Registered Phenomena Code: 542

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-542 is to be contained on Site-068, and kept in a standard humanoid containment cell alongside a large aquarium according to the current dimensions of the anomaly itself. RPC-542 should be provided with appropriate food stuffs. In particular, other smaller species of mollusk. All requests by RPC-542 for crustacean in place of its currently provided nutriment are to be ignored. Despite all evidence of RPC-542’s persistence of giving nonsensical answers when questioned about its origins and god, questioning is to be continued regardless. Should RPC-542’s behavior remain ongoing, appropriate deterrence techniques are authorized for use.

Description: RPC-542 is an instance of the species of the common octopus, albeit grossly enlarged to be similar in height and weight to the average adult human. While not displaying any surprisingly anomalous properties initially, RPC-542 will begin to imitate the shape of an elderly human male in the presence of anyone in its immediate proximity. This is done by utilizing its tentacles and moving them into shapes that roughly resemble human limbs. RPC-542 also sports various frills on the sides of its head that bear close resemblance to human hair. RPC-542 is able to respire without the need of being underwater, although RPC-542 will sometimes complain about being 'dry' and will frequently request access to a personal aquarium.

Despite not having any actual organs within its body that would allow for human vocalization, it does this regardless. As its means of doing so are currently unknown, it is surmised to be a result of an inherent psychoactive ability within RPC-542. When questioned about this topic, RPC-542 remains ignorant on the subject and pins it on "tricks being played on the mind".

RPC-542 will frequently attempt to convince any human who it has not previously interacted with that it is indeed a 'fellow human'. This usually consists of a variety of crude gestures and statements meant to prove its humanity. While inherently prone to being fearful around site staff, especially towards personnel dressed in typical MST and ASF attire, RPC-542 is known to frequently attempt to introduce any person in its immediate proximity to its 'religion'. This faith bears many similarities to most standard monotheistic and abrahamic faiths, nearly to the point of copying them. Some important figures within its faith bear extremely close similarities to those within Christianity and Judaism. The only discernible difference is the deity that dominates its stories, which is depicted as a large limbless octopus it commonly refers to as "Oscar". When questioned further on the subject of "Oscar", RPC-542 will reply with completely inconclusive answers such as:

  • The Limbless Octopus
  • King Oscar Of Georgia
  • The Eye That Listens

Addendum 542.1:

RPC-542 was discovered on 18/03/20██ in ████████, California, when reports of a fish person were discovered by embedded Authority agent ████████. While initially defunct by police forces, evidence of an anomalous entity was continuously spreading and Authority intervention was eventually required. RPC-542 was later found in the house of Chris █████ after various persons reported sightings of him taking casual walks with a person dressed in a Halloween costume despite it being the inappropriate season for doing so.

During investigation of █████’s household, while RPC-542 was discovered, Mr. █████ aggressively resisted on-site Authority agents in an attempt to assist RPC-542 in their escape. When Agent ████████ was forced to incapacitate him, RPC-542 witnessed this and went into an immediate state of panic. This resulted in Agent ████████ being injured, but no fatal wounds were suffered. While RPC-542 escaped Agent ████████, additional Authority forces were able to contain it. Afterwards, Chris █████ and presently involved police officers were shortly administered amnestics.

Addendum 542.2:

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