Angel of Irradiated Joy




Canon: Baseline
Series: Fail-Safe
Canon: Baseline Series: Fail-Safe

Registered Phenomena Code: 559

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Sapient, Auditory, Contact, Emotional, Organic

Containment Protocols: RPC-559 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment unit within Site-014. Due to RPC-559's continued good behavior, it is allowed to request up to one piece of literature every month. Additionally, personnel within Site-014 suffering from depression, anxiety, or any trauma-related mental illness can be allowed access to RPC-559's to assist in their recovery, with the express written approval of their assigned psychiatrist.

Description: RPC-559 is a humanoid entity that greatly resembles a human female in their early twenties. RPC-559 is of a thin build, has long white hair, pale skin, a pale yellow iris, stands at 1.68 meters tall, and has a mass of 63kg. Two avian elliptical wings emerge from RPC-559's shoulders. These wings have a maximum wingspan of 4.62 meters when fully extended and grant RPC-559 the ability of flight.

RPC-559's main anomalous properties occur when an individual either engages in conversation with RPC-559 or if they come into physical contact with RPC-559. When an individual engages in conversation with RPC-559 they will invariably feel much more positive about their current situation. This effect has been known to cause brain damage, by forcing the subject's body to release a large amount of serotonin, in order to bring joy to the subject. This effect has also been known to result in subjects to becoming addicted to conversing with RPC-559 if exposed multiple times.

When a subject makes direct contact with RPC-559's skin they will instantly feel a sense of calmness, regardless of their emotional state beforehand. Additionally, when the subject next goes to sleep, they will report having very pleasant dreams.

Addendum.1: Interview Log

Interviewed: RPC-559

Interviewer: Nitrogen1, De-Brief Specialist

Foreword: The following interview occurred after RPC-559 was recovered during a raid on a Children of Nihil location of interest.

<Begin Log>

— Irrelevant Logs Removed —

Nitrogen: Can you tell about your time in the possession of those cultists?

RPC-559: After they grabbed me, I was scared. I thought that they were going to do some Lovecraft-like sacrificial ritual with me. But they just kind of left me in a cell and were really nice to me. The cell itself had what I could only assume were magical runes carved in its walls, floor, and ceiling, but I paid them no mind.

RPC-559: I don't know how long I was in that cell for, as the days started to mush together. But I was happy… somehow… I don't really know how to explain it, but it was like all my worries had disappeared, and that I needed to worry about anything anymore. All stress from the debt that those student loans had packed into me was gone, and so were the worries about my grades in that university.

RPC-559: Despite being trapped behind metal bars, I was freer than I had ever been. I was happy… out of the cage that my parents and the world around me, had forced me into. I was free to explore the oyster that I had been promised. That is when it happened, the next time I woke up I found that the beginnings of these beautiful wings had begun to grow on my body.

Nitrogen: Is that all you have to say on the matter?

RPC-559: Yes, that is all I really have to say.

Nitrogen: Then I will be ended this interview here-

RPC-559: May I ask you a question before you leave?

Nitrogen: Sure.

RPC-559: I once heard one of those cultists state that the Authority worships Machina, the Engineer2. So I want to know why you don't embrace the Radiant Joy.

Nitrogen: My apologies, but Nihil lore is not my forte, but I will answer this question the best I can. To put it simply, the Engineer made existence, and without existence, we don't exist.

RPC-559: But existence is pointless unless you can enjoy it.

Nitrogen: As I said, I am no expert on this subject, and that question is better suited to ethics or philosophy doctorates. So I am going to end this interview here unless you have something else that you would like to ask me.

RPC-559: That is all…

Nitrogen: Good.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: RPC-559 was determined to be a mostly harmless anomaly in terms of their abilities. However, their attitudes and beliefs are quite concerning, as they seem to be fully under the influence of the Radiant Joy.


The following document was provided to the Authority during a trade negotiation with GEAR.

The anomaly in this file was confirmed by GEAR officials to have originally been in the possession of the Authority until the Site-014 ("Failsafe") Incident. During this incident, GEAR was contracted to assist the Authority in clean up efforts, including the re-containment of anomalies. This anomaly was recovered during that incident by GEAR and is still in their possession.


