Saint Karla





Registered Phenomena Code: 551

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: h-animated.png Animated h-regenerative.png Regenerative h-contact.png Contact hazard h-ideological.png Idealogical hazard

Containment Protocols:

RPC-551 is contained in an oak coffin provided by ██████-Kapelle. Due to ethical concerns, RPC-551 is to only receive minor medical aid during a UHER-event. After which, its cell and coffin are to be maintained. Interaction between RPC-551 and RPC-551-2 instances must be monitored closely in case an insurrection plot occurs.

RPC-551-2 candidates must go over daily psychological examination a month before they are to unsheathe RPC-551-1. RPC-551-2 must stay at least 150 m away from any military vehicles or RPCs, especially if the RPC in question is of the aggression-hazard type. To terminate RPC-551-2's "worthiness" they are to be manipulated into repeatedly breaking RPC-551's trust.




RPC-551 is the preserved cadaver of an adult female of north-Germanic descent identifying itself as Saint Karla (1499-1518). Its body is covered in wax and perfume to appear incorruptible.1 The symbol of the "██████ ███" is engraved in RPC-551's forehead hidden by layers of wax. RPC-551 is well preserved internally and externally. Whether this preservation is the cause of sophisticated embalming techniques or is a part of RPC-551's anomalous property is unknown.

RPC-551-1 is a ceremonial bastard sword weighing 1.5 kg and measuring 1.2 m. The Latin phrase: “Servus morte dormit. Electi eius vocationem et audient.”2 and floral iconography is engraved on the object's rain-guard. The sword itself impales through RPC-551's stomach. Before the discovery of RPC-551-2 instances, removing RPC-551-1 from RPC-551 was impossible without damaging RPC-551.

RPC-551-1 can be unsheathed only by certain "worthy" humanoid entities. At the time of writing3, 2,600 human subjects and 25 hand-picked humanoid RPCs were asked to pull out RPC-551-1. Only 10 humans and 2 humanoid anomalies succeeded. Common characteristics can be found among the 12 confirmed instances of RPC-551-2, the characteristics of which differ among males and females.

Males Females
Subject is baptized under the Catholic faith. Subject is of the Protestant faith, unbaptized.
Subject is diagnosed with various impulse-control disorders and borderline schizophrenia Subject is diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder
Subject has a strong incentive for vengeance. Subject has a strong incentive for revenge.
Subject has a strong hate for the Authority. Subject has a strong hatred for both the Authority and FOA.
Subject can converse in German and Latin. Subject can converse in French, Greek and Latin.
Subject has a military background Subject worked as domestic worker

Upon the successful extraction of RPC-551-1 (classified as a UHER-event), white sparks will appear on RPC-551's stomach cavity. RPC-551 will undergo rapid cellular regeneration. Any injury RPC-551 receives prior to reanimation will heal with the exception of the cavity. In its fully animated state, RPC-551 has full brain function but is paralyzed from the neck down.

Because the cavity is unable to heal, RPC-551 will only have 0.4-2 hours to communicate before expiring from blood loss. With the help of medical aid, it is possible for the UHER-event to last more than 2 days, but RPC-551 will suffer in the process.

Great be the vessel of Divine Judgement!4 My dear harbinger, I have returned from Hades as your servant for as long as I may live. Blessed be your heart, for a great burden now befalls on your soul.

-RPC-551 upon the activation of a UHER-event

RPC-551 speaks in the Ecclesiastic-Latin and Low-German5 languages. It has shown to be patient and affectionate towards RPC-551-2 instances, consoling them until RPC-551's eventual expiration. When interacting with Authority personnel, RPC-551 develops a stubborn and facetious attitude. During interviews, RPC-551 will often purposefully apply pressure to itself so as to bleed out faster and avoid further confrontation.

RPC-551-1’s blade is made of anti-thaumaturgic metal of the unconventional sort. When the edge of the blade comes in contact with a coherency field higher or lower than ACS-3.97, the edge will react by discharging an opposing coherency field in a strange attempt to "nullify" it. The effect only lasts a fraction of a second before diffusion but can have a detrimental effect on both RPC-551-2 and its target. This window of coherent vulnerability can be exploited by RPC-551-2 to bend the very physical and anomalous structure of RPC-551-1. In theory, RPC-551-1 can be used to terminate "indestructible" items.

RPC-551-2 instances report "hearing" RPC-551's voice coming out of RPC-551-1.6 The accounts elude to this voice heavily influencing RPC-551-2's thoughts and actions. RPC-551-2's "worthiness" can be revoked if and only if it breaks RPC-551's trust.

Addendum Interview Log 551

Addendum Historical Account 551

Addendum Discovery Log 551

On the 16th of June, 1922, the FOA received reports of the disappearance of 12 people, suspected to be the cause of a "witch" terrorizing █████ Castle. The FOA began dispatching investigators on the 27th of June, but the suspect was never found. According to the local accounts, the witch has been killed by Oliver ██████ and "Saint Karla's magic sword", which led to the discovery of RPC-551. Although the FOA held legal custody of RPC-551, the item was transferred to the Authority to fulfill an old promise.

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