The interior of RPC-508-1.

Registered Phenomena Code: 508

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-grouped.png Grouped h-sentient.png Sentient h-auditory.png Auditory h-sensory.png Sensory

Containment Protocols: Due to the difficulty of transporting RPC-508, and the contained entities’ reactions to outside stimuli being mostly untested, RPC-508 must be contained on-site with at least two Level-2 ASF personnel guarding the building at all times. On-site experimentation has been pre-emptively approved by Dr. S███ under specific guidelines. While less threatening due to the unlikelihood of RPC-508-2 through 6 manipulating them, note that the behavior of RPC-508’s instances when interacting with mentally-sound adults is highly unpredictable. All experimentation must be performed with either remote drones or CSD personnel while exercising heavy caution.

Under no circumstances should children or animals be allowed inside RPC-508-1 for experimentation without explicit permission from Head Researcher Dr. G██████, due to the risk of captured individuals being utilized by RPC-508-2 through 6 for its feeding behaviors.

Description: RPC-508 is an abandoned children's science museum located in ███████ County, Nebraska. The structure itself was built in the late 1970's, and is designated as RPC-508-1. However, after an incident in 199█ involving several children vanishing into RPC-508-1 within the same day, RPC-508 was seized and contained by the Authority.

RPC-508-1 is a relatively normal building both in materials and architecture from the era. However, recent reports of a room made out of organic muscle tissue indicate that the building itself may possess anomalous properties of its own. The location of the anomalous room within RPC-508-1 is inconsistent, implying this single room is capable of transporting itself throughout the building.

RPC-508-2 through 6 are a group of brightly-colored humanoid anomalies, composed of plastinated1 organic material. These entities originally served as decorations for an exhibit regarding human senses, with each corresponding to a sense. While being chemically identical to non-anomalous plastinated human cadavers, all instances lack some or all of typical human facial features. Each instance will have exaggerated versions of their represented sensory organ(s) on the body, similar to the "cortical homunculus" neurological model.

RPC-508-2 through 6 typically roam RPC-508-1 on weekdays from 11 AM to 7 PM CST, being otherwise immobile near their original displays. While active, the instances perform sophisticated group hunting behaviors, typically targeting humans and wild animals through mimicry and ambush. RPC-508-2 through 6 are notably less effective on adult humans, but they are an active threat to children. Despite engaging in hunting behaviors, there is no evidence that these instances require sustenance to maintain their vivacity.

Instance Description
RPC-508-2 A light-yellow humanoid with overly large eyeballs bulging slightly from their sockets. Of the five known instances, RPC-508-2 is the most competent at navigation, being able to see with roughly 265-degree vision. Due to its highly sensitive retinas, RPC-508-2 is capable of sight under notably dim lighting conditions, with the average within its environment being measured around 3 lumens.
RPC-508-3 A pink humanoid with a large nose covering most of the face’s surface area. RPC-508-3 possesses a heightened sense of smell and the ability to artificially produce scents via sternutation.2 Commonly observed scents from CSD personnel include buttered popcorn, soft pretzels, and human vomit.
RPC-508-4 A blue humanoid with hands roughly five times the size of an average adult male’s, and prehensile feet of a similar size. RPC-508-4’s extremities are notably sensitive, being able to detect minute changes in air pressure and temperature. Due to it having no facial sensory organs, RPC-508-4 typically crawls on its extremities around RPC-508-1, and in some circumstances, will climb through the structure. RPC-508-4's locomotion has been often described by Authority researchers as "skittish" and "spider-like."
RPC-508-5 A green humanoid with large ears and a 5cm-diameter hole functioning as a mouth on the center of the face. Testing devices show that RPC-508-5 can hear and track frequencies up to roughly 150,000 Hz sent through radio. RPC-508-5 has also been observed vocalizing through its “mouth” at ranges within human hearing. It can accurately mimic animal and machine sounds, and to an extremely limited degree, human speech. Judging by the pitch, the mimicked speech resembles an average adult woman’s, but on some occasions the speech may resemble a young child instead.
RPC-508-6 A dark purple humanoid designated by Authority researchers as the most hazardous of the five instances. RPC-508-6 features a large mouth lined with teeth and a jaw that makes up most of the mass of the head, as well as a large tongue reaching down to the torso. RPC-508-6’s mouth constantly salivates a highly viscous fluid, with samples being shown to contain genetic material of roughly ███ individuals. RPC-508-6’s mouth typically stays open as the tongue cannot retract, but when attempting to destroy a foreign object or incapacitate prey, it uses a biting force that is estimated to be roughly 3000 psi. Puncture wounds around the base of the tongue suggest RPC uses this biting sparingly.

Addendum 1: The following contains a transcript of an interview with Mr. J██████ ████, who will be hereby referred to as Subject 508-4. Subject is an Asian-American male who was tracked down after the discovery of a ███████ County newspaper featuring a captioned photo of him at RPC-508-1 as a young child. Shortly after the interview, Subject 508-4 was given Class A-1 Amnestics.

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