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Registered Phenomena Code: 507

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: All retrieved instances of RPC-507 are contained within Standard Personnel Housing Areas of Sub-Level 8, Site-038. Standard humanoid containment protocols apply.

As per prior arrangements with RPC-507, temporary leave may be granted to instances of RPC-507 with the written approval of Head Researcher Kate Cheng, with each individual instance permitted to leave Site-038 no more than once per four months.

During this leave, no fewer than 4 members of Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) are to accompany each instance of RPC-507 at all times, with no more than 3 instances of RPC-507 allowed on temporary leave at one time. Lethal force is authorized should an instance of RPC-507 attempt to breach containment during this time. RPC-507 instances are to be informed of this before each authorized leave.

Description: RPC-507 is the collective designation for a group of humanoids, each claiming to be Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat1 (henceforth referred to as RPC-507-0). As of this writing, 22 instances of RPC-507 have been retrieved and subsequently contained.

Instances of RPC-507 manifest in Hong Kong, usually within public areas such as markets, buses, or hiking trails; the exact mechanism for such a manifestation remains unknown as the manifestation of RPC-507 has never occurred within view of potential eyewitnesses and/or camera footage. However, no anomalous traits are exhibited by RPC-507 individually.

Instances of RPC-507 are genetically identical to RPC-507-0. Furthermore, the psychological profiles of RPC-507 instances are also near-identical to RPC-507-0, with psychologists reporting virtually no difference between individual members of RPC-507 and RPC-507-0.

Discovery: RPC-507-1 (mistaken as RPC-507-0 at the time) was spotted at a public market in Kowloon City, Hong Kong on 29/08/2005, while RPC-507-0 was filming in Los Angeles. As the appearance of RPC-507-1 was identical to that of RPC-507-0, agents from Romeo-7 were unable to draw attention away from RPC-507-1 for over 5 hours until RPC-507-1 entered a taxi acquired by Agent Mac. RPC-507-1 was subsequently documented and transported to Site-009.

On 16/03/2006, a second instance of RPC-507 was discovered near Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong after hikers took pictures of themselves posing with RPC-507-2. Romeo-7 was once again deployed and apprehended RPC-507-2. Since then, 22 instances of RPC-507 have been contained.

Addendum 507.1

Incident Log 507-E

On 12/12/07, the 5 instances of RPC-507 contained within Site-009 caused a disturbance by acquiring several Beretta 92F pistols and shooting at several potted plants, while recording themselves doing so.

The instances of RPC-507 claimed to be inspired by the movie The Killer3. The firearms used by RPC-507 instances were acquired through an unlocked armory.

Following this incident, movies starring RPC-507-0 are no longer provided to RPC-507 instances.

The following items have been subsequently requested by RPC-507 instances:
-10 black trench coats -Accepted
-14 Beretta 92F pistols -Rejected
-14 airsoft Beretta 92F pistols -Rejected
-Several movies starring Stephen Chou4 -Rejected
-8 crash pads -Accepted
-A videocamera -Rejected
-Access to YouTube -Rejected
-Several computers, capable of running 3D animation software -Rejected

Addendum 507.2
On 07/03/11,the manifestion of RPC-507-12 occured in proximity of a movie set where RPC-507-0 was filming at. Romeo-7 was subsequently dispatched and retrieved RPC-507-12. However, RPC-507-12 was mistaken as a stunt double of RPC-507-0 and assisted in filming before Romeo-7 was able to recover RPC-507-12.

Instances of RPC-507 were subsequently made aware of this incident and formally requested authorization to work as stunt doubles for RPC-507-0.

Addendum 507.3

Incident Log 507-F

On 20/05/11, a raid on Site-009 by unidentified forces occurred. During the raid, 12 staff members were taken hostage, including Dr. Katy Cheng. The objective of the raid was believed to be the capture and/or termination of RPC-068, located in Site-009.

The 12 instances of RPC-507 contained initially attempted to breach containment during the chaos. However, upon being made aware that several Authority personnel were being held hostage, the 12 instances of RPC-507 acquired 12 trenchcoats, 24 Beretta 92F pistols, and 12 MP5A3 submachine guns from the armory of Site-009 and engaged in combat with the unidentified operatives for approximately 4 minutes, until Authority security personnel were able to arrive and drive away the unidentified operatives.

During the conflict, 3 instances of RPC-507 were injured and were subsequently treated by Authority personnel.

It is believed that the unidentified operatives would have successfully entered the containment chamber of RPC-068 without the intervention of RPC-507.

Addendum 507.4

The following is the procedure provided to Romeo-7 agents assigned to RPC-507 during external activities.

Since the adoption of the aforementioned protocols, RPC-507 instances have made 93% fewer requests.

I suppose it is a good idea to let the others know that cooperating with the Authority can also benefit them. I suggest taking some instances of RPC-507 out to promote cooperation between anomalies and the Authority. -Dr. Kate Cheng

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