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Multiple instances of RPC-525 preparing to engage in religious ceremonies at Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell, Idaho.


Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-525

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Beta-Red)

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Psychotronic Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: As all known instances of RPC-525 are currently considered inactive, primary containment of RPC-525 is focused on surveying for any further appearances of RPC-525 instances or material associated with them. Any area which has been previously identified to host instances of RPC-525 must still be monitored for any traces of new or leftover individual instances, artifacts, or scriptures written by RPC-525 instances. Should new items be discovered, they are to be immediately removed from the premises and brought to the nearest Authority site for testing and archival purposes. Any further movement or reappearance by RPC-525 instances is to be reported to the nearest Regional Director immediately.

All relatives of the now-deceased individual known as “Fred Johnson” are to be placed under Authority surveillance to ensure that no further anomalous activity is centered around these individuals.

Description: RPC-525 is the collective designation for a group of anomalous beings of unknown origin. Instances of RPC-525 all wear long cloaks and pointed hoods, which prevent their faces and bodies from being viewed. To date, no instance of RPC-525 has ever been witnessed appearing without this attire. Authority researchers believe this cloak is a form of ceremonial dress used in rituals and religious events. Attempts to remove the cloak from an instance of RPC-525 or to procure one of these cloaks for Authority research have proven ineffective.

All known instances of RPC-525 have been observed to be part of a religious sect dedicated to the chronicling and worship of the daily life of an individual known as “Fred Johnson”. The “Fred Johnson” worshipped by instances of RPC-525 appears to be an individual by the name of Frederick Nathaniel Johnson, a registered public accountant residing in Caldwell, Idaho. The reason for instances of RPC-525’s religious obsession towards this individual is unknown, as Mr. Johnson has not been observed to display any awareness of the existence of RPC-525 instances, nor has he been noted to possess any anomalous abilities or traits. Despite this, instances of RPC-525 appear to view Mr. Johnson as a messianic figure, and see great importance in every action he performs (despite how trivial they seem to onlookers).

Worship periods for instances of RPC-525 are known to be observed daily. During these periods and beginning at approximately 8:00 AM EST, RPC-525 instances will materialize in groups of twenty to thirty at a seemingly random location within Caldwell. Typically, this location tends to be a large, open area free of other individuals (common examples of areas chosen include forest clearings, abandoned buildings, and the interiors of large caves). Once materializing at a location, instances will begin to conduct religious ceremonies dedicated to receiving the blessings of Fred Johnson. These ceremonies will often last the entire day, and have been observed to include sermons, hymns, and prayers to Fred Johnson, as well as activities such as interpretive dance, ritual combat, and animal sacrifice. It has been noted that these rituals do not appear to have any impact on Mr. Johnson’s life or well-being, and the exact purpose of these practices has yet to be identified. RPC-525 instances will become very agitated if these rituals are interrupted.

Ritualistic ceremonies for instances of RPC-525 continue until approximately 10:00 PM EST, after which instances will cease ceremonies and dematerialize until the next day. It is hypothesized that the appearance and disappearance times of RPC-525 are directly tied to when the individual known as Fred Johnson falls asleep or awakens. The existence of RPC-525 instances appears to be entirely dedicated to the worship and chronicling of Fred Johnson’s daily activities. It is unknown if these entities require food, water, or sleep to function, and surveillance footage captured of meetings between instances has observed the entities partaking in their worship for long periods of time without stopping.

Instances of RPC-525 have displayed the ability to change their physical form at will. Often times, this ability is used to take the form of birds, insects, or animals native to Caldwell, Idaho in order to observe Fred Johnson's daily activities up-close. RPC-525 instances appear to have some manner of shared telepathic ability that lets every instance view the same images and events as the instance directly observing them, as evidenced by all instances of RPC-525 being able to accurately discuss and transcribe events in real-time when only one is near Fred Johnson's location. Curiously, no infiltrating RPC-525 instances have ever been observed to approach Mr. Johnson directly.


Religious scripture recovered from RPC-525 gathering. Contents include several poems, hymns, and songs about Fred Johnson's life.

While instances of RPC-525 are normally nonaggressive in nature, they have been known to attack individuals who disrupt their religious ceremonies. RPC-525 instances have also, on multiple occasions, attacked individuals who have had negative interactions with their object of worship in the past (see Transcript #932). When attacking an individual, RPC-525 instances will often strike in small groups, and have been observed to wield small daggers as weapons in combat.

Instances of RPC-525 are known to be extremely meticulous in the transcription and archival of Fred Johnson’s daily activities, and each instance has been seen to carry their own individual chronicles of these actions, as well as hymns and poems dedicated to Fred Johnson. If an individual instance of RPC-525 is seen to drop any of these books during revelry and fails to reclaim it before dematerializing, the book will not dematerialize, and can be recovered for analysis.

On April 4, 2006, Authority surveillance teams were able to recover the first sample of religious scripture dropped by an instance of RPC-525, entitled "TESTAMENT OF THE TRUE BELIEVERS", after a typical period of RPC-525 activity. The following is a transcript of the religious text:

This HOLY SCRIPTURE is a testament to the WISDOM OF THE GREAT SAVIOR. If this is your first time GAZING upon TRUE WISDOM, then WELCOME to the TRUE FAITH! Discard your former MEANINGLESS EXISTENCE and walk the path of ENLIGHTENMENT!