Object Number: A-559

Containment Requirements: High

Risk Assessment: Very-High

Containment Procedures: A-559 is to be housed in a humanoid containment unit with 10cm of lead radiation shielding. This shielding is to be water-cooled, with the water used being checked for radioactive contaminants before being disposed of. In the event that the internal temperature inside of A-559's containment unit reaches above 300oC, industrial-grade sprinklers within A-559's unit will release large amounts of water in order to reduce the internal temperature of the unit. The water used in this procedure is to be collected and purified before being disposed of.

A-559 is to be moved to a different containment unit, with the same specs, on a bi-monthly basis. Following this, the previous unit is to be decontaminated, with all depleted uranium particles being stored in separate barrels for transfer to a GEAR munitions manufacturing facility.

Additionally, staff who are assigned around A-559 are to undergo extensive psychiatric examination. Individuals that have depression, anxiety, or any trauma-related mental illness are to be reassigned to a different area and are prohibited from coming within 10 meters of A-559's containment unit. Members of staff that are determined to not be completely satisfied by their work are also prohibited from getting within 10 meters of A-559's containment unit.

Description: A-559 is a humanoid entity that greatly resembles a human female in their early twenties. A-559 is of a thin build, has long white hair, pale skin, a pale yellow iris, and stands at 1.68 meters tall, and a mass of 72kg. The right side of A-559 has pieces of graphite with varying sizes impaled into its skin. This graphite has large traces of radioactive materials within it, making it extremely radioactive.

An avian wing emerges from A-559 left shoulder, this wing has a maximum length of 2.12 meters when fully extended. In addition to this, A-559 has a reactor control rod, made of a combination of cadmium and boron, impaled through the right side of its chest and emerging out of the left side of its abdomen.

A-559 does not shed dead skin cells like a standard human, instead of shedding a mix of depleted uranium and graphite. A-559 also displays the ability to increase the rate of radioactive decay within its body by shifting the position of the control rod in its body This ability allows A-559 to effectively increase its own temperature to extremely high values at will. While it's not confirmed, its currently believed that if A-559 were to remove the control rod from its body it would enter a state of uncontrolled fission, culminating in a meltdown.

Despite its current condition, A-559 is always cheerful and displays a prominent positive mindset. It will also try to talk to persons that she believes are unhappy, with persons that partake in conversations with A-559 will always end up feeling happier. However, persons that do this will end up having almost negligible amounts of radioactive material develop in their bloodstream, the reason for this is unknown.

Addendum.1: Interview Log

Interviewed: A-559

Interviewer: Micheal Gardner, GEAR Interviewer

Foreword: A-559 was interviewed almost immediately after they were acquired from the area around Authority Site-014.

<Begin Log>

— Irrelevant Log Removed —

Micheal Gardner: Can you tell me about your time with the Authority?

A-559: I originally looked to them as a good thing, but I have come to hate them after recent events…

A-559 gestures to the right side of their body, and the control rod impaled through them.

A-559: But there is more to my hatred for them than that…

Micheal Gardner: Elaborate.

A-559: As I spent more and more time there, I realized that these people don't value joy at all. No, they only valued me reducing the amount of pain that someone feels, not that I could bring them joy. They acted just like how those Nihil folks explained how the Engineer acted. That is to say with a superiority complex and a belief that everything that they do is the right thing.

A-559: The more time I spent around them, the more miserable I found they were. I eventually thought that if there were less sad people, then people would be happier. But I was forced to keep those sentiments hidden deep within myself, else they punish me for thinking such things.

A-559: When the Site exploded, I saw only black, and then I saw that I had been flung outside the site. Somehow still in one piece, I saw all of these things impaled into my body. That is when I knew that I was going to die there, and I did die there. Everything went black, and then I saw was an angel. A beautiful joyous angel with her back facing me, singing the most wonderful melody. She turned to face me, and it was none other than Sy'era, the Radiant Joy herself had come to greet me in the afterlife.

A-559: Then I was back on Earth, but I was not alive. I don't really know how to explain it, but I still feel the same way I did when I died. I am even more joyous than I was then… I used to fear death but now… I see that death is the gateway to true joy, and I must show as many as I can this magnificent truth.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Risk set to Very-High following this interview.

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