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Registered Phenomena Code: 547

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Extra-terrestrial Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-547 is to be contained within a 5x10x5 meter cell in Site-046. The room must have a 10 centimeter thick glass window facing east and outside with a metal blind that can be externally closed and opened via remote control. No wireless electronics are allowed within three meters of RPC-547.

Once a week, five CSD-class with a record of mental illness or abnormal aggression are to be placed inside RPC-547's containment chamber and closely monitored. If RPC-547 approaches and interacts positively with the CSD-class, it is to be rewarded with a "walk" around Site-046 by two researchers, each armed with a pistol out of view.


RPC-547 roaming the halls of Site-046.

Description: RPC-547 is an anomalous mechanical construct with an outward resemblance to the NASA martian rover "Opportunity". RPC-547 displays playful and excitable behavior, making soft chirping noises and driving in circles when it detects personnel who have given it positive attention. X-ray tests have revealed the subject possesses machinery far superior to current technology designed on Earth, with the subject having components that function in an almost identical manner to biological organs.

RPC-547 displays no need for food, water, or air. It relies entirely on the solar panels on its back for sustenance, which are advanced enough to provide the entity with three days of unhindered energy after being exposed to sunlight for a mere ten minutes. The maximum battery voltage has yet to be determined due to the anomalous design of the battery.

RPC-547 possesses a basic understanding of the English language, and frequently attempts to speak with personnel. So far, it has requested the following items:

  • A power socket for its containment facility - DENIED
  • Ten minutes a day with researchers in the break room - DENIED
  • A blanket for nighttime - ACCEPTED
  • Internet access - DENIED, containment procedures updated to prevent RPC-547 from coming into access with Bluetooth and similar wireless systems

RPC-547 possesses a 35 centimeter rod of mangled wires, cables, and tubing that it can seemingly retract into and extract from its body at any time. Max output from this appendage has been determined to be 20 Watts according to testing.

Testing Log: The Board has unanimously determined that RPC-547 should be tested upon to determine RPC-547's possible uses and intelligence.

Test 1, 12/3/20: RPC-547 was asked to drive through a simple maze.

Goal: To determine its spatial and pathfinding abilities.

Outcome: RPC-547 proceeded through the maze with minor difficulty, but made it to the end in 40.32 seconds. RPC-547 was rewarded with a trip to the Site-046 break room.

Notes: RPC-547 seems to rely purely on its vision to sense its location instead of any form of radar.

Test 2, 12/5/20: RPC-547 was shown photos of all eight planets orbiting the Sun and asked to identify them.

Goal: To determine its knowledge of the solar system.

Outcome: RPC-547 correctly named all eight planets, but paused for several seconds before identifying Mars and Jupiter.

Notes: RPC-547 identified the other six planets in two seconds.

Test 3, 12/7/20: RPC-547 was placed in a long hallway with two security cameras and the lights dimmed. A message was placed over the loudspeakers that a nonexistent RPC had breached containment, and a disguised mannequin was placed at the end of the hall to match the fake description.

Goal: To determine RPC-547's behavior in an emergency, and to observe any potential security applications for the entity.

Results: RPC-547 swiveled its head around in multiple directions, calling out the names of several Site-046 personnel. When no help arrived, RPC-547 approached the mannequin at 30 km/h and gave it an electric shock. The mannequin fell over, and RPC-547 made several quick, high-pitched chirps.
RPC-547 drove away from the hallway and located two staff members hiding behind the corner. The personnel told their cover story about how the mannequin was actually a Beta-Red class anomaly that RPC-547 neutralized in order to maintain the entity's trust. RPC-547 was then recontained.

Notes: Due to the shock from RPC-547 only delivering 20 watts of electricity into the mannequin, Theta applications for the entity have been declined.

Discovery Log: RPC-547 was discovered on the playground of ██████ Elementary School on 4/18/20. The entity was seen observing and following the children on the playground by Field Agent James, who contacted Site-046 to covertly capture and bring RPC-547 to the site. As RPC-547 displayed signs of intelligence and a minimal display of aggression, the staff and lead researchers at Site-046 agreed to hold an interview with the entity.

Interview Log 4/19/20

Interviewed: RPC-547

Interviewer: Field Researcher James

Foreword: RPC-547 was placed in a metal cage with minimal resistance prior to the interview to prevent escape attempts.

<Begin Log, 12:45>

Field Researcher James: Hello, 547.

RPC-547: Hello, human. Is this where you friends play, like the larvae?

Field Researcher James: Well, no. Not really. (pause) Where are you from?

RPC-547: Don't remember. I was in a large metal box. Then it was cold. Then hot. Then cold again. Then I wake up, see large brown growths. Green fluff on top of them. They pretty. So i keep going. See human hive. Happy humans. Life here is nice.

Field Researcher James: So, are you from outer space?

RPC-547: Space? Don't know. They send me. They tell me I from red place. It cold there. I dead, but now I not dead. They tell me go see Earth. I go.

Field Researcher James: Okay, just a few more questions and our time is up. How did you learn English?

RPC-547: I watch your larvae. They speak. I listen. They happy, so I happy. I learn. I talk to them and they talk to me.

Field Researcher James: Thank you for cooperating, RPC-547. Two of our guards will be here shortly to your new containment facility. Please do not resist.

RPC-547: Can I stay? It warm. Friends. Care. I know that.

Field Researcher James: I'll see what I can do.

<End Log, 12:50>

Closing Statement: Field Researcher James was promoted to lead RPC-547 containment protocols.

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