Registered Phenomena Code: 540

Object Class: Beta-orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Info-Hazard

Containment Protocols (current revision): RPC-540 must remain within a soundproofed humanoid containment chamber with the addition of pressure sensors on the walls and the floor. Additional monitoring must be made through constant observation of pressure sensor readings and thermal imaging. Outside of specific and strictly supervised testing conditions with prior authorization from the current Site Director, no visual contact or communication is to be made with RPC-540.

Description: RPC-540 is a pale caucasian male, 17 years in age, with average black hair, and a thin body standing 1.72 cm. in height. RPC-540's anomalous properties manifest whenever it attempts verbal or written communication.

RPC-540's written and spoken words are subject to a powerful Cognito-hazardous effect, though such an effect is dependent on both the subject matter being discussed and RPC-540's emotional state. Conversations held with RPC-540 broadcast its current emotional state, imprinting it upon the other participant(s), eliciting an empathetic response. Subjects sustaining prolonged contact with RPC-540 (usually within the span of one or two minutes) will generally become agreeable with it and will keep engaged out of empathy instead of outright compulsion.

After perceiving this, RPC-540 will request that any participant(s) read or listen to an original literary work produced by it, regularly in the form of a short story or poem. Such works focus on overtly dramatic displays of emotion, with the intent of engaging the audience and invoking an equally strong response. These works, however, are considered to be lacking in quality and result in them being panned by whatever audience is currently gathered around RPC-540.

By agreeing to be part of the audience, subjects expose themselves to the next phase of RPC-540's effect. After reading or listening to any literary work produced by it (and proceeding to haze it), subjects report being strongly affected by an unseen force. Descriptions have included suffering deep lacerations, penetration or puncture wounds, prolonged loss of hearing and/or sight, and concussions. In spite of this, and outside the distress or disorientation endured, no harm ever comes to the audience, with subjects eventually recovering from whatever damage claimed to be felt.

RPC-540 states that writing serves as an outlet for its emotions and it is advised by Authority researchers that this claim is to be taken in a literal sense, as RPC-540 is seemingly able to imbue its written work with its emotions. Such effects do not manifest when played from recording devices.

Recovery: RPC-540 was recovered after a reading session during an event at █████████ High School located in █████, ███. The mass confusion and hysteria caused by the manifestation of RPC-540's anomalous properties among a wide audience led to intervention by Authority agents.

A cover story centered around an unusual case of collective hysteria was fed to the media, RPC-540 was secured and contained, witnesses were gathered for exposure to amnestics.

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