RPC-567-1 in an isolated area, which is then to be cordoned off after they've expelled RPC-567-2.

Update: As of ██/██/████, CSD or personnel with criminal backgrounds are forbidden from consuming any instance of RPC-567-1.

Description: RPC-567 is a blue, 30cm heart-shaped box of chocolates. An analysis shows that RPC-567 is made out of standard materials, and no physical anomalies have been reported on RPC-567. A message has been found on the back of RPC-567, written in pink ink.

For an elder that finds their daily life to be too full of strife and ache, and need to find a way to release what's in the past. Make sure to chew, swallow, and leave that nasty air in a corner until it's gone.


When opened by any individual under the age of (65), RPC-567 will produce regular non-anomalous chocolates that can be consumed safely. When opened by an individual of (65) years or older, RPC-567 will produce instances of RPC-567-1.

RPC-567-1 instances resemble non-anomalous heart-shaped chocolates but contain an unidentified pink substance in their inner layer. Once an individual over (65) consumes them, they will enter a brief state of unconsciousness, before exhaling a gaseous substance from their mouths. Someone who is below (65), will not be affected by this, instead only finding themselves unable to properly describe the flavour.

This gaseous substance, designated RPC-567-2, is a bright red colour and will remain suspended on the floor for anywhere between (4) to (7) hours. Attempts at condensing RPC-567-2, have failed, as it does not appear to follow standard laws of physics, such as being affected by wind pressure. The size of RPC-567-2 that is produced varies, with each individual producing various results each time they're tested.

Individuals that make any physical contact with RPC-567-2, report a sense of negativity within their bodies. The intensity of this feeling varies, with subjects reporting different feelings with each RPC-567-2 substance. In some cases, individuals will suffer various adverse effects from continuous exposure to RPC-567-2. After producing RPC-567-2, subjects will report feeling more peaceful.

Addendum 567.01: Discovery Log

RPC-567 was first discovered on the 5th July, 2004, when a shop in Southampton, England had it stocked on their shelves. An agent trained in resisting low-level memetic effects discovered RPC-567 during a routine scan, and found that it was a product from the GoI "Mne's Confectionaries."1

When questioning the store's owner about selling it, they revealed little knowledge about its existence, nor did they know how it came into the store in the first place. When questioning the cashier, they believed RPC-567 to have been a product of the store, and sold it for £6.99.

Addendum 567.02: Testing Log

Subject Results Notes
CSD-1043 CSD-1043 consumes RPC-567-1 and exhales approximately 1.6 m3 of RPC-567-2 (2) minutes afterward. CSD-1043 proceeded to place her hand in it and claimed the sensation as feeling sour. None.
CSD-1231 CSD-1231 consumes RPC-567-1 and exhales approximately 2.0 m3 of RPC-567-2 (3) minutes afterwards. CSD-1231 proceeded to place his hand in it, and claimed the sensation as being "cold and judgemental." CSD-1231 reported that he has had a grudge against CSD-1431 in the past week, following an altercation where CSD-1431 stole his snack when he was blindsided. After the test, he wished to make up with CSD-1431.
CSD-1431 CSD-1431 consumes RPC-567-1 and exhales approximately 1.53 m3 of RPC-567-2 (2) minutes afterwards. CSD-1431 proceeded to place his hand in it, and claimed the sensation as feeling wet, as well as hearing a female voice in his mind telling him to "forgive and make up". When questioned, CSD-1431 confirms that he did steal CSD-1231's snack, but only because CSD-1231 didn't come to warn them about a containment breach occurring when they had the chance. CSD-1431 claims to have made up with CSD-1231.
Agent Makowski Agent Makowski consumes RPC-567-2 and exhales approximately 2.71 m3 of RPC-567-2 (12) minutes afterwards. Agent Makowski proceeded to place his hand in it and claimed the sensation as feeling like a mild burn. Agent Makowski claims that he can no longer feel the burns that he suffered, after an encounter with RPC-███. An exam shows that he still suffers from the damage that he received.
Agent Yellow Agent Yellow consumes RPC-567-1 and exhales approximately 2.65 m3 of RPC-567-2 (10) minutes afterward. Agent Yellow proceeded to place her hand in it, and claimed the sensation as a feeling of 'guilt'. Agent Yellow claims that she had the same feeling when her comrade sacrificed herself to save her in one of her first missions. She has reported being able to move past the incident, and continue with her work.
Dr. Broadstone Dr. Broadstone consumes RPC-567-1 and exhales approximately 3.76 m3 of RPC-567-2 (10) minutes afterwards. Agent Yellow proceeded to place his hand in it and claimed the sensation as being a 'strong' feeling of guilt. Dr. Broadstone claims that he attempted to prevent a containment breach that took the lives of (4) personnel, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Addendum 567.03: Incident Log

During testing with RPC-567-1's properties, CSD-4515, a known serial killer who took the lives of (7) civilians, was used as a test subject. (1) minute after consuming an instance, CSD-4515 began violently convulsing RPC-567-2, causing him to choke and gasp for air. Despite ASF Personnel attempting to offer aid, CSD-4515 became unconscious after (15) minutes of convulsing and attempting to breathe.

Personnel witnessing the scene, claim to have seen some of RPC-567-2 spell out the words "Not your escape" form, during the time that CSD-4515 was convulsing. A CSD test subject that placed his hand within RPC-567-2, reported feeling as though someone was silently and harshly judging him.

Addendum 567.04: Interview Log

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