Registered Phenomena Code: 526

Containment Rating: Alpha

Lethality Rating: Yellow
h-contact.png Contact h-gravitational.png Gravitational

Containment Protocols: RPC-526 is secured in a standard storage locker in Site-033. Testing on RPC-526 may only be authorised by personnel with Security Clearance 3 and above. RPC-526 must always be set to a mass of 1x1015 kg or less1. Testing of RPC-526 is to be conducted in a secure, airtight room, where only RPC-526 and CSD personnel are allowed. CSD personnel are to be monitored via a surveillance camera at all times. CSD personnel are to be terminated if they begin to use RPC-526, whether to breach containment or escape the facility.

All tests are to be logged, including the date, CSD code, and additional information, as well as the results of the test.

In light of Incident-026-1, RPC-526 is not to be brought onto any vehicle, and it to be carried and transported on foot if ever deemed necessary. RPC-526 is to be sealed in a lead-lined suitcase at all times during transportation, and is to be carried alone, with no other object in the same suitcase.

Description: RPC-526 is a white cylindrical disc measuring a width of 6.0 cm and a height of 0.75 cm. RPC-526 has a logo imprinted on the center of its backside, that seems unable to be removed by any normal means. The logo consists of a ring, and the latter ‘A’ on top of it, stylized to appear similar to the symbol closely related with Anarchism.

Upon human contact with RPC-526, a light beep is heard and an interface appears on the opposite side of RPC-526. The interface is made up of a circular slider bar, inside of which is a tick as well as a cross. Sliding the bar to any position, then selecting the tick activates its anomalous effects. Selecting the cross causes the interface to disappear, supposedly switching RPC-526 off.

Selecting the tick causes the person who has activated RPC-526, hereby referred to as RPC-526-1, to suddenly increase in density. After this, RPC-526-1 will weigh anywhere between 1500 kg and 7.3x1022 kg2. The slider determines how much mass the individual will gain, based on a logarithmic scale.

The increase in mass of the individual can occur regardless of the distance between said individual and RPC-526, and will cause the same problems expected with such an increase in mass, with the exception that the individual does not appear to suffer any side-effects from the sudden increase in mass, and has no problem with movement. Due to the significant increase in gravitational force, objects will become gravitationally attracted to RPC-526-1. At the highest setting, RPC-526-1 can cause significant impact on the tides and manmade structures around them. Tsunamis will begin to form if RPC-526-1 is near the coast, and buildings will topple under the strong gravitational force of attraction towards RPC-526-13. This likely leads to death en masse for the population within ███ km of RPC-526-1.

These effects last for varying amounts of time, with this amount of time decreasing as the mass of RPC-526-1 increases. At lowest settings, RPC-526's effects can last up to 24 hours, while at the highest setting, RPC-526's effects last only 5 minutes. It is unknown if these two factors are related in a linear fashion, or in some other way.



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