RPC-535 before autopsy.


Registered Phenomena Code: 535

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient, Animated, Organic, Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-535 is kept in a standard humanoid chamber. Only non-lethal methods of neutralization should be used against RPC-535; standard issue ammunition is ineffective. Tasers are most optimal.

Description: RPC-535 is an unidentified ~2m tall male corpse weighing 65kg. It has been dated back to the late 19th century. The skin is dry and rotten, and the flesh underneath is thinned down to the bone. Despite the absence of a pulse or brain activity, RPC-535 is capable of both movement and speech.

Any wound inflicted on RPC-535 will rapidly begin healing. This ability's limit is untested, but is known to persist through sustained gunfire.

Discovery: On 3/9/22, an archaeology expedition in the Sonoran Desert unearthed RPC-535 from a sandpit. The entity re-animated and fled. Once contacted, Authority agents tracked it to an abandoned gold mine via satellite.

ASF forces arrived and entered the mine. After 7 injuries and 12 casualties, RPC-535 was captured.

Addendum 535-A: Site-███ Containment Breach

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