Registered Phenomena Code: 556

Containment Rating: Alpha

Lethality Rating: White
h-temporal.png Temporal

Containment Protocols: RPC-556 is kept in an Alpha-class containment locker at Site-112's warehouse. Due to various cases of insider trading resulting from unauthorized usage of RPC-556, all testing has been banned until further notice.



Description: RPC-556 is a fifteen-minute-long film titled "Lightning in a Bottle", recorded on (at the time) state of the art panchromatic film stock on October 24th, 1927. The film follows middle-aged stock trader, Frankie Malone (otherwise referred to as RPC-556-A) during a workday at the New York Stock Exchange. Study of the film stock has not revealed any physical anomalous properties.

Speaking to RPC-556-A at any point during the film will cause him to become aware of the viewer's presence. RPC-556-A has shown near-flawless accuracy when predicting future stock prices from all conducted screenings. No type of continuity between screenings has been achieved, nor does RPC-556-A appear to remember past conversations with the viewer/s.

Discovery: RPC-556 (alongside various other items) was found in November 27th, 2021, within an abandoned storage unit purchased by the Authority. The unit was previously owned by the late Amin Siddiqi, former antique collector and suspected owner of various Lesser Anomalous Objects. Initial review of the film - a single, static shot of the NYSE's interior - revealed no apparent abnormalities. It was not until Dr. Loatz questioned the identity of the film's centerpiece out-loud in response to another researcher's question that RPC-556-A turned to greet him and answer the inquiry, startling all present staff.

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