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Registered Phenomena Code: 504

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard

Containment Procedures: RPC-504 is to be kept in a hermetically-sealed locker at Site-016, accessible only via a key in the possession of Head Researcher Michelin. With permission from the Head Researcher, Authority personnel may access RPC-504 for research or recreational purposes, provided that any staff involved with the use of RPC-504 are under the supervision of a staff member of at least Level 3 Clearance or higher.

Any consumable foodstuffs created by RPC-504 are to be reported to Head Researcher Michelin and placed in cold storage if not consumed immediately. Authority personnel are permitted to take items created by RPC-504 to consume during break periods if access to the mess hall is unavailable.

Description: RPC-504 is a standard-sized meat cleaver with a rectangular stainless steel blade and an oak wood handle, weighing approximately 0.45 kilograms. Despite the assumed age of RPC-504, no traces of rust have been found on the blade although detailed analysis of the material has concluded that the materials used to make RPC-504 are otherwise non-anomalous. Despite this, any attempts to remove the blade from the handle have been ineffective.

RPC-504's anomalous effects manifest when the item is used to cut or chop substances that would normally be considered inedible for humans, such as wood or stone. Experiments have found that RPC-504 is able to cleanly cut through objects that a standard cleaver would be unable to.

Upon being used to cut inedible objects, the piece that is cut will be transformed through a currently unknown process into an edible foodstuff once separated from the original mass. The foodstuff created by this process appears to be random, but will often take a similar shape to the original piece. RPC-504 appears to have no effect on edible objects that are properly cooked.

Foodstuffs created by RPC-504 are edible and safe to be consumed by humans. While test subjects report no adverse effects from consuming these foodstuffs, these items are reported to taste similar to their original form even when edible. Items that are originally toxic or highly poisonous will have their venomous effects neutralized, but particularly foul tastes have been reported after consumption of these objects.

RPC-504 was originally discovered in the kitchen of Puccini's Italian Restaurant in Indianapolis, IL, after reports of a seemingly bottomless food supply caught the attention of Authority personnel. After a week-long surveillance operation in which no fresh food deliveries were reported, Authority agents were able to discover that the restaurant was instead purchasing large quantities of firewood and using RPC-504 to transform it into edible foodstuffs. The restaurant was quickly quarantined under the cover story of a mold outbreak and RPC-504 was recovered. All staff at the restaurant were given Class-A amnestics before service resumed.

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