You may be AFRAID, or FOOLISH ENOUGH to not understand, but your world is corrupted with darkness. You have HARDENED YOUR HEARTS to the BEAUTIFUL TRUTH, and live in LIES and FEAR. But FEAR NOT, LOWER ONES! A SAVIOR has come to teach you the road to ETERNAL HAPPINESS and INFINITE BLISS! Rejoice, for he already walks among you! Fifty years ago, he traveled here from a HIGHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE to spread his UNTAMED TRUTH! Hail FREDERICK NATHANIEL JOHNSON, THE TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE!

THE LORD FRED JOHNSON is the most POWERFUL and WISE being in existence- and he is a KIND and WELCOMING one to all his children. He has much wisdom to teach, and it is the fault of the MORTALS for not understanding this FACT that their society has not reached the HEIGHTS OF ENLIGHTENMENT it could. But such is the BENEVOLENCE and the HUMILITY of our LORD AND SAVIOR that he chose to descend to this plane of existence and live among the MORTALS as a human- when he could be so much more, he chose to STAY in the LESSER REALMS to teach even the WEAKEST of beings the TRUTHS OF THE UNIVERSE! This world may be LOST IN SHADOW, but there is a LIGHT- and only by receiving the TRUE SAVIOR can one escape the blackness that swallows them!

This world, and many others, are SHROUDED IN A FOG OF DECEPTION. We, the followers of the ONE TRUE GOD, are here to HELP them escape from this cloud and understand TRUE WISDOM! As his most LOYAL DISCIPLES, it is our SOLEMN DUTY to follow him into this world, however below us it is, and TRANSCRIBE the lessons he teaches throughout his journey so that those of future generations can KNOW the TRUE LORD! Our work not only ensures that HIS LESSONS are eternal, but CELEBRATE and REVEL IN his name so that ALL WHO WITNESS may also see his INFINITE GLORY and become ENLIGHTENED by it! All hail our TRUE SAVIOR FRED JOHNSON AND HIS INFINITE WISDOM!

So Sayeth Ty'Shanereath, High Priest of The Church of Fred Johnson, THE TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE

The following are samples of writing made by RPC-525 instances on various scrolls, books, and parchment that have been collected over time by Authority operatives. For a complete archive of recovered RPC-525 writing, refer to Archive-3284-F at Site-███.

Addendum 525-928: On October 27, 2018, the individual known as Fred Johnson was admitted to the West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell, Ohio, after collapsing at his desk during work. Testing on Mr. Johnson determined that he had suffered from a heart attack, and Mr. Johnson was quickly placed in emergency care. After 3 hours on life support, cardiologists deemed Frederick Nathaniel Johnson deceased.

After the death of Fred Johnson, Instances of RPC-525 did not appear the following day at the expected time. Instead of the typical behavior of RPC-525 instances, the only item that was seen to manifest was a single sheet of parchment reading the following:


Today is a day of sadness for us all. Many of you have been informed of the supposed passing of our LORD AND SAVIOR FRED JOHNSON, and how his life was claimed by forces even mightier than his own. Some of our brothers may be distraught, or even in BLASPHEMOUS DENIAL of the true power of our SAVIOR. A small margin have even removed themselves from this glorious existence for fear that OUR ALMIGHTY MASTER has abandoned his people. FOR SHAME on them. You may be worried about our future, and that is OKAY.

But do not fret! THE SAVIOR has not left us completely. Rather, as is necessary for one who seeks to bring PEACE to all, he has ventured to ANOTHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE to spread his divinity. As the disciples of THE TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE, it is our duty to follow him into this NEW REALM and continue to chronicle the lessons and stories of FRED JOHNSON so that the denizens of the next world are able to bask in the entirety of ALL HIS GLORY!

He calls for us, even now. Brothers, you know what we must do. Gather at the holy grounds where our LORD once lived, and let us follow him into the light on the morrow. A new world awaits, and so does a new chapter in the GLORIOUS EXISTENCE of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR FRED JOHNSON! Let us FOLLOW HIM into the great unknown!

So Sayeth Ty’ Shanereath, High Priest of The Church of Fred Johnson, THE TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE

Shortly after the discovery of the message above, the Authority received reports of extremely high amounts of radiation coming from the area previously identified as the home of Fred Johnson prior to his death, as well as several minor anomalous events similar to those occurring near locations related to RPC-525 activity. Authority analysis of the location revealed that all known instances of RPC-525 had gathered in the area for a brief period of time before all traces of their presence seemingly vanished. It has been theorized that all instances of RPC-525 staged a mass suicide or utilized their anomalous abilities to move to a different plane of existence. To date, no bodies of any organisms resembling RPC-525 instances have been discovered.

Following this event, no further activity by any instances of RPC-525 has been detected, nor have any instances of RPC-525 or writings typically associated with them been discovered. RPC-525 was classified as Neutralized on October 27, 2019, exactly one year after Fred Johnson’s death.

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