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RPC-555 after anomalous features were discovered.


Registered Phenomena Code: 555

Object Class: Neutralized (See Addendum 1) Alpha-White (See Addendum 2)

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-555 currently remains inactive as of August 21 2017, and is expected to be repaired within 2021.

RPC-555 is currently patrolled by MST personnel to prevent repairmen from discovering the anomalous properties of RPC-555. Authorized Authority personnel disguised as regular repairmen are currently repairing RPC-555.

Anomalous components have been effectively concealed to prevent any unauthorized personnel from potentially witnessing these components.

Description: RPC-555 is the London Clocktower which houses the Great Bell, nicknamed "Big Ben", in Westminster, London. Large, unidentified, mechanical components (RPC-555-1) within it were discovered in 1991, and are composed of an unidentified material. It is unknown when they were installed.

RPC-555-1 components were revealed to be the source of multiple radio signals being transmitted by RPC-555 whenever it would chime, with RPC-555-1 components powered by an unidentified element (RPC-555-2). However, no correlation between the functions of RPC-555 itself and RPC-555-1 have been found. It is believed that RPC-555-1 may send signals upon sensing the vibrations after each chime, though no physical evidence of this function have been found.

Radio signals are specifically sent towards multiple sites owned by the RPC Authority, and are always encrypted with a complex algorithm. The content of the radio signals have so far only contained verbal messages. Investigations have proven that RPC-555-1 components do not contain pre-installed messages to send out, with no other identified source of the sent files.

Addendum 1: The Big Ben was temporarily stopped for major renovations to the integrity of it for later times. This has resulted in the inactivity of RPC-555, resulting in its Neutralized classification. It is expected to become active again in 2021. Personnel are to then stand-by for new signals in 2021.

Addendum 2: As of January 1, 2021, the Big Ben has become active and had chimed 12 times on December 31, 2020.

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