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Registered Phenomena Code: 563

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Extreme Temperature Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-563's perimeter is to be maintained at all times. Assigned personnel are to check RPC-563 with thermal binoculars hourly for signs of activity. In the event RPC-563-2 is present, the site administrator is to be immediately notified.

Only teams of 5 people or less may be sent into RPC-563 at once. Due to high fatality rates, these teams are to be comprised only of CSD or other low risk personnel. The equipment to be supplied per person includes: 1 lighter, 1 set of matches, 3 food rations, 1 water canteen, and a heavy winter outfit. Additional items can be assigned if necessary.

Any letters for RPC-563-1 are to be reviewed by a Level 4 official before delivery. This also applies to any received letters from RPC-563-1.

Description: RPC-563 is an area with a circular radius of approximately 2,000 km located in Antarctica. Below are all of the the currently known anomalous properties inside of RPC-563.

  • The average temperature within RPC-563 is -105°C1, deviating heavily from the surrounding area's temperature (-49°C).
  • Most technology (including non-electronics) invented during or after the 17th century are rendered inoperative once inside RPC-563. This includes firearms, recording devices, cameras, heaters, etc.
  • The plant life inside of RPC-563 consists of multiple pine tree and shrub species not native to Antarctica. This flora creates a large, dense forest encompassing most of RPC-563.

Two known entities are present inside RPC-563, which are referred to as RPC-563-1 and RPC-563-2.

RPC-563-1 are multiple sapient humanoid entities that are dressed in colonial era clothing2. A community of RPC-563-1 are located in a settlement roughly 5km from the northern edge of RPC-563. The area around this settlement is warm and humid with a high concentration of vegetation occupying it, contrasting with the rest of RPC-563. Several experiments have shown that RPC-563-1 refuse to leave RPC-563, even when threatened/bribed.

RPC-563-2 is an entity with an undocumented appearance that possesses telepathic abilities3. It is presumed that it uses this ability in order to subdue prey for consumption4. All major expeditions (6 or more personnel) into RPC-563 have been halted due to interference from RPC-563-2. However, RPC-563-2 is much less likely to interfere with small operations (1 to 5 personnel). See document 563-B for details.

Addendum 563-A: RPC-563-1-12 Interview

Addendum 563-B: RPC-563-2 Experiment Log

Addendum 563-C: Recovered Journal

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