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Registered Phenomena Code: 518

Item Type: Object

Lethality Rating: Orange/Utility

Hazard Types: Destabilization Hazard, Auditory Hazard

Overseeing Personnel: Father Garcia - Dr. Edwin Koteas

Abstract: An amateur rap album containing six songs meant to be used as summoning or exorcizing incantations for antagonistic extra-dimensional creatures of the Abrahamic faiths. Current usage of RPC-518 has been indefinitely restricted due to “Accident 518/001”.

Safe Handling and Usage: One original copy of RPC-5181 is safely stored in the “Anomalous Media and Archives” sector of Site-113.2 Personnel are not authorized to interact with the stored copy without the direct approval of Site-113’s Director. Physical and digital copies of RPC-518 are readily available for all Level 3 personnel from the BOA’s Prometheus Primogenitus as long as all safety rules of “Demonic Safekeeping” are properly followed; that being a set of guidelines imposed across Site-113 for the prevention of demonic-based accidents during testing due to their abundance:

  • Summoning of demons higher than Lesser Lords as stated by Site-113’s SDH3 is restricted to only Level 3 personnel
  • No personnel are to enter in deals with demonic entities unless approved by Site-113’s Primogenitus Director Dante Denholm
  • No more than 3 entities are to be present at a time in Site-113 unless stated otherwise by the Director
  • Summoning seals are to be only drawn by expert calligraphers in Site-113 with white “Fulltouch” chalk
  • Never attempt to summon a demon alone, nor summon a demonic representative of any of the Seven Deadly Sins as stated in the “Lanterne of Light”

In the case of a grave attack or breach of containment by or of demonic entities, RPC-518 will be broadcasted from speakers installed across the entire site as an initial containment measure. This method has shown great success in hindering most entities of the aforementioned kind long enough for ASF units to properly respond.

Attempts to locate the author of RPC-518 by ACI operatives have been unsuccessful, and it is currently believed he may still inhabit the academy’s grounds.

RPC-518 - Usage Update

Usage of RPC-518 for all non-defensive purposes, as well as the entirety of the Primogenitus operations, have been temporarily suspended or postponed by GD-SCHL as of 12/10/2020. All requests for its usage outside of current guidelines will be met with intense scrutiny. All unauthorized usage of RPC-518 will result in varying degrees of punishment.

The actions that led to “Accident 518/001”, including the overall operations of Site-113, are currently under review by the Board of Global Directors.

You have been warned


Cover of RPC-518

Description: RPC-518 is an amateur rap album titled “Chilling at the First Temple,” composed and edited by a student of the Academy of True Art going under the pseudonym of “MC Solomon” (in reference to the famous Hebrew king of the United Kingdom of Israel circa 970 to 931 BCE). The album contains a total of six songs, two of which are collaborative tracks, as well as a two-minute message from the author at the end of the album. The songs in the album are based on the life and legend of King Solomon, with certain modern slang and scenarios added into it.

The anomalous properties of RPC-518 come into effect when played in conjunction with occult rituals or summonings of demonic entities (as well as those that cast them away) pertaining to the Abrahamic faiths, especially those that abide by the rules of the “Lesser Keys of Solomon.”4 This anomalous property manifests as an increased efficiency of the aforementioned rituals in almost all cases. It has also been shown to debilitate said entities when played in their presence.

A list and short description of all tracks in the album follows:

Attempts to locate the source of RPC-518 have so far been futile. No records of delivery from any music store include mentions of MC Solomon, nor do any shipping companies in and out of Europe. However, appearances of RPC-518 in public stores have seemed to decrease over the past years, and may eventually cease altogether.

Discovery: RPC-518 was first discovered in Utah, USA, after a cult of satanists utilized it to summon a “lesser servant of hell” as according to the texts found inside the building. The entity was successful in tricking the cult into freeing it, killing half of its members before wreaking havoc across the town. Neutralization Team personnel were quickly deployed to deal with the situation as well as apprehend all those involved with its manifestation. After successfully terminating the entity and amestecizing affected civilians, the remaining members of the cult were brought to Site-113 where they confirmed the existence of RPC-518.

A follow-up investigation by ACI personnel revealed that copies of RPC-518 could be found in multiple stores across the country. An extensive recollection and banning of RPC-518’s distribution was required to remove most instances from their stores. Attempts to reach the Academy and ask for the cease and desist of its distribution have yielded no results thus far.

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