Registered Phenomena Code: 545

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Secondary Class: Utility

Hazard Types: h-sentient.png Sentient Hazard h-ballistic.png Ballistic Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-545 is to be housed in a secure outdoor containment stable at Site-007, and should be provided with standard services appropriate to its species. For keeping its health in check, RPC-545 should be allowed to access to designated areas for exercise and is to be monitored at all times when out of its stable.

In the event that RPC-545 turns hostile, and cannot be subdued, neutralisation through the use of any weapon with long-distance firearms is advised. A bullet to RPC-545's skull will be enough to effectively neutralize RPC-545.

Update: Due to recent events, the Containment Division has begun training RPC-545 to be used by ASF Personnel as a tool for guarding high-risk anomalies.

Description: RPC-545 is a male shire breed domesticated horse weighing approximately 1,000 kg and standing 1.91m in height, although RPC-545 has been in Authority containment since 1883, RPC-545 has not aged ever since and has remained physically 5 years of age for it's species. Although RPC-545 has ceased ageing, it still requires basic necessities in order to survive. The left flank of RPC-545 has been branded with the logo of the Steel Ring.1

RPC-545 can change and manipulate the cannon-like structures on its body via molecular manipulation at an extra-dimensional level. These structures are designated as RPC-545-A. Multiple RPC-545-A instances can manifest at the same time with varying appearances and anomalous properties. Although RPC-545 is not affected by recoil when firing one or more RPC-545-A, it has been reported to grow exhausted the longer and more heavily it utilizes RPC-545-A.

To a limited extent, RPC-545 is also capable of creating cannons anywhere within a 4 m radius, and can manipulate their structure and orientation. RPC-545 has been recorded manifesting a variety of cannon types including the following:

  • Mountain Gun.
  • Demi-Cannon.
  • Infantry support guns.
  • Hand Cannon
  • Siege Cannon
  • Swivel Gun

RPC-545 will often utilize its anomalous properties to protect itself or its companion(s) should they be endangered in some way. RPC-545 is temperamentally docile to personnel, but has demonstrated resistance to attempts by personnel to further domesticate it, and has also displayed anti-social behaviour towards others. RPC-545's behaviour is currently believed to be the result of its longevity, the death of its previous owner and its environmental restrictions at Site-007.

Addendum 545.01: Discovery Log

RPC-545 was first discovered by Aliza Chapmen on the 3rd of June, 1883 in West Virginia after it was gifted to her for her work as an agent and weaponsmith at the Steel Ring.

Nicknamed "Silver Bullet" by Mrs. Chapmen, she eventually successfully tamed RPC-545 during her time with it. Because RPC-545 had proven to be a valuable asset, the Chapmens continued to look after RPC-545 for some time, most of its care being undertaken by Alisha Chapmen,2 until custody of RPC-545 was transferred to Site-007 when only three members of the family remained.

Addendum 545.04: Update Logs:

Incident Report: 545.01

Anomalies Involved: RPC-545, RPC-422 XXXXX
Incident Type: Hudson XXXXX
Incident Location: Site-007 RPC-422's containment chamber.
Cause of Incident: Invading RPC-422 instances Unexpected breach of containment.
Status: Resolved RPC-545 successfully neutralized the invading instances.


RPC-422 had managed to free itself from its containment chamber, after the device designed to weaken its physical capabilities unexpectedly malfunctioned and it managed to escape past the ASF security team sent in to prevent it from leaving, causing subsequent damage to the ASF team as it did so. It is currently believed that RPC-422 was able to influence Technician. David Paul who had damaged the button to detonate the device placed on RPC-422, allowing it to break containment.

A group of (4) RPC-422 instances were found present outside of Site-007, near the area of RPC-422's containment chamber. These instances were believed to have been waiting for RPC-422 to break free from its containment, before attempting to invade Site-007 and retrieve said instance. RPC-422 had managed to re-join its pack, but subsequent damage from breaking containment had left it weakened and unable to transform to properly escape.

RPC-545 attempted to chase after the RPC-422 instances, with security guard Anna Sutton's assisting in re-containment of the instances.


14:25 PM: RPC-422's containment chamber suffered a sudden breach, and Technician. David Paul was found under hypnotic influence, having destroyed the button to activate RPC-422's detonation button.

14:30 PM: An ASF team is sent in to weaken RPC-422 so that it cannot escape, but RPC-422 manages to successfully fend of the ASF team and make its way through the site, suffering occasional damage along the way from other ASF guards or due it inflicting damage to itself as a result of hitting the walls.

14:32 PM: (4) instances of RPC-422 were sighted heading towards where RPC-422 was at Site-007. They began ramming themselves into the wall for (5) minutes, creating a hole in the side that allowed for RPC-422 to escape through.

14:37 PM: The escaped RPC-422 instance joins with the group, but is significantly halted in its progress to escape by its condition, resulting in the group taking a shortcut near RPC-545's containment stable where security guard Sutton was at the time.

14:39 PM: Despite Ms. Sutton's attempts to halt RPC-545 from chasing after the group, RPC-545 escaped from its containment stable, where security guard Sutton was forced to engage.

14:42 PM: RPC-545 manifests cannons to disperse the RPC-422 instances from the weakest member of the pack, successfully dispersing (2) instances from the pack.

14:43 PM: (1) instance of RPC-422 moves away from the pack and attempts to drive itself into RPC-545, who creates a wall of cannons to protect itself from the instance, while creating other cannons aimed at the RPC-422 instances, but is unable to utilise them fast enough due to the speed of the RPC-422 instances. Security guard Sutton radios in for backup to help in re-containment.

14:44 PM: (2) instances of RPC-422 attempt to charge RPC-545 from behind, but RPC-545 manages to defend itself in time by creating a cannon to take in the impact.

14:44 PM: Security guard Sutton rides RPC-545 away from the RPC-422 instances, while attempting to encircle around them to heard them together. (1) of the RPC-422 instances manages to separate from the pack and manages to retreat.

14:45 PM: RPC-545 manages to incapacitate (2) instances of RPC-422 through convenient placement of its canons, resulting in the wheels of the instances suffering significant damage and incapacitating them. Both instances attempt to transform into helicopters, but were further damaged by RPC-545 during the transformation phase, and were quickly incapacitated.

14:46 PM: (1) instance of RPC-422 manages to escape, but suffered damage during RPC-545's attempts to incapacitate it.

14:50 PM: MST Hotel-1 ("Highlanders") is sent out and successfully neutralises the (2) instances of RPC-422 that appeared, while re-containing the instance that attempted to escape. Members of Hotel-1 were sent out to retrieve the instances that managed to escape.


Personnel Injured:

  • Authority Security Force:
    • 15 Moderately Injured personnel.
    • 4 Majorly Injured personnel.
  • Assets Compromised:
    • 1 Detonation Button.
    • RPC-545 (Upon being returned to its containment stable, RPC-545 collapsed due to exhaustion and was rushed to Site-007's animal wing. RPC-545 was admitted for a week, before being released and its containment cell was upgraded to prevent it from leaving.)


As a member of the Authority Security Force, I've gotta admit, riding an anomalous horse into battle against a pack of vampiric cars was never something I expected in all my life to be doing, as dangerous as it was, I gotta admit, it was actually kind of fun. When RPC-545 gets back, I'll feed it some sugar cubes to show my appreciation to how it handled what could have been a disastrous scenario, but I just hope it wasn't too much for him, I don't want him to end up collapsing again.

- ASF Security Guard Anna Sutton.

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