Registered Phenomena Code: 565


Hazard Types: Tychokinetic

Containment Protocols: All researchers interacting with RPC-565 are to do so from behind opaque glass, and communicate using a voice modulation unit. Personnel are to minimize time spent speaking to or otherwise interacting with RPC-565.

Description: RPC-565 is an adult male humanoid, estimated to be between 87 and 90 years old.1 It possesses the physical attributes of graying hair, low weight, and skin lesions. It claims to have been born in the United States somewhere before 1920, but any additional information about its origin has been contradictory and vague. When outside of containment, RPC-565 will attempt to befriend other human subjects. Due to RPC-565's friendly demeanor, many subjects will reciprocate this friendship.

As the subject spends more time with RPC-565, the probability of events in their life will begin to be altered in such a way as to bring about the general outcome which is most desired by the subject. This will affect anything the subject attempts after contacting RPC-565, and will be limited to events within plausibility. Interviews have shown that RPC-565 is aware of this effect, but not how or when it began.

Subjects will report that their lives have begun to reflect their ideal vision of how the events would occur, and that they have achieved a "happy ending." Subjects will develop extremely positive personalities, and express optimism at any event occurring in their lives, no matter what their personality was prior to being affected by RPC-565. This effect diminishes as long as RPC-565 is not in direct proximity to the affected subject(s). Note that highly unlikely events desired by the subject such as such as winning a lottery or other sudden influxes of fortune are not guaranteed to occur, although they do become more likely.

This change in personality will persist regardless of events in the subject's life which they desire and which have negative effect on them. The subject will not change any part of their lifestyle of behavior due to negative events in their life. Subjects affected by RPC-565 will become increasingly careless and self-centered as they can no longer comprehend any negative consequences of their actions. Many subjects at this stage have reported an inability to remember being sad or experiencing hardship, despite any negative events in their lives.

RPC-565 was recovered on 09/12/1985, after hospitals in Veracruz, Mexico reported an unusually high percentage of subjects who to be suffering from identical mental delusions. Interviews with the subjects revealed the common factor of RPC-565, who had recently departed the area.

Addendum: Interview 565-V

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