Hammer of Pompeii




Registered Phenomena Code: 562

Object Class: Omega-Red [1]

Hazard Types: Memory-Alteration2, Aggression, Grouped, Sentient, Sapient?, Organic

Containment Protocols: While RPC-562 itself is considered Explained, it is now known that its causes are anomalous and hostile, and remain active and uncontained. As such, an outstanding capture order has been issued for RPC-562-A.

RPC-562 remains a large threat to operational security, and as such gaslight protocols are in full effect for the Madrid Autonomous Community. Webcrawlers deployed in the European Union region are to seek potential references to Group of Interest "Worried Citizens of Plaza Mayor" as well as Madrid Capital City missing person reports filed between 2001 and 2005. Findings are then to be reported to EUROCOM Protection Division authorities.

Authority: EUROCOM PD Reg. Director Lauro Osorio
Current Focus: RPC-562-A, Spain, Portugal, France

Description: RPC-562 designates a series of disappearances occurring in the vicinities of Madrid, capital city of Spain, between 2001 and 2005. While potential cases have been identified as early as 1999, only 162 disappearances have been confirmed as being a consequence of the phenomenon, each individually designated RPC-562-1 through -162. In order to view a full list of cases and evidence associated to each, view Document 562-A/#814-3-B.

RPC-562 cases follow an invariable three-phase pattern of events, organized as follows;

  1. Subject, hereon referred to as RPC-562-A, will claim to feel stalked by a single human figure every time they leave their house. This figure is always on-foot, and its face remains obscured in all descriptions. It appears to be innately aware of the exact location and field of view of surveillance devices placed in its vicinity, and successfuly exploits their limitations in order to remain unseen or quickly flee.
  2. After an undefined amount of time, RPC-562-A will disappear in unclear circumstances, with evidence being completely absent or insufficient to discern the exact moment of disappearance. Progressions to phase 2 occur when RPC-562-A is alone outside their home, but may not immediately trigger.
  3. Between 3 and 6 months after disappearance, RPC-562-A will reappear, unconscious, near the location of disappearance. Phase 3 RPC-562-A instances wear identical clothing as they did before disappearing, albeit slightly damaged and torn. RPC-562-A display an amnestic condition similar to Korsakoff Syndrome3, whose main symptom is generalized retrograde amnesia affecting all memories prior to onset: individuals are unable to recall most events prior to Phase 3, and fail to remember their prior relationship with individuals they recognize, such as family members or other loved ones.

Progression of Phase 1 into Phase 2 has been successfully halted temporarily by some affected individuals by avoiding unpopulated areas or remaining inside their homes, but eventual disappearance appears to be inevitable.

RPC-562 is considered Explained after Incident 12022005/562, but investigation regarding causes of the phenomenon are still ongoing.

Appendix 562-01: Investigation.

Appendix 562-02: Incident 12022005/562

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