Registered Phenomena Code: 528

Object Class: Gamma-White

Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Destabilization Hazard

Containment Protocols: Should any sapient anomaly captured by Authority personnel claim to be a client for "W.F & Smith LLP," Attorney at Law Mr. Donovan Davids is to be contacted immediately for a court appointment in the name of the Authority for the anomaly's custody. During the trial, six Authority personnel not related to the anomaly's capture will be chosen to participate as jury1 for the trial's duration.

Mr. Donovan Davids is to carry a concealed camera alongside an audio recorder to all court trials for documentation purposes. Conversation with both RPC-528-1 and RPC-528-2 is encouraged for a better understanding of RPC-528 as a whole, alongside a probable physical location.

Due to the nature of RPC-528, traditional containment methods are considered futile. All attempts to censor information relating to the anomaly have also been unsuccessful. The most effective method has been the active management of each case regarding this anomaly.


Picture of RPC-528-1 provided by RPC-528-1 as a gift during interviewing.

Description: RPC-528 refers to the law firm "Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff & Smith LLP,"2 and its residing courthouse, both located in an unknown spatial dimension only accessible via phone call, the use of the law firm's presentation card, or when vocally requested by a client.

This law firm is led primarily by two individuals: RPC-528-1, being a 28-year-old English female by the name of Marie Isabella Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff,3 and RPC-528-2, an African man in its late 30's by the name of Michael Smith. Both individuals dress and speak in a manner that is historically associated with the early-1900s, while being familiar with contemporary 21st-century slang and vocabulary. The alternate reality from where both of these individuals operate their law firm remains unknown, but has been temporarily classified as ALTR-AC18. Efforts to accurately pinpoint the location of which remain underway.

It is unknown if any of these individuals possess anomalous properties themselves, but seem to otherwise have extensive knowledge of the anomalous world, alongside the Authority and other similar organizations, seemingly having dealt with alternate versions of the former in the past.

Cases regarding RPC-528 tend to have an extremely short duration compared to normal cases, with the longest one having taken only 5 weeks. Each case's jury, alongside the judge and bailiff, seems to be comprised of a random array of anomalous-aware individuals or anomalous individuals4 in a 1:1 ratio with the opposing party side so as to not cause unfair bias. It should also be noted that the laws applied to the case are the ones from the area where the anomaly was detained.5

Since its discovery, a total of 34 trials have been held within RPC-528, 15 of which have ended with the jury coming in favor of the Authority and 19 of the cases being settled with Ms. W.F or Mr. Smith out of court or resulting in a loss for the Authority. All terms and agreements resulting from either winning or losing a case seem to alter baseline reality as a means to force them to be complied with. The way this occurs remains unknown. To date, no case has resulted in a breach of the veil of normalcy. Despite this, all personnel involved in RPC-528 cases are advised to do whatever possible to win each case, or settle it in a favorable outcome for the Authority.

Discovery: On October 5th, 2001, a report regarding a possible LAH6 was sent from Anderson County, Texas. The report itself consisted of several sightings of a "Burning Man" having caused forest fires during the week. A search by local ASF forces was able to locate the LAH and apprehend it after extinguishing the anomaly's combusting body, revealing a frantic middle age caucasian male. After arriving at the nearest site for proper categorizing and initial research, an interview was conducted.

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All new cases recorded from interactions with RPC-528 are to filed under this document.

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