Registered Phenomena Code: 523

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-523 is to be held in a standard item containment chamber at Site-057 and is only to be used during testing. At least one living Class-CSD is to play RPC-523 every ██ days as to sustain it. Remains of RPC-523-1 subjects are to be examined and then disposed of.

Description: RPC-523 is a white baby grand piano of Steinway & Sons make. RPC-523’s anomalous properties manifest when a living human subject, hereby referred to as RPC-523-1, makes physical contact with the object’s keys with their hands. Once this occurs, RPC-523-1 will be overcome by a compulsive urge to start playing RPC-523. RPC-523-1 subject will then begin to play a randomly selected piano piece with expert level skill, regardless of if the subject has ever played a piano before, and will not respond to any efforts to stop or remove them from the object (see Test Log 08 for more information).

After a random, though usually short, amount of time after RPC-523-1 has started playing, the subject will begin to decay at an exceedingly rapid rate. Despite this occurring, RPC-523-1 will not stop playing until their body is physically incapable of doing so, at which point the subject will usually be decayed to the point of death.

Following this event, any damage that RPC-523 previously sustained, be it structural damage or something as simple as chipped paint, will be repaired to a near perfect state. If the object goes without a subject to manifest into an instance of RPC-523-1 for an extended amount of time, RPC-523 will begin to degrade over time.

Discovery: RPC-523 was discovered in ██████, Wisconsin in 1989, in the home of one ███████ ████ after an apparent suicide. RPC-523’s anomalous properties went undiscovered until the item was being removed from the home at a later date by teamsters. Reportedly, one of the men was “testing out” RPC-523 when its anomalous properties manifested. The man, now an instance of RPC-523-1, began to play Clair de Lune and would not respond to any attempts to get his attention until he began to decay rapidly. Prior to this incident, RPC-523 was reportedly in a state of disrepair. Once reports of this incident reached the Authority, RPC-523 was quickly secured without further incident. Those that were present for RPC-523’s activation were given Class-A amnestics and a cover story was made.

It is to be noted that several missing person reports were filed by local police months prior to RPC-523’s discovery, however, no remains or other evidence were found at the home. Whether or not RPC-523 and these reports are connected are as of yet unknown.

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