The loyal soldier of the Grand Kaiser, the rightful ruler of the German Empire





Registered Phenomena Code: 537

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard

Containment Protocols: As of ██/██/1994, possession of RPC-537 has been transferred to the FOA due to them having legal ownership of the object.

Description: RPC-537 is a militarized anomalous humanoid entity dressed in a military uniform similar in appearance to that worn by the German Empire during the First World War. Research into RPC-537's origin has revealed that it was originally made by the Reichsokkultabteilung/IOA1 during the First World War. But never managed to see active service in the conflict.

RPC-537's uniform, which is attached to RPC-537's skin, is made of a leathery hide covered in thick scales that are capable of changing colour at the will of RPC-537. These scales demonstrate an extreme resistance to damage and have even deflected .50 BMG rounds at certain angles. A 0.76m long tail covered in scales is connected to RPC-537's tail bone near the base of the spine. This tail is capable of acting as a two-way radio transmitter which allows RPC-537 to interpret and broadcast audio-based radio wave transmissions.

An organism that resembles a full-face gas mask is permanently affixed to RPC-537's face. This organism is capable of reading information in the environment and relaying it back to RPC-537. In addition to this, the organism is capable of acting as a traditional gas mask for RPC-537 by filtering the air through a specialized organ in the filter cartridge. In order for RPC-537 to consume food, the organism will open its mouth, which is located at the filter cartridge, by vertically splitting open in a manner similar to a Dionaea muscipula2. The interior of the organism's mouth has multiple rows of sharp teeth in the front, followed by multiple rows of molars.


MP18 submachinegun

RPC-537 is equipped with a bio-mechanical organism similar in appearance and function to an MP18 submachine gun. This organism, designated as RPC-537-1, is capable of firing at a rate comparable to that of a non-anomalous MP18. RPC-537-1 has 6 legs, located on various parts of itself that it uses to move. RPC-537 is capable of storing up to 5 magazines for RPC-537-1 on its person, and empty magazines on RPC-537's person will regenerate ammunition at a rate of one round every 10 minutes per individual magazine until the magazine reaches its 32 round maximum. Additionally, RPC-537-1 is capable of being used as a kind of flamethrower by RPC-537. It uses an unknown compound that contains Florine, Nitrogen, and unidentified alcohol. This chemical is generated by RPC-537 and transferred to RPC-537-1 by currently unknown means.

RPC-537-1 is also capable of acting on its own and will act to return to RPC-537 if they are separated. Additionally, RPC-537-1 is capable of aiming, firing, and regenerating ammunition on its own, but at a greatly reduced capacity when compared to its usage with RPC-537.

RPC-537 speaks in a manner similar to that of early 20th century Germans, using various colloquial terms common to that era. Additionally, RPC-537 claims to be a member of GOI-010, an anomalous organization completely loyal to the Kaiser of the German Empire. It also claims that it fought against the false rulers of Germany, currently believed to be the National Socialist Party, and to have participated in various guerrilla efforts against that group.

Addendum.1: Discovery RPC-537 was first discovered by Authority forces during a raid on a suspected German Anomalous Research Division location of interest in Argentina. During the raid, RPC-537 was found being held as a prisoner within the facility and was captured by Authority forces with little resistance.

Addendum.2: Recovered Reichsokkultabteilung/IOA files

Addendum.3: Related GARD documents

Addendum.4: Bundesokkultabteilung/FOA negotiations

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