Registered Phenomena Code: 564

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard

Containment Protocols: The ███████ Hotel was acquired by the Authority, and barbed wire fences are to be constructed around the walls that surrounds the hotel. A window for observation is to be inserted into the front wall of the room in which RPC-564 is housed in1. The ███████ Hotel is to be patrolled and secured by ASF security personnel at all times, especially during experiments being conducted with RPC-564. All tests are to be approved by the Head Researcher Site Director.2.

Description: RPC-564 is a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar (and 2 amplificators) located in the Nº46 Room at ███████ Hotel, Panama City, Panama. RPC-564 cannot be moved outside the room by any means, as RPC-564-1 prevents it by pulling the subject into the room. RPC-564-1 is an unknown, omnipotent entity only found inside the apartment, RPC-564-1 calls itself "Sǫngr Kenna"3. RPC-564-1 is capable of speech (which is reported to come from above the room), and expreses emotions when a subject plays RPC-564, each response based on how well RPC-564 is played. RPC-564-1 only accepts songs falling into the category of Rock. The subject suffers different anomalies depending on the rating of its playing.

Discovery: RPC-564 and its anomalous capabilities were discovered after a maid working for the ███████ Hotel had reported voices inside the room RPC-564 was in. It is believed RPC-564 was left by a person known as Galbert ██████, who told hotel staff the night before about "Going to a concert.". Galbert ██████ has been hereby designated POI-212 for future encounters.

Experiment Logs:

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