Registered Phenomena Code: 515

Object Class: Alpha-White1

Hazard Types: Hazard Creation

Containment Protocols: RPC-515 is to be stored in a standard item storage locker, with maintenance performed on it to prevent it from deteriorating. Permission to film footage using RPC-515 is to be requested to Head Researcher Greaves.

Description: RPC-515 is a modified professional cinema camera with the words “Property of Michele Michael” written on a label on the side. At the time of recovery, the camera was in mint condition aside from the label, and it’s video quality is consistent with other cameras of the same model and make. RPC-515’s modifications are mostly technical, as technicians have discovered that internal components have been replaced with parts that allow for a higher quality of film and audio, as well as a larger data storage.

When RPC-515 is used to film in a location that is at least 1 meter underground or where when the sun has disappeared beneath the horizon, the film generated (henceforth referred to as RPC-515-1) will display humans and humanoid entities that are not in the environment that RPC-515 is filming. Individuals and other sapient entities that would be in the area filmed will not show up on instances of RPC-515-1, though testing has revealed individuals that would appear in the recording had the camera not been anomalous have been capable of interacting with the environments that they are set in, and by extension, affecting the individuals that appear in the recording. Additionally, footage filmed has musical scores spontaneously playing when the camera is turned on. Starting filming with RPC-515 and then entering a viable setting does not produce RPC-515-1. After an indeterminate amount of time spent filming, or when RPC-515 is taken away from a viable setting, RPC-515 will turn itself off, but the footage will be saved.

Anomalous properties of RPC-515-1 have also persisted into their data. When examined on a personal computer, all instances of RPC-515-1 have a file size of less than 1000 Kilobytes regardless of the length and quality of video, and metadata has placed dates of filming in mid-to-late 2018 and early 2019 despite references to events between that point and the time of filming being present in the recordings.

The majority of humans seen in RPC-515-1 have been identified as numerous internet personalities and celebrities, in addition to some unknown individuals who do not show up in any existing records that the authority has access to. Interviews with individuals displayed in RPC-515 have not shown awareness or memory of the events seen within RPC-515-1. All individuals displayed within the recordings seem to share intelligence and mannerisms with their counterparts, though their behavior seems to almost entirely take on something of an immature, exaggerated, caustic and/or otherwise overblown tone. Humanoid entities within the recording do not appear to have any links to anomalous objects or beings that the authority has possessed any knowledge on prior to their appearance in RPC-515, though individuals and entities within the recording have displayed numerous superhuman and supernatural capabilities.

The events shown through RPC-515-1 are presented as a horror comedy movie, satirizing numerous cliches and scenes in popular films in the genre. However, the deaths of individuals throughout the movie is shown in a semi-realistic light. Dialogue throughout the footage has also suggested a pre-existing relation between cast members, but information on such a relationship between the portrayed individuals remains scarce despite the best efforts of research.

Continuity within instances of RPC-515-1 is shown to be persistent when the recordings are aligned in their dates of filming, as the corpses of individuals killed within earlier recordings can be found in later ones.

Discovery: RPC-515 was first found by an ASF agent who purchased the camera in a yard sale on 02/02/2020 for a filmmaking class. When the agent discovered the anomalous properties of the Camera, he reported it to his local site director. Testing eventually proved the camera’s properties to exist. The camera was taken into authority custody and a replacement camera was provided by the authority.

Partial Log of instances of RPC-515-1

The following is a log of recorded instances of RPC-515-1. They may have been streamlined or have unnecessary details omitted at the request of Dr. Greaves. Any text in the logs below colored green refers to actions taken by researchers and non-filmed individuals.

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