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Registered Phenomena Code: 544

Object Class: Omega-White

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-grouped.png Grouped h-invisibility.png Invisibility h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal

Containment Protocols:

Presently, the Authority has been unable to contain any documented RPC-544 instances. Due to their multi-faceted anomalous abilities, which are primarily anti-memetic and non-Newtonian in nature, further containment attempts have been deemed impractical or entirely impossible. This has led researchers to classify RPC-544 as a self-censoring "High Level"1 anomalous species or collective.

MST Victor-01 "Tunnel Vision" has been tasked with analyzing and documenting entities in an effort to gain additional insight into their possible origins, intentions, or the nature of their existence. These operatives are to be issued up to five 30 mcg/kg L- prosectide2 intramuscular injection vials while in the field. L- prosectide has proven 93.4% successful in allowing field agents to identify instances in greater detail. Despite the entities' perceived affable nature, all personnel are advised to avoid contact with RPC-544 instances when under the influence of a Videric drug. [See Addendum 54416-03]


Fig. 1: Digital rendering of an instance of RPC-544, built from MST Victor-01 testimonials.


RPC-544 is an unverified number of humanoid entities of unknown origin and composition. These entities exhibit various anti-memetic properties which render them completely undetectable to all baseline senses. They are fully incorporeal beings and are believed to be incapable of interacting with virtually all forms of physical matter. It has been theorized, based on prolonged observation, that the entities are not cognizant of most non-living matter and are unable to perceive most solid objects. As such, researchers originally misidentified RPC-544 as a paranoid hallucination associated with prolonged Viderics use.

Instances have been observed as both male and female, approx. 160–190cm in height, and with hair of various colors and styles. These factors, along with attire and perceived age,3 are used to catalog and document distinct instances. To date, the Authority has recorded approx. 150,000 unique instances of RPC-544. However, due to the limited sample size gathered by MST Victor-01, researchers have extrapolated that there could be up to several million respective instances worldwide.

Despite their varied physical descriptions, each instance of RPC-544 displays a similar form of semi-formal dress. Male instances mainly adorn themselves in black three-piece suits but have been noted infrequently in mess dress uniforms and, Stresemann suits.4 Female entities exclusively wear black evening gowns and cocktail dresses with simplistic designs. Though, these feminine entities have been seen on rare occasions to have small accessories on their persons, such as a small handbag or a ring on their digitus medicinalis.5 All known RPC-544 entities don a form-fitted, strapless, and featureless white mask.

Alongside RPC-544's shared anomalous abilities, each instance exhibits a series of similar behavioral patterns. Entities have predominately been reported within proximity to humans or other large animals. These entities gather approx. 60–100cm behind an individual and silently observe their chosen subject for an indeterminate amount of time.6 During this span, instances will begin to mutely applaud their respective subject upon the completion of any task, however inconsequential they may be. A single-subject may be followed by several RPC-544 instances at any given time. Researchers do not currently understand what attracts RPC-544 instances to their observation targets, or the manner in which they observe their subject through their austere masks.

Addendum 54414-02: Personnel Report

Due to the adverse effects associated with Viderics use, analysts assigned to RPC-544 are required to rotate tasks following two consecutive days in the field. Immediately following a shift rotation, an interview is conducted between on-site personnel and the returning field agents. During these interviews, agents relay firsthand observations to researchers from Sectors I-III and containment specialist members of ProLab.7

Following the testimonials of Victor-01 field agents and the investigations performed by on-site personnel, researchers have begun to theorize that there may be a direct correlation between fiscal and emotional well-being and RPC-544. Any persons found to be exceptionally more successful9 than their peers have been observed with a significantly higher number of instances in their presence.10 The inverse has also been noticed when recording CSD personnel, individuals with severe depression, or vagrants. RPC-544 instances rarely interact with persons affected by hardships or mental illness.

While researchers have begun to correlate their findings, they do not currently understand the nature of these behaviors. Consequently, due to the Authority's inability to interact with RPC-544 outside of observation, most current theories are based on conjecture and speculation. The most common rationale held by research staff is that RPC-544 instances passively exhibit a tychokinetic11 effect on their subjects. A tychokinetic auxillary property classification is currently pending approval by Director █████.

»Caution! Caution! Caution!«

The continuation of this document has been restricted to level 3R personnel and above by the order of Senior Researcher Dr. Rieper. Personnel caught without the proper authorization may be subjected to disciplinary action. You've been warned.

Addendum 54416-03: Incident Report

On August ██, 20██, Authority personnel received a distress signal from Agent Dickard while he was presently tasked with field duty pertaining to RPC-544. Victor-01 Agents within proximity to Dickard's position were able to swiftly detain him, and escort him back to Site-███. Agents noted that Dickard was uncharacteristically silent and visibly disquieted. Furthermore, operatives currently under the effect of L- prosectide during the incident had not recorded a single instance of RPC-544 thirty minutes prior to the incident and for several hours thereafter.

Immediately following Victor-01's arrival, Dr. Rieper and several other members of the research staff begun conducting debrief interviews on the available agents.

Closing Notes from Dr. Rieper: As a result of the rapid injection of L-prosectide, Agent Dickard's testimony following Incident 544-01 has been heavily scrutinized. The subject has suffered from continued paranoid delusions post-interview. However, the testimonies given by the additional Victor-01 analyst that night on the apparent lack of RPC-544 instances following the event have afforded the story some credence.

I would like to remind the rest of the research staff that correlation does not imply causation. We can not simply assume that RPC-544 has tychokinetic or empathetic effects based solely on circumstantial evidence. We can not test what we can barely even begin to perceive. We are no closer to understanding RPC-544 effects as we are to proving they even exist.


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