Photograph taken during a RPC-519 event in Old Crow, Yukon.


Registered Phenomena Code: 519

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-climatological.png Climatological h-grouped.png Grouped h-sentient.png Sentient h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-contact.png Contact h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-mind-regression.png Mind-Regression

Containment Protocols: RPC-519 events cannot be postponed, therefore the anomaly can only be contained through the use of amnestics, termination of affected subjects, and lack of public knowledge. Amnesiacs are to be administered through the local water supply, or via aircraft after the RPC-519 event has concluded. All residents that are located in the affected areas are instructed to stay indoors.

Description: RPC-519 is an anomalous event that sporadically occurs in areas with low population densities roughly every 10 years. 3 minutes after the initial activation of an RPC-519 event, an immeasurable body of mist believed to be composed of multiple anomalous materials will form over the nearby area, taking on a dark red hue.1


An instance of RPC-519-1, circa 1940.

Multiple anomalous entities2 will begin to manifest approximately 4 minutes after RPC-519-A's initial appearance, followed by the sudden appearance of RPC-519-B: A large mother-ship like structure which RPC-519-1 instances will attempt to advance individuals towards. The approximate size of this vessel is immeasurable, however, it is hypothesized that it is able to cover approximately 27552 square meters of land, meaning that some areas will suddenly become dark regardless of the current time. RPC-519-1 entities possess the ability to interfere with nearby television broadcasts and signals, as multiple Emergency Alert System (EAS) broadcasts describing the RPC-519-1 event experience multiple visual and auditory disturbances; such as sudden messages urging individuals to go outdoors appearing, interference with audio, advising individuals to disregard the safety protocols listed by the broadcast, and manipulation of text-to-speech voices to broadcast separate messages which urge individuals to come into contact with RPC-519-A.


RPC-519-2 organisms at 50000x magnification.

RPC-519-2 is an anomalous strain of complex Bacteriophage micro-organisms which can only spread when an individual has come into contact with RPC-519-A for an extended period of time. Common symptoms of RPC-519-2 infection include:

  • A sudden and intense urge to spread RPC-519-2 to other uninfected individuals via attempting to persuade individuals to come into contact with RPC-519-A.
  • Loss of control, brain functionality, and free will of the infected.
  • Large areas of skin flaying.
  • Complete immunity to death by severe malnutrition or dehydration, along with a disregard of required sustenance for survival of an average human being.
  • Immunity to sleep deprivation, and the inability to rest at all.

Addendum 519-ALPHA: Below is a raw VHS recording of an Emergency Alert System 'Hazardous Materials / Contagion' hazard broadcast signaled after an RPC-519 event which occurred in the remote areas of Old Crow, Old Crow Airport, Faro, Haines Junction, and Dawson City: All of which are based in Yukon, Canada. The recording was archived on 03/██/████, and redactions have been applied where necessary. Level 4 personnel may access a redacted copy of the file while an unedited copy is available to Level 5 personnel and select members of the Research Division.

Addendum 519-BETA: Below is a transcription of multiple journal entries written by an individual named Will Marshall. Will's belongings along with his journal were found on the edge of a nearby cliff. Will Marshall has been considered M.I.A.


My name is Will. Will A. Marshall. There's no way I can explain what has happened today, so I'm writing this to anyone who shall find it. This is what I've experienced in the past 2 — almost 3 — grueling days of my life.

I'm alone. My wife and children went on holiday to Alaska (thankfully). If they come back to see me dead, hopefully, they will find this. I tried to tell them, but all our devices are jammed. Well, anyway, all of this began this morning. Do you know those new emergency broadcasts they are starting to issue of some storm comes by? Yeah, I got one of those; except this time, something was breaching the system. The voice began corrupting, broadcasting cryptic messages that insisted that the warning had been lifted and that I should go outside. Well, I kind of followed its orders and went outside; not without a hundred CAD, a mask, and this book (obviously).

It was very strange out there. The entire town of Old Crow had been dominated by this mysterious ruby-red hue. There was nobody in sight, which wouldn't be abnormal since I can quite literally count all my neighbors on my 2 hands; but this time, it was different. Something was… off.

That strange feeling of being alone quickly vanished as I walked past an obscure house I could've sworn I've never seen before. Despite the fact that… I don't know… 12 people live here or something? I was greeted by a man that yet again; I had never seen before.

He gave me a ludicrous deal; if I keep him company of all things, he will give me 50 CAD! Unsurprisingly, I took his offer (wish I hadn't now). There was something off about that man. He wanted me to go into this run-down apartment looking room of some sort. Inside, there were pages upon pages, an entire mountain of drawings of these slender gray figures in that red hue outside. He slowly turned around as I just stared in shock, and he attacked me.

I ran and ran. On the way out of the house, I heard him rambling about something. I don't know what it was, and frankly, I do not wish to know. I still don't know who that man was, or what he was doing here. He seemed as if he had been in that red hue or mist for hours. I heard on the television that it would make your skin peel away, drive you crazy, and… I'm just going to stop there. You get the point, it's really bad.

Now that I have nowhere else to go, I'm leaving this book near this cliff. I know it's not the safest spot, but it's the most likely place for someone to find it. Whoever is reading this, please, consider everything.

Anyways, I'd better get going. It just got very dark.


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