Registered Phenomena Code: 506

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow Beta-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sentient.png Sentient h-contact.png Contact h-radiation.png Radiation
Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-titanic.png Titanic

Responsible Departments:

Chemistry.png Department of
History.png Department of

Containment Protocols


First sighting of an RPC-506-2 instance during Expedition 506.2

RPC-506 is to be completely fenced off with a layer of reinforced electrical fencing1 expanding around the perimeter of RPC-506. All entrances to RPC-506 have been redirected around the anomaly. All personnel entering RPC-506 must wear a full-body protective suit covering all skin and armed with a taser.

Samples of RPC-506-1 must be kept within a secured containment room for testing purposes. No one under level 3 clearance is permitted to enter the testing area of RPC-506-1.

RPC-506-2 instances must be avoided at all costs. If an encounter with RPC-506-2 were to occur, the subject must keep a distance of 6m between them and the RPC-506-2 instance.


RPC-506 is a designation given to an abandoned city found in the Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia. All entrances to RPC-506 possess identical signs reading "Добро пожаловать в Пыелкном".2 RPC-506 is 318km2, multiple buildings within RPC-506 are mostly covered in RPC-506-1. The buildings within RPC-506 are constructed of multiple types of stone and material such as granite, limestone, travertine, andesite, glass, and ordinary bricks. A majority of buildings in RPC-506 are completely boarded up, this is assumed to be in an attempt to fulfill city-wide quarantine from RPC-506-1.


The school within RPC-506 during Expedition 506.3

RPC-506 is made up of several skyscrapers, a residential area, a city park in the center, 2 public schools, a city hall, a courthouse, and a large chapel, among other structures. A majority of the skyscrapers are mostly hotels and only 2 are office buildings as seen in Expedition 506.3.

Vehicles found within RPC-506 are in pristine condition, save for numerous stains of RPC-506-1. A majority of them have been manufactured by a single company3, while the remaining ones lack branding labels.

It is unknown when RPC-506 was built, however, the Authority estimates that the city was non-anomalous until the mid-1950s. No information on the construction of RPC-506 has been found within the location. A large majority of documents found within RPC-506 have been found destroyed or completely blank. Only 8 papers have been found and retrieved with information, although neither had information regarding the construction or possible founder of RPC-506 but instead has given the Authority an idea as to how the city became anomalous. Site researchers have come up with the idea that [DATA EXPUNGED].

RPC-506-1 is a greenish-black substance with a texture similar to moss. Researchers have made the discovery that the substance is highly radioactive. Contact with any instance of RPC-506-1 will result in ARS4 immediately upon contact. As of now, no life forms have been found within RPC-506, any sighting of a possible creature living within RPC-506 must be reported immediately.

RPC-506-2 is a designation given to a group of slender humanoid entities with dry, rotten, human-like skin and appendages that reach down to its knees. RPC-506-2 instances are estimated to be about 1.8m to 1.9m in height and have the ability and strength to tear apart human bones by hand. RPC-506-2 instances have been seen to be immune to all physical harm from conventional weapons with exception of being weakened by high levels of voltage causing RPC-506-2 to become paralyzed for approximately 10 minutes.

As of to date, the Authority has only encountered 10 instances of RPC-506-2, but have been unable to contain any, due to their hostility towards armed containment personnel.


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