The Last of The Teutonic Order


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Registered Phenomena Code: 503

Object Class: Alpha-Orange (Utility)

Hazard Types: Temporal Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Aggression Hazard



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Illustration of Grandmaster Karl ███████ and Henrik █████, the founders of RPC-503.

Containment Protocols: Due to the anomalous nature of RPC-503, no containment is required. However, a perimeter is to be established around RPC-503-1 and areas designated by RPC-503 members. Any civilians that come close to this perimeter are to be to informed that the area is closed off to the public and turned away. If any civilians resist or refuse ASF personnel, they are to be detained, administered amnestics, and released at the nearest city. Any requests for assistance or supply made by RPC-503 are not to be fulfilled until they have been reviewed and approved by at least one Global Director.

Description: RPC-503 is the designation given to a group of Teutonic Knights located near ██████, Poland. These knights have been able to hide from the world for the past few centuries due to the anomalous properties of the area in which they inhabit, now designated as RPC-503-1. The entire area known as RPC-503-1 is completely hidden from all known means of observation, and can only be discovered through manned expeditions. In addition to this, RPC-503-1 is quite well hidden, located deep within ██████ forest, and is incredibly difficult to locate for anyone unfamiliar with the area.

Once a subject enters RPC-503-1, they are seamlessly transported into another plane of existence. This can be observed by the forest holding RPC-503-1 spanning well beyond the confines of the ██████ forest in Poland, as well as the presence of multiple other RPC entities. RPC-503 is the first landmark one comes across when entering via RPC-503-1. It is theorised that RPC-503-1 is the source of multiple RPC entities, and that these entities escaped into our world, prior to the establishment of RPC-503. RPC-503-1 has the additional anomalous property of halting the aging process in certain circumstances. Any living organism within RPC-503-1 will not age. Finally, RPC-503-1 spawns "demon-like" entities, now designated RPC-503-2. RPC-503-2 is incredibly hostile to all human life, especially members of RPC-503, and will attack them on sight. RPC-503-2 routinely attacks RPC-503 approximately once per month, going in massive waves in an attempt to overrun and destroy RPC-503. For more information on RPC-503-2, see Addendum 503-1.

According to members of RPC-503, the order was founded in 13██, after reports of demons roaming the area were relayed to the Teutonic Order. The Teutonic Order sent Karl ███████ and Henrik █████, along with several hundred knights, to investigate and eliminate the threat. Their investigations, along with the help of the inquisitors that would eventually form the FOA, lead them to the discovery of both RPC-503-1 and RPC-503-2. Eventually, it was discovered that RPC-503-2 was a continuous threat, one that needed a dedicated force to combat in order to protect the populous. As such, RPC-503 was officially formed.

RPC-503 members have been observed using and interacting with anomalous entities. They have observed the changing world around them, and have attempted to modernize their equipment to better combat RPC-503-2. However, due to a mix of the nature of their anomalous equipment, and staunch traditionalism, many aspects of their original equipment have been upheld to this day. While equipment load-out can vary wildly from member to member, depending on the anomalous objects given to them and what is available to them, nearly all members of RPC-503 are equipped with the following:

  • Plate-mail armor enchanted with anti-thaumaturgic1 properties. This includes all layers of armor (gambeson, chain-mail, great helm, etc.) and is crafted in the Teutonic aesthetic.
  • An assault rifle. Usually non-anomalous, equipped with anti-thaumaturgic rounds. Common rifles include AK-47s and AR-15s, though more anomalous rifles have been observed.
  • At least three (3) extra clips of anti-thaumaturgic ammunition.
  • A bastard sword forged from anti-thaumaturgic steel.2

Illustration of RPC-503 soldier.

Currently, RPC-503 has 124 members and is led by Grandmaster Henrik ███████. Grandmaster Henrik has repeatedly requested additional recruits and equipment from the Authority and the FOA ever since contact was established, approval of current requests is pending.

Discovery: RPC-503 was discovered by the BundesOkkultAbteilung, (in English the Federal Occult Agency), otherwise known as the FOA. The Authority was contacted by the FOA to help contain RPC-503. Since RPC-503 resides in Poland, the FOA had no authority to properly contain RPC-503 for a long period of time. As such, an agreement was made between the FOA and the Authority. The Authority would be entirely responsible for the containment of RPC-503. However, half of the containment costs would be paid for by the FOA. In addition, any requests made by RPC-503 must be approved by the FOA and the Authority, and the FOA will be entirely responsible for fulfilling any approved requests.

The FOA discovered RPC-503 when they uncovered ancient documents detailing the establishment of an as yet unheard of chapter of the Teutonic Order. The FOA launched an expedition into the area mentioned in said documents, and eventually discovered RPC-503 and RPC-503-1.

Addendum 503-1: Details on RPC-503-2

RPC-503-2 consists of many different kinds of entities. The following is a list of the currently known instances of RPC-503-2.

Designation Code-name Description
RPC-503-2-1 Degenerate Small imp-like creature, less than 1 meter tall. Frequently red in coloration. These entities possess limited combat capabilities, and can easily be terminated by an average human, provided he is properly equipped. However, these entities come in large numbers, and have been observed using human wave tactics in combat.
RPC-503-2-2 Despicable Humanoid demons with horns and tail. Size of average human (1.86 meters). Armed with sharp claws, swords, or spears. Observed possessing above average strength and being exceptionally capable in combat. Recent iterations have developed thick hides with the consistency of leather. These hides effectively function similarly to Kevlar armour, being capable of resisting small arms fire.
RPC-503-2-3 Repulsive Recent variant with appearance similar to that of a humanoid porcupine. Capable of launching quill like objects at enemies at high speeds. These quills are capable of piercing armour, and quills on instance's bodies have been observed obstructing melee combatants, providing a considerable close-quarters defence. However, the entities have been observed being easily killed by melee weapons if quills are somehow circumvented.
RPC-503-2-4 Abhorrent Lizard-like beast similar in size to that of a horse. Capable of launching high powered explosives comprised of an unknown substance. Large tube like protrusions extend from entity's back. These tubes are used by the entity to launch payloads over large distances. Entity is slow and cumbersome, lacking any ability to avoid attacks should it be threatened. Cumbersome nature of entities has shown to severely limit close-quarter capabilities, causing poor performance against melee attackers. In addition, heavy gunfire or bombardment has proven effective against these entities.
RPC-503-2-5 Abomination Massive demon measuring 10 meters in height. Possesses thick hide capable of easily resisting rifle rounds up to .50 calibre shots. Frequently white in coloration. Possesses super-human strength and has been observed destroying stone structures with ease. Resilient to damage even when being hit with armour piercing rounds. Requires the equivalent of approximately two full MSTs to terminate.

Addendum 503-2: Interview Log


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