The Flashbang Toads of West Virginia





Registered Phenomena Code: 521

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow


A suspected instance of RPC-521 in its native environment (Note: Visually indistinguishable from the common A. a. americanus)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic h-contact.png Contact h-emotional.png Emotional
Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aquatic.png Aquatic h-ecological.png Ecological h-organic.png Organic

Containment Protocols: RPC-521 instances are to be contained at Site-016 and OL-Site-16. Instances of RPC-521 that are wild caught are to be contained within a modified amphibian amphibian terrarium containing anti-psychotronic coatings such a silver oxide. Life support must mimic its natural ecosystem of the mid-Atlantic region.

Physical disruption of instances is to be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

A two meter diameter exclusionary zone is to be build around any terrarium holding RPC-521. Robotics are to be used for feeding and general research. Transport of instances are to be done in standard biological anomaly crates. Lab breed instances are non-anomalous, therefore containment protocols do not apply.

All uncontained instances of RPC-521 are to be neutralized by way of selective breeding of genetic engineered instances of RPC-521, classified as RPC-521-UT. Instances of RPC-521 are to be guarded by at least two armed Authority security force personnel during transportation.1

Uncontained instances of RPC-521 living in their natural territory are to be tagged and monitored by a GPS tracking implant. Neutralization via RPC-521-UT is to be done only when populations are greater than 1000. No additional security is needed during transportation of Instances.

A cover story of a critically endangered species of Anaxyrus americanus is to be generated and given to the National Parks Service of West Virginia. Along trailheads, national parks, and national forests, signs indicating the presence of critically endangered species of toad are to be placed in RPC-521 confirmed areas. Fines are to be issued to those who wander into marked areas, arrest by the Authority is to be issued to frog hunters, also known as frog giggers, in said areas.

Description: RPC-521 is a sub-species of Anaxyrus americanus2 that inhabit select regions of the eastern mountains of West Virginia. Instances are visually indistinguishable from their member species. Identifying an instance is done by way of test where an aerosol of Oct-1-en-3-one is sprayed near the suspected instance while keeping safe distance, the tests success is indicated by a flash of bright light emanating from the toad.

RPC-521's anomalous properties are triggered upon physical disruption of a instance or provoking threatening behavior. In doing so the instance will attempt to puff up by sucking air into the vocal sacks, after about 5 seconds the instance will emit a bright flash of white light. After the flash, by unknown means the instance will trigger a immensely powerful psychotronic effect to humanoids within a two meter diameter sphere of the disturbed instance. The episodic trigger has been documented to occasionally produce seizures or paralysis. The disorienting light emitted by RPC-521 is visible to non-effected individuals for up to ten minutes past the initial trigger.

In certain cases RPC-521-UT, a genetically modified instance that commits infanticide during breeding, are used in containment protocols when required. Experiment logs detailing anomalous effects can be seen below.

Discovery: Discovery was made by Senior-Chief Ranger ██████ Martin, who was, at the time, leading a long-term cleanup team near the resort town of Snowshoe, West Virginia as result of RPC-███'s containment breach. First discovery came in the form of a civilian coming into contact with an instance and experiencing an episodic attack.

Upon the initial containment and examination of RPC-521-1, the on-site Authority Security Force immediately raised suspicions of involvement from the Church of Malthus3 resulting in a search for clues of the groups involvement. On 01/09/2016, 2 rangers assisting security personnel in the search went missing.

Following an extensive months-long search. One individual with associations to the Church of Malthus was located near the town of Valley Head, West Virginia, for details refer to interrogation log below.

Interrogation log ██.09.2016

Interrogator: OL-Site-16 Director ██████ Martin
Person of Interest: PoI-4854, aka Nevins █
Foreword: PoI-4854 is a low ranking member of the Church of Malthus, online presence only across a time span of three months, failed attempt of suicide by firearm before sedation and detainment by ASF in his families home.
<Begin Log, 3:05 UTC>

Dir. Martin: So Nevins, I assume you know who we are.

PoI-4854: Yeah, I feel almost fucking insulted.

Dir. Martin: Insulted?

PoI-4854: Why would the god-damn Feds go after a son of a bitch like me, I ain't even a big guy. They pay you this much to go after chicken shit like me?

Dir. Martin: I have an answer to that question you propose, provided you cooperate with us. By doing so you may have an opportunity to leave here with your life and freedom intact.

PoI-4854: Well, go ahead, shoot.

Dir. Martin: Tell me, you have associations with this group online, correct? The Church of Malthus.

PoI-4854: Yeah, I'm in some of them chatrooms, haven't gone to their real life meetings yet, I'm saving up on my welfare to buy me a plane ticket to ██████████ so I can go to one of them training camps.

Dir. Martin: I would not recommend going to one of their camp. Despite that, knowing the modus operandi of your organization, you folks work in the eugenic and evolutionary side of things. We have found something local, you're going to tell us exactly if you have anything to do with this.

PoI-4854: Well, what is it?

Dir. Martin: A toad, an anomalous toad, it produces light when disturbed.

PoI-4854: What?

Dir. Martin: It makes people experience psychoactive effects like those of psilocybin mushrooms or other hallucinatory drugs.

PoI-4854: What the hell are you talking about. Frog licking? You put me in here for this?

<PoI-4854 began chuckling and then laughing for a few moments.>

Dir. Martin: I don't think you fully understand your circumstances. You promised cooperation I don't want to revoke that hospitality, boy. Now tell me. What do you know about the frogs in this area.

PoI-4854: That they're turning the frickin' frogs gay? You pulled all this fed bullshit for this?

Dir. Martin: Final warning.

PoI-4854: Alrighty, give me a second. Alright, I have no idea what you are talkin' about or what this thing is. And even if there was some wonderful groundbreaking being done here by the Church, I wouldn't even know about it, they wouldn't even let me know about it.

Dir. Martin: So you have zero knowledge about this anomaly, this toad.

PoI-4854: Yeah. That's all I can say.

Dir. Martin: You have been a great help so far, you should consider yourself lucky, this interrogation is now over, thank you for your cooperation.

<End Log, UTC>

Closing Statement: PoI administered Class A-1 amnestics after threat of white room torture, shadow-ban applied to PoI's digital footprint along with fake online instances of communications with church member impersonating bots.

Addendum 521.1 ██.09.2016: RPC-521 was originally suspected to be a product of the Church of Malthus. But, after further investigation, there was no conclusive evidence to support the GoI's involvement. Culling orders have been redacted, and security protocols during transport has been lifted. Order is void if Malthusian actors acquire an instance of RPC-521.

Addendum 521.2 17.09.2016: Despite the series of events surrounding the disappearance of Senior-Chief Ranger Martin, and the termination of several management personnel of Site-016, conservation efforts are to be put in place for RPC-521. It is theorized that there might be a greater unknown anomaly in the geographic area and RPC-521 is simply a reaction to it. If needed contact Junior-Researcher Kyle Martin for GPS tags or for queries for any future investigations in the area at cpr.ytirohtua|nitraMVelyK#cpr.ytirohtua|nitraMVelyK.

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