The following file describes an anomalous historical notebook, and is Level 4/530 Classified

Unauthorized access is forbidden.

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: [CLASSIFIED]

Director of Research: Dr. Lorenzo Mayes-Sinclair

Assigned MST(s): Delta-1 "The Keepers"

Director of Containment: SFA. Holo


Registered Phenomena Code: 530


Object Class:

Alpha-White (Utility)

Hazard Types:

h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable Hazard

Containment Protocols:

RPC-530 is to be kept within a standard Alpha-class storage room in Site-███ in the █████ sector of the ██████ Containment Level. RPC-530's containment room is to be isolated from Authority personnel and may only be accessed by the Site Director and other Level-5 personnel.

RPC-530's containment room is to be equipped with a pedestal and pressure plate, which RPC-530 will rest on. In the event that RPC-530 is moved, a sector lockdown is to be initiated and Delta-1 "The Keepers" deployed.

Tests conducted on RPC-530 by select researchers must be approved by the Site Director. In the event of a test being accepted, automatic security protocols are to be deactivated. All tests conducted on RPC-530 must be surveilled by at least one Delta-1 operative and the hallway leading to its containment is to be locked down until conclusion, and no matter the circumstances, all personnel within the room during a test are to have Class A-1 amnestics administered when concluded.


RPC-530 upon retrieval. Taken from Spc. Skyscraper's body-cam.


RPC-530 takes the appearance of a college-ruled notebook, from approximately mid-1780s, with the text "Anne Churchill II" labeled on the front of the notebook. After extended research, Anne Churchill II was a French woman, who participated in the French Revolution and was executed on November 7, 1989. Anne Churchill II was the owner of a family library in Paris, France.

RPC-530 is an old notebook, which has been observed to write information on any person, item, or event in its proximity of 13.5 meters. This includes information like criminal records, personal information, relationship status, and even other information that has been fully redacted. RPC-530 has a tendency to have discrepancies when it comes to time-related information.

At this time, it is unknown whether or not there is an end to the notebook. As of right now, there are 523 pages. Once each page is complete, a new one is made in an instant. There has not been any halt in writing once a person enters its radius.

In extreme cases, RPC-530 has been used as a benefit to the Authority for finding unknown information. The use of RPC-530 must be approved by the Department Director that the action is affiliated to and then two Global Directors.


RPC-530 was found after a book was located in an antique shop known as Abélia's History in Manchester, England. Originally, the book was posted as a regular book from the 1700s. It was believed by the owner that it was a regular book compiled of information from a census in France. Renters of the book returned it claiming it "wrote on its own" and "knew what they were thinking" and so on.

After the Authority became aware of the RPC, Alpha-3 "Scavengers" were dispatched to the location at 1:03 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on October 1, 2019. Upon arrival in a dark utility van with a U.K. Ministry of Defense decal. The van was parked in the West alleyway. After approaching the building, Spc. Skyscraper picked the lock on the side entrance on the west alley of the building. After breaching the room, each operative searched the shelves carefully, putting anything that changed back to its original state. Unfortunately, RPC-530 was not secured, and the owner claimed the notebook went missing the night before, though there was no evidence of forceful entry or robbery.

After further satellite research, an abandoned building within a field NW of Abélia's History. After ground recon, it was confirmed the building was a schoolhouse closed in 1920 and has not been inspected or worked on since. Alpha-3 "Scavengers" was deployed once again after a recording was published to YouTube at 12:42 a.m. GMT October 3, 2019, demonstrating the general capabilities of RPC-530. The video was taken down and files removed from the uploader's device. After tracking down the uploaders, Class A-1 amnestics were administered.

RPC-530 was later secured to Site-███ before further testing was conducted and RPC-530 received its classification.

Due to the uncertainty whether or not this person is affiliated with or has anything to do with the notebook or may be part of an EoI, the following person has officially been put under Authority Watch for a time TBD3 upon publishment of the notice. We are working alongside the MI5 for tracking of the activities of this person until further notice.

This picture was taken within an RPC operated detention center in Manchester, England. He was given Class A-1 amnestics upon release.


Jackson Shepherd, 31
Race: Black
Hair: Faded sides, short curls, black hair.
Eyes: Brown
Facial Hair: Black ear-to-ear beard.
Weight: 104 kg
Height: 175 cm
Alias: N/A
Occupation: Garbage Collector


